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Chapter One

"Jen, do you really think this is necessary? All we're doing is going out to eat with my brother," I asked my best friend who was in the bathroom, finishing her makeup.

I stared at my reflection in my floor-length mirror that stuck to the door of our dorm room. Jen insisted on me wearing this black mini skirt that just covered my behind, but there was no way I could bend over and pick anything up; and a lacy tank top that was too low for comfort. She always makes fun of me since I'd rather wear sweatpants and a t-shirt out, but I'd pick comfort over fashion anyday. After coming to terms with what I was wearing, I took a good look at me. I wasn't really anything special, there was nothing about me that stood out. I stand at about 5'7", which makes me never want to wear heels because towering over everyone isn't what I consider fun. My long, dark brown hair helps me blend into the crowd a bit more easily, but my greyish-blue eyes are what people notice most.

"Of course it's necessary. You actually look like a girl, Ali. Embrace the feminity," Jen said as she walked out of the bathroom and rolled her eyes at me. "I swear, you're so much like your brother, it's scary."

"We are twins, Jen," I reminded her.

Jennifer Howard moved to my hometown in seventh grade. Before then, life was simple. I played basketball with my dad and my brother, wore whatever my little heart desired, and had no idea what Victoria's Secret really was. Once she became my best friend, everything changed. Apparently basketball shorts weren't appropriate for girls to wear in public, and a push-up bra was really a girl's best friend - not diamonds. Jen is the complete opposite of me, with her shiny, blonde hair and bright, green eyes. People might think at first glance she's your typical dumb blonde, but she'll prove you wrong the minute she opens her mouth.

As much as I complain about how Jen made me into a girl, she was there for me when I really needed her. My mother had walked out on my father, and consequently my brother and I, the summer going into seventh grade. I wasn't particularly close to my mom to begin with, since I was a daddy's girl at heart, but I didn't want my dad to be the one to explain to me how to use a tampon. My mom left when I really needed her, and I never forgave her for that.

"Come on, Drew is waiting for us in the car, and you know better than I do that he's bitching and complaining that he hasn't eaten yet."

"He probably ate before he got in the car," I said and rolled my eyes as I grabbed a black sweatshirt and my bag. "I think my darling brother needs to learn self-control. He eats everything in sight, a little starvation never hurt anyone."

"Like that would ever happen," Jen said and laughed. We walked out of our room and into the hallway, toward the elevators. I began to pull my sweatshirt over my head, and during the minute I'm completely blind, I walked right into someone and landed right on my behind, hard.

"Ow," I moaned in pain as I tried to get up, but failed. I finished putting my sweatshirt back on and saw that the person I collided with was offering his hand to help me up. "Thank you, I'm sorry. I didn't see you."

"It's fine," he said.

I finally looked ot see who it was, and of course with my luck, I bumped into Aiden Spencer - the school's "it" boy, my brother's best friend, and the bane of my existance. Girls in this school can't understand why I dislike him so. Sure, the kid oozes sex appeal and could give my celebrity crushes a run for their money when it comes to looks, but he's just an asshole at heart. Girls get lightheaded when he runs his hands through his black hair, and he could make a countless numbers of girls drop their panties with one flash of his smile and a smouldering gaze with his bright, piercing blue eyes. But not me, I'm immune to his so-called charm.

"I've discovered that a lot of girls get weak in the knees when they see me and fall."

"Yeah, that's exactly what happened. You know, if we weren't in the hallway right now and you didn't just come out of Sloane's room, maybe more could have happened while I was down there. But, oh well, shit happens," I said and smiled as I removed my hand from his grip.

"How do you know I came out of Sloane's room? You were the hoodie monster until a minute ago."

"Why else would you be on my floor?"

"Maybe to come visit you for a little rendezvous," he said and raised his eyebrow at me suggestively.

"Highly unlikely, because you know you will never touch me like that. Now, if you would excuse us, Jen and I have dinner plans with someone."

"Tell Drew I said hey, and have fun being the third wheel, Alessandra," he said and laughed as Jen and I walked down the hallway and into the waiting elevator.

"I hate him," I growled.

"Don't let him bother you, he's just saying it to get a rise out of you," Jen said as the elevator brought us down to the first floor of our building.

Baxter Academy is the boarding school that my father thought would be good for Drew and I. He had to work all the time to pay for the bills and support the three of us on his own. He didn't want to feel like an absentee father, so he thought sending us away to boarding school was the better option, since we'd never be home except on holidays and during the summer. Once he enrolled us, Jen begged her parents to send her here too. At first I hated the thought of being away from my dad for so long, but after a month here I loved it.

