A Thousand Memories

Sara sat on long, uncut grass, the calm wind blowing her brown wavy hair. Eyes closed she sorted through her memories, and the memories of others. Every one she meets she gains their memories, if she as much as bumped into a stranger in the school halls, she was forced to have all of the memories that person had. Why does this have happen to me? Why can't I make friends normally? Why can't I enjoy conversations? Why can't I have my own memories? These are all questions she has grown used to asking, and has grown used to having no answer.

Her grass stained hands rested in her lap as she concentrated on shifting through the sea of memories, trying to figure out which memories belong to her, and which belonged to others. I can still remember when I first learned I had this "gift." I thought it was pretty funny, being able to know everyone's darkest secrets, until I began getting mixed up where I live, who my parents are, I even began forgetting who I am. Almost every day after school I would walk to my friend's house because that was where I remembered living. I decided it wasn't so much fun after that. Sara thought to herself. She decided long ago that this gift was nothing more than a curse. For every good memory, there was bad one that when along with it.

She knows what it is like to be abused, to be ignored, and to be forgotten. She knows the pain of being beaten by your own mother. Because of the memories she has gain, she can't even trust her own family. She can't trust or even keep track of her friends. Because of this curse, she has come to know many people who she has never even met. It's hard to keep track of your friends when you know everything about thousands of people.

That is why she finds herself sitting on this small hill overlooking the town that she calls home. She comes here every night to pull her memories from the sea. The cool night air threatens to chill her to the bone, but she pushes it away. It was either be a little chilly, or be forced to have thousands of memories bounce around her head all night. She will take being cold any day. The full moon is providing an unusually bright sky, to the normally pitch black night.

The calm night is a perfect contrast to chaos plaguing her mind. Thousands of thoughts are racing through her head at once, ranging from what was had for diner, to images of abuse. She takes a deep breath, the cold night air filling her lungs, trying anything to calm the raging river of thoughts in her head. It's amazing how far I have come at being able to organize my thoughts. I remember when I first came out here I ended up just falling asleep, mom was certainly not very happy. Now, though, I can sort through all my thoughts in hours, well, practice does make perfect.

Through all the memories she is forced to have, through all the pain and annoyances this curse brings, she has found one way that she can use this curse for good. Even though she is put through hell every day, there is a bright side to this. As they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining. She has the ability to help others with their past. The problem with the average psychiatrist is that they only know what their text books can teach them, Sara can actually go through what they experience. She could also use her ability to help the police. She could read the memories of suspects to tell the cops whether or not they did it.

After about an hour of sorting through her memories, she finally opened her blue eyes and got to her bare feet. She dusted off her blue jeans and began the five minute walk home, every step sending chills through her feet. The entire walk a smirk never left her features. This is my curse, and I am going to make the best of it.

A big thanks to Rouge Energizer Bunny for beta-reading my story and helping make it that much better.