Hi my name is Kevin. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and glasses. I use to be a duck from another universe. But I am now a real boy. Let me tell you it is not going well.

Nothing in my life has ever gone well. It all started on my home planet. My home is where every one is a duck. The Duck King, my father, is never happy with anything. He banned me from my home planet because I have to wear glasses.

Flash Back

"No son of mine will wear glasses!" said the Duck King. He was upset because his own his had to wear glasses. Glasses! Such an imperfection.

"But sweet heart," the Duck Queen said, "he needs them to see. Surely that is legit enough to let him keep them."

"He can keep them alright. On Earth! Gaurds! Put Kevin in one of the ships and set the coordinates to Earth!

End of Flash Back

Then I was knocked out and thrown into the space ship. Now I am living in a orphanage. I hate it here.