Jameson Hall is the building that the seniors live in. We decided against getting an apartment like most seniors do, since we didn't want to deal with so many people all the time. Instead, we took the three bedroom suite and roomed with our other best friend who we met freshman year, Mia Carmichael. Jen and I met her during freshman orientation, and we became friends instantly. She's shorter than the two of us and has vibrant red hair that matches with her explosive personality.

"Too late, I'm already annoyed," I muttered as I gazed at the happy couples who were in the lounge, relaxing. Jen rolled her eyes at me and pulled me out the door and toward the parking lot where Drew was waiting.

"Stop, you know your not a third wheel with us."

"It's a position I've become accustom too over the years."

"You don't have to be the wheel, you know. You could have any guy you wanted."

"Yeah, okay. Let's not joke about this," I said as I spotted my brother's Explorer and began to head toward it.

"Finally! You girls just love taking your sweet ass time while I'm sitting in here, starving!" Drew said as Jen got into the backseat.

I consider Drew to be a human garbage disposal. I have no idea where he puts all the food he eats, because he's not fat - he's far from it. He's been playing football since sixth grade and he's extremely fit from it.

"Ali, are you coming?" Jen asked, but I was frozen in my spot on the sidewalk. As I was pondering my brother's unusual eating habits, I noticed the kid he was talking to who was sitting in the passenger seat. Chad Howard, Drew's teammate.

"Uh, I left something back in the room," I said as I went to turn around and start walking back, but Jen ran out of the car and grabbed my wrist.

"No, you didn't. You're coming with us, Chad's a good guy, and you won't be a wheel," she said as she began to pull me into the car.

"He's not my type. Stop trying to set me up on dates, they never work," I said and glared at her.

"Not your type?" she repeated. "Then, enlighten me, what exactly is your type?"

"I don't know, but it's not him. He makes Drew look like Stephen Hawking," I said and took a glance at the two brain surgeons sitting the truck. Chad wasn't a bad looking kid, I knew a lot of girls who found him attractive. He has a surfer boy look to him with his blonde, shaggy hair and hazel eyes. I just didn't find myself attracted to him at all.

"Well, you can't just leave, that would be awkward. So you're coming, end of discussion," Jen said as she pushed me into the truck. I debated on making a scene and to start kicking and screaming, but decided against it so I sat down and pouted.

"Are we ready now? Is Princess Alessandra ready to go? Because I'm about to pass out from starvation," Drew said sarcastically as he began to pull out of his parking spot.

"I highly doubt you were going to pass out," I said and rolled my eyes.

"Anorexic people can."

"And you're far from anorexic, sweetheart," Jen said and squeezed his arm affectionately. "Ali had an encounter with Aiden in the hallway, that's what kept us. Always a good show."


"Yeah you know, the usual," I said nonchalantely. "We argue, he tells me he wants to get into my pants, and I normally deny him."

"Normally?" Drew repeated.

"Yeah, today I felt like being spontaneous, so I told him to meet me at my room later. I figured 'what the hell?'" I said and smirked.

"What?" Drew said as he slammed on the brakes, throwing me against the back of Chad's seat. "As your older and better looking brother, I cannot condone that kind of behavior from you."

"Older brother? You're older by three minutes!"

"Baby, do you even know what the word 'condone' means?" Jen asked.

"Not really, but Dad used to tell me all the time he didn't condone my behavior, so it sounded like the right thing to say," he explained as shrugged as he continued driving.

"Clearly I'm the one who got the brains in the family," I mumbled as I leaned my head against the window.

"Well, I'd rather have beauty than brains," Drew said.

"Too bad you didn't get that either," I said and smiled widely at him.

"Are you, uh, really with Aiden?" Chad asked, which surprised me since I forgot he was in the car.

"No, I just like ot bust Drew's balls. It's a well known fact that I deeply dislike Aiden Spencer, so that was a pointless question.

"Be nice, Alessandra," Jen said as she pinched my side.

"I am being nice," I said through gritted teeth. "That hurt."

"Good, it was supposed to."

"Oh okay, good," Chad said and let out a sigh of relief. "I was just wondering since that would have been awkward if I was on a date with his girl."

"Yeah, okay, Aiden's girl," I said and laughed as Chad was talking to Drew about something sports related. "That'll be the day."

"I never knew you had selective memory, Ali," Jen said sweetly to me.

"Shut up."

Finally, Drew pulled into the parking lot of our favorite place to eat and hang out in, Buddy's. We found it freshman year and it became our second home. Buddy's is a small, local diner that's about twenty minutes away from school if we walked and only ten if we drive. The minute we walked in, I was hit with the familiar scents of greasy food and freshly brewed coffee and I smiled at the memories it reminded me of. The four of us sat down in the usual booth and waited for someone to take our order.

"Of course we find the three of you in here," Mia said as she walked over with her boyfriend, Tyler DeSantis, who's best friends and roomates with Drew and Aiden. "And plus one."

