1000 word drabble set a year after the epilogue :)

"Got him."

After hearing the crackling proclamation over the radio, Sev smirked. He put his squad car in drive and headed straight for the station, where he knew he'd find a very pissed, very sober Caleb Duarte locked in the drunk tank.

He took his time jaunting up the stairs and through the doors, pausing to say hello to the on-duty desk attendant, Ann. She just waved him through with a knowing look on her face, and Sev went down the hall, slowing down to a sidle as he reached the holding room for drunks and tweakers. In between a regretful looking young man and a passed-out biker, Caleb sat. As soon as their eyes met, a stony coldness washed over Caleb's features.

Sev nodded towards the guard on duty. The man held his thumb up as he switched a key, and the door slid open. With a theatrical, beleaguered sigh, Sev said, "C'mon."

He just loved the way Caleb rose; all full of dignity and barely restrained fury. He could see the way his boyfriend's knuckles were turning white from the way he was gripping them into fists, and the tight, jerky movements he made as he approached Sev. Through clenched teeth, he hissed, "I was in front of the school."

Just to show him how much Sev didn't care, he gave Caleb the most patronizing pat on the ass possible. "They don't give a shit. For them to get off their asses and even issue a warning… you'd have to fuck a student, or something."

At that, Caleb's entire face flushed red. He shoved past Sev and stomped down the hallway. With a small shake of his head and amused smile, Sev followed.

The drive home was an exercise in pissy silence. His brat had even gone so far as to sit in the back seat, arms crossed. At every stoplight, Sev glanced in the rearview mirror to see Caleb stubbornly gazing out the window. When they passed the street his apartment was on, there was a low "Excuse me?"

Another block: "I did not agree to go home with you."

And the next: "Turn this car around, Sev. You wanna play games? Let's see how fun no fucking for a month is."

Sev slowed the squad car down just enough to let Caleb feel a sense of triumph, and then came to a complete stop. He got out, opened the passenger door as Caleb's eyes widened, and watched as his boyfriend actually starting scooting back a little to the other side—as if on instinct.

Sev grinned. "Guess who I talked to today, baby?"

"How should I know?" Caleb replied, narrowing his eyes.

Leaning into the car, Sev grabbed Caleb's ankle and jerked him forward a little, enjoying the nervous gasp. "Jim Miller."

Jim Miller, as in Mr. Miller who owned the apartment complex Caleb lived in, as in the man Sev happened to be standing behind in line at the coffee shop, as in the man who mentioned that Sev's friend Caleb seemed to be moving away—considering he told Jim that he wasn't signing a new lease.

Hearing those words said so casually… Sev had seen red.

Just recalling them, his hand tightened around Caleb's ankle. "If you even think I'd ever let you pull another disappearing act on me aga—" He had all kinds of threats ready—sick, bad threats that were festering inside of him.

It wasn't helping that Caleb seemed to be smirking at Sev. But then he schooled that expression, turning his face into something gentle and reached out to slide his thumb along Sev's jawline. "You'll do what?"

Sev had to lick his lips to keep from really breaking down. He pushed his cheek against Caleb's warm palm.

"You know, Sev, you asked me something a couple weeks ago that I said no to. But then I had time to think, and I changed my mind."

Well, fuck. All at once, he felt like an idiot. Two weeks ago…two weeks ago after reducing Caleb to a crying, shivering puddle, and after wrapping him up in a blanket and cradling him close, Sev had asked Caleb to move in with him. And true to form, Caleb had snapped, "You're asking me that now?"

And so Sev had dropped it.

He stared at Caleb in the darkness of the squad car, any words lost. And then he scrambled forward, pushing Caleb down on the seat and pressing their lips together desperately.

Just as quickly, Caleb hooked a leg around Sev's waist, grinding up against them. "Christ," he breathed when Sev started kissing along his exposed throat, "when that jackass cop picked me up, and I realized what you did…"

Sev grinned against Caleb's skin. "Yeah?"

He felt a sudden jerk at his hair pulling him back, and his eyes met with Caleb's. "I don't appreciate your immature displays of power, got it?"

They both knew he was full of shit what with that boner straining at his corduroy pants. Truth was, Caleb had probably been dreaming about the day Sev finally got pissed off enough to actually pull strings and have him arrested. And it definitely wasn't going to be the last time that would happen.

Sev sighed contentedly, and sat up a little, placing his hand on Caleb's chest to keep him from going anywhere. "Sure thing," he said smugly. "But now I think it's time to address that 'no fucking for a month' threat."

Immediately Caleb got all squirrelly, his gaze averting. "I was angry…"

"What have I said about making sex-withholding threats?"

Caleb pursed his lips. Obviously he had thought Sev would forget that particular detail of their conversation.

Letting out a small laugh, Sev crawled off him and got back into the front seat. Once again the car was silent, but this time it was the anxious quiet of a brat contemplating his impending punishment.