So I am back in math class and we have to do group work. I am working with Lylee and Lucas. Lucas is one of the other boys in this class. The boy's names are: Lucas, Traycer, Chris, and Cody. The other girl's name is Amelia.

We have to do group work. Lucas is the least smart person in this class. Lylee is the smartest person in this class. That explains why she and Lucas are usually partners. Lucas is pretty nice maybe I will be friends.

My face got real red because I am sounding really desperate for a friend. "What's the matter, Kevin?" Lylee asked. I guess she noticed that my face was red and it is unusual for boys to get embarrassed.

"Yeah, it's just," I paused for a second trying to think of something that wouldn't sound stupid, "it's nothing. Don't worry about it." I finally said. She was looking at me like I am insane but she finally just shrugged and went back to her book.

I think she might be thinking that I have problems. I don't care. Or do I? We finished our project with half the class left so we just talked, laughed, and read a little bit. I had fun. 'Who would have thought we could have fun in math?" I said.

"I know. We usually just work or read if we get done early," Chris stated. I really like these people. They are funny, smart, and crazy. Back on my planet I was always treated like a prince. Not like everyone else.

I was so sick and tired of it all. Why did I have to born into the royal family. I always wanted to swim and play like all the other ducks. But, that is all behind me now. I can play like everyone else now. That is what makes me the most happy.

Chris is really out going and adventurous. He likes to have fun but that is hard in the orphanage. Cody is Chris's twin brother. They are the exact same but Cody is smarter and by Amelia's words, hotter.

Lucas is the odd ball in the group. He is the only ginger. His hair is the color red. Like not just a slight tint. It is red. It is weird. Amelia is the funniest. She is always smiling and and laughing. She makes the atmosphere happier.

Traycer a little quiet tell you get to know him. Then he is obnoxious. He is starting to get on my nerves. Lylee is really quiet. She had an abusive past. I think she just needs a friend to listen to what she wants to say then she will be happier.

"STOP TALKING OR YOU ALL WILL BE IN DEEP TROUBLE!" the teacher screamed right in our ears. After that we all got really quiet. I think we are all pretty scared. She did just literally scream at us.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lylee flinch. I think got the scared-est. Who wouldn't be scared though. I mean the teachers can beat you. Who wouldn't be scared. I feel bad for them because their faces got really pale and they stopped talking instate.

Hey this is still Shadow8Child but I hate numbers being in my user name so I had to change it or it would drive me insane. I just thought of this user name instead.