"Hey Chad," Tyler said as they did that strange handshake all guys felt compelled to do. "Double date?"

"Yeah," Chad said and smiled at me. I gave him a tight smile before looking back down at my menu.

"Why don't you guys join us?" I said and gave Mia a 'help-me-Jen-forced-me-into-this' looks.

"Sure, the more the merrier, right?" she said and winked at me as she had Chad get up so she could sit between us.

"What can I get my favorite customers?" Marge, our usual waitress, asked as she walked over to our table.

"Hey Marge!" Drew said excitedly.

"Looks like you guys have an even number here again. No longer the wheel, Ali?"

"You're particularly observant tonight, Marge," I said dryly. "Can we just get our usual orders?"

"Sure, sweetie. I'll bring out your drinks in a minute."

"But, I didn't order anything," Chad said.

"We always all share everything here."

"And of course we always order extra of everything because Drew eats like a bottomless pit," Mia said. "So, Chad, what do you think of my best friend?"

"She's hot," he said and winked at me. I had to keep myself from gagging.

"That's it? What about the real her, what do you really know?" Mia said dramatically. "Are you aware she's completely incapable of cooking and cleaning? Her room looks like a tornado has passed through it multiple times, I don't think she's seen the floor in weeks."

"I'm going to make a horrible wife one day," I said. This has become the usual routine Mia and I have developed ever since Jen has decided to set me up on dates. "I'm a horrible listener too, and I don't believe in sex before marriage."

"That's okay, I respect that," he said, which shocked me since that was usually the deal-breaker.

"Do you like to randomly break out into song? Because Ali loves doing that," Mia said.

"I do. I watched too much High School Musical," I said before I began to sing some random song. Jen and Drew gave me dirty looks since they knew what I was up to.

"Food's here," Marge said as she set the plates down at our table. "Did I hear her singing before?"

"Afraid so," Jen said and sighed. "Can't bring her anywhere."

"What happened to that other guy who used to be with all of you all the time. She never sang with me."

"We don't speak of those times," I said as I began eating.

"Gotcha," Marge said and winked. "We'll talk about that another time, darling. Enjoy."

I ate my food in silence, praying that I was successful in turning Chad off from me. It's not that he's not a good guy, just not the guy for me. We finished and said goodbye to Marge, then headed back to school. I stayed quiet in the car, not really paying attention to the conversation that was going on. Jen glanced over at me and I knew she could tell something else was bothering me and it wasn't just Chad.

"I was going to stay with Drew tonight, but we could have girl's night and talk," Jen said as Drew pulled into the parking lot and parked.

"No, go have fun, I'm fine," I said and forced a smile. I quickly got out of the car and began to head toward Jameson Hall, but Chad caught up to me and stopped me.

"You wanna hang out in the lounge?" he asked.

"You still wanna see me after I sang the song that never ends during dinner?" I asked in disbelief.

"Well yeah, like I said, you're hot," he said and smiled.

"Listen, you seem like a really nice guy, and I'm just not the girl for you. I'm sarcastic, I'm a bitch, and you're way too easy to make fun of. I'm sorry that I'm being unnecessarily rude right now, but I've been through this way too many times. Jen has been forcing me on surprise double dates, and I'm just at my breaking point."

"I understand, thanks for being brutually honest with me," he said and smiled before he walked away. I stood there, dumbfounded because I expected him to get pissed off like the rest of them did. I shook my head as I collected myself and headed toward my dorm.

"Hold the elevator," someone said as the doors began to shut. I stuck out my hand to keep them from closing completely and Aiden steps into the elevator with me.

"I should have just let the doors shut," I mumbled as he smirked.

"That wouldn't have been very nice."

"Since when am I nice?"

"That's right, I forgot you've become the school's designated bitch."

"I'll take that as a compliment. What do you want from my life, Spencer?" I asked, getting more and more annoyed by his presence.

"Just thought I'd have a friendly conversation to pass time, but since we've arrived at my floor, I'll be leaving. As always, it's been a pleasure, Alessandra," he said and laughed as he walked off the elevator.

"Smart-ass," I grumbled as the doors shut and went one more floor up before opening again and I could finally get off.

I walked into my dorm and threw my bag on the counter. I walked past Mia's room, which was locked since she was probably with Tyler, and walked into my room. As I changed into my pajamas, I tried to figure out what my problem was. I knew Jen just has my best interest at heart, but I just don't find myself attracted to anyone really. A thought popped into my head that explained everything, but I refused to believe it. I just didn't want a relationship, they get too messy. No strings attached sounds better.

I took out my phone to draft a text, against my better judgement. I wasn't sure how great of an idea it would be to text this person. Things could go badly, like they always do. I saved it and put my phone on my nightstand, deciding to handle it another day. Right now, I needed sleep.

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