Lately, I've been obsessed with one thing and one thing only: Zombies. I've been watching or playing things like Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, Dawn of the Dead, and so on and so forth. There has been something that bugged me about most, but not all, of these things. A lot of these things left out the fact that people are going to eventually going to become psychopath and become hostile. So, I've decided to write my own zombie fic. Hope this doesn't suck. So, without further ado, let's get this started!

By the way, I'm going to be using two different things in each chapter, unless an announcement. Here:

(#) Zombie Kill of the Day (Yes it is based on the Zombie kill of the Week in Zombieland.) Goes to best way the zombie kill happens.

[#] Zombie Reference of the Day. Gonna reference something zombies, and you'll have to figure out what it is.

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Johnny's taking head's off of all faggots who hate.

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Yeah, I'm like god motherfucker…AND IT'S JUDGMENT DAY!

"Undead" Hollywood Undead

Chapter One: Welcome to Hell

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

This was the only thought that was going through the head of Clive Remington as he watched time tick away at the clock. Why did math class have to be so boring?

Clive was a middle schooler, and in about a week, a high schooler. His hair was purely blonde; the kind that would make girls would kill for. In fact, most girls in the class wanted to go out with him. He wasn't interested in them because he hated huge amounts of attention. It was a habit passed down his family, like his brother when mobs of girls tried to tear him apart because he was the star player of the baseball team. Anyway, his eyes were sky blue, which again, girls would kill for.

The bell rung five minutes later and he ran out of the classroom, hurrying to his locker. There was a girl in the school he was particularly fond of. Her name was Kristen Angel, and she was your average middle school student; Average height, average weight, even average bust size. The only feature's people could recognize instantly was her hair and eyes. Her eyes were two different colors, one being brown while the other being blue. On the other hand, her hair was by far the most lovable. Usually, her hair was blonde, just like Clive's. But when she turned 13, she dyed her hair red, like blood. That was thing about her: She was emo. The reason Clive had a crush on her was because she DIDN'T ask if they could go out every 5 seconds.

As he walked to his own locker, he noticed all the posters about washing your hands. It was true that there was an epidemic of the flu, but these teachers were practically shoving it down everyone's throats. "Wash your hands," or "Sneeze into your arm!" even "You're getting sent to the office for not washing your hands!"

When he got to his locker, Kristen was there with her locker open. She shuffled through her stuff, looking for the books she needed next hour.

"Hey Kristen," said Clive, starting to open his locker.

"Hey," she said, not looking up, "You here about the epidemic?"

"How could I not? These teachers are forcing us to have good hygiene."

"They say that there hasn't been a flu season this bad," Kristen said as she closed the door of her locker.

"Yeah. My cousin got it. And it's pretty brutal for him. He has a temperature of-" Just then, his cellphone went off.

"Hello? Oh, HI Sarah. (EPIC SARCASM) No, for the 100th time, I will NOT go out with you!" He hung up his cellphone.

"Who's Sarah?" asked Kristen.

"Some girl who keeps calling me to go out. She's freaking crazy." He said.

The bell went off at that exact moment.

"Well, let's go," said Kristen. Sixth hour science was the only class that both Kristen and Clive shared.


Science had gone pretty routine; until about there was 5 minutes left. That was when the PA system went off, and a guy got on the speaker.

"Uhhh," he started, obviously in fear, "There is an emergency situation happening in the school. Please, everyone calmly evacuate the premi-Oh God! They got in!" A moaning sound could be heard on the loudspeaker. "SOMEONE HELP ME! AHHHH! GET AWAY! GET AWAAAA-" The loudspeaker went silent.

Everything went silent. Nobody dare speak a word. How could they? What had attacked the man? Then, without warning, everybody started screaming their heads off and tried to run out of the classroom, which was a bad idea if you only had one door and 30 students. About 2 or 3 people had been trampled and crushed.

Clive and Kristen were the only people who had the brains to hang back.

"What the hell?" Clive asked himself as he looked out the window. What he saw horrified him. People, no, these things were not human. These, THINGS, were all over the place, biting into students and devouring them. Students who had gotten bit soon started moving in a patter similar to the things that had bit them.

"No way…" Kristen said in disbelief.

"What?" Clive asked, still staring out the window.

"Haven't you seen the movies?" scoffed Kristen. "They got bit, and they're the ones biting."

"Vampires?" asked Clive.

"Close, but no. These things drain the life out of you."

"Twilight fans?"



"Ding Ding Ding!" said Kristan. She looked out the window. "Good thing they're the ones that move slower than fuck. Come on, we need to arm ourselves." Clive followed as she and him walked out of the classroom.


It was scary how fast the halls had turned into a war zone. People were running everywhere, and some of the infected had gotten into the building. It was utter mayhem. Kristen and Clive were able to get to the gym, which was empty.

The two walked towards the supply closet. They rummaged through the sports equipment, and Clive got a weapon he was familiar with. In his hand he held an aluminum bat in one hand. It had a rubber grip, and it was fresh out of the store new.

"Bitchen," he said, admiring it. Meanwhile, Kristan continued to search through the closest. She couldn't find another bat, but she did find something she was plum surprised to see; A kendo stick.

"I didn't know the school taught Kendo," said Clive.

"I didn't either, but I'm not going to complain now," Kristen replied. Just then, the door opened and a student ran in, panting. He tripped on the hardwood. The one mistake he had made was to close the door behind him. Infected walked into the gym, some stopping too devour the helpless student, about 3 or 4. The rest decided to go after Clive and Kristen, which were 5. 8 in all.

"Shit," said Clive.

"Remember to go for the head," reminded Kristen. Clive nodded and ran for one of the zombies. He slammed his bat into the skull of one of infected, making it fall to the ground. Another infected as behind him. He spun around and swung his bat to the stomach of the zombie. It bent over from the impact.

"FORE!" yelled Clive as he swung his bat like a golf club, nailing the infected in the jaw. You could hear the sickening crack of its jaw as it collapsed to the ground, dead. (1)

Before long, they had killed every zombie.

"Damn," said Clive, "That took a lot out of me."

"You can say that again," she replied. "We need to find shelter. The gym is too easy to get into and a careless student, like we just saw, can let them in."

Clive though for a minute. "The roof?"

"Good idea." The two students walked in the direction of the roof access.


By the time the two students had gotten to the roof, they're clothes were stained with blood. The roof was the safest place in the entire school, because to access it you had to climb a ladder. We all know zombies can't climb ladders. Clive caught his breath and looked out to the sea of infected outside. There was at least 400, because there was about 500 kids in the school…It's a small school.

Clive felt like yelling, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!" [1]

How what it? Hate it? Love it? You decide! I appreciate feedback. Anyway, special mention to anyone who can guess where the zombie quote of the day is from. Anyway, that's all for now. I'm out.