Remember in the last chapter where I said I wanted to incorporate the psychopaths of an outbreak? Well, I figured out how I'm going to incorporate them. I'm going to use them as mini-antagonists. Also, anyone who is reading this, I wanna ask you a question. What is your favorite zombie movie? I'd really like to get to know my viewers better. So, without further ado, let's get this chapter underway!

The Zombie reference in the last chapter was from the first episode of Highschool of the Dead. It was the scene right before the opening where Rin, Takashi, and that other guy are running on the rooftop to get away from the zombies.

Cut my life into pieces,

This is my last resort!

Suffocation, no breathing,

Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm bleeding!

"Last Resort," Papa Roach

Chapter 2: Case of the Munchies

Clive stared at the crowd of zombies that surrounded the school. It had been an hour since the outbreak had started, and the zombies seemed to have dispersed. There were still quite a few, but not as many then when they had gotten to the roof. Occasionally, you would hear a scream or yell, indicating that another has fallen prey to these demons from hell. The one thing that scared Clive wasn't the zombies or the death of all his classmates; it was the fact that no rescue helicopters had come yet. That one thing: This epidemic is nationwide. How could it have spread all over the country in the span of a day?

The blond haired boy sighed and got up from the sitting position he was in and looked around. He noticed Kristen by the hatch, her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. Beside her, against the wall, was her kendo stick and Clive's baseball bat.

"How are you feeling?" asked Clive, sitting next to Kristen.

"I'm doing fine. I'm just…thinking," answered the emo.

"About what?"

"It's just that…" she looked down, "It spread so fast. It was all fine this morning."

"I know," Clive looked upward to the blue sky. It was the only beautiful sight one could get in this hellhole, "I mean, one minute, all I worry about is what shirt to wear. Now here we are fighting for our lives."

"I just wish that we knew what was going on out there," she said, bringing her head up.

"Yeah…" That's when an idea popped up in Clive's head. He pulled out his IPOD touch, "Wait a second, my IPOD can get the radio!"

"Then turn it on!" said Kristen, sitting up. Clive searched through his IPOD and eventually came to the radio app. He opened it and the radio turned to a news station.

'-And much is still unknown about this disease. Reports say that the victim's die and then come back to life. Scientists assure you that this is impossible, and that this illness is just a rabies like infection. Whichever theory you want to believe, just note that these things are incredibly dangerous in large numbers. We advise listeners to stay in their homes, and only leave when it is absolutely necessary to go and get supplies. The current hot spots across the country are New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Milwaukee. Keep tuning for news of this pandemic.'

Clive couldn't believe what he just heard, "So we're in…"

"…One of the worst possible cities in the world right now," finished Kristen.

"We need to get out of the city," said the blond.

"That would be the best option, but we really can't do that in our current situation. The minute we walk out of any door to exit the school, we're going to get mobbed by every zombie in the surrounding area."

"I guess you're right," agreed Clive, "So what do we do now?"

"It's simple…" answered the emo, "We need to get supplies, such as food and water. We won't last very long without them."

"We can find the food in the cafeteria," Clive thought aloud, then another though struck him "Where are we going to get enough water? I'm pretty sure they don't hand out water bottles in the cafeteria."

Kristen face-palmed, "You do know that our school has vending machines, right? We can break into them and steal the contents."

"There's food in the vending machines. Why do we have to go to the cafeteria when we can kill two birds with one stone?"

"I'll be honest. I can't take the crap they give from the vending machines. I can handle the drinks, but the food sucks."


Kristen grabbed Clive's wrist and started to squeeze with all of her might, causing his hand to go white, "I SAID: The food sucks."

"Okay, okay, okay!" said Clive quickly. Kristen let go of his hand and he shook it to get the blood flowing again. "Damn you got a grip."

"I know," she replied. She got up and grabbed the kendo stick. "Here's what we're going to do. First thing's first: We have to get a left over backpack to store everything we get. Then we're going to hit the vending machines. Finally, we get the food from the cafeteria and haul ass back here."

"Agreed," commented Clive, standing and grabbing his bat.

Both middle schoolers stood above the hatch.

"Let's go," said Kristen. She climbed down the hatch.


The halls had certainly cleared up. Sure, there was still a fair amount of zombies, but there wasn't as much chaos as there was when the initial outbreak had started. There weren't any zombies near the hatch, but some could be seen down the hall. Behind that group of zombies was a staircase to access the rest of the school.

"Come on, let's get to the science room," commanded Clive. He walked off in its direction.

"Why?" asked the emo, following Clive.

"I left my backpack in there. We can use it," answered the blond, Kristen nodding in agreement. Soon, the two came to the first wave of zombies. There were about 5 in all. As soon as Kristen got close enough, one stumbled forward unexpectedly, catching Kristen off guard. Good thing Clive was standing right next to her or she would have been zombie chow. He slammed his bat into the back of its skull. It soundlessly crumbled to the ground.

Kristen quickly recovered and slammed her Kendo stick into the neck of the next one. It stumbled to the side from the impact. She jumped into the air, doing several graceful spins. She eventually used the force of her spin to swing her kendo stick. She hit the zombie on the side of the head, sending it into the wall. Can someone say fatality? (2)

Meanwhile, a zombie was stumbling towards Clive. He was about to swing, but he saw something about that zombie that made him stop. He placed his bat on the forehead of the zombie, making it so that it couldn't get to him. The funny thing is that if the damn thing took a step to the right, it could easily get past the bat.

"Is that you Keith? Because man, you look like Keith. Oh wait, you're not him. Never mind." [2] He shoved the bat into the face of the zombie, sending it down the staircase behind it. Down the stairwell, the zombie got a lot of cuts and bruises, but it was still moving. But when it got to the bottom of the stairwell, it was moving at such a fast speed that it smashed its head on the wall. Clive rubbed the spot in his head that the zombie had smashed. It was that bad.

A zombie tried to take a bite out of Kristen, only to be met with the handle of the kendo stick. It shattered a couple teeth. It stumbled backwards from the force of the hit. She swung the kendo stick down, connecting with the top of the zombie's skull. Along with the sickening crack of a skull, the zombie fell to the ground, finished. Just one left.

Clive was trying to swing at the thing, but it kept getting too close from him to get a direct hit. He was almost to the stairs. He eventually yelled with rage and kicked it in the stomach. It fell to the ground, but it was still alive. Clive walked towards the ground ridden zombie, bat raised over his head. He swung down with the force of a train piston. Blood splattered everywhere. The zombie laid there, motionless. It's skull was caved in.

The blond took a second to catch his breath, "Let's go." Kristen nodded in agreement. The two walked down the staircase. Clive took a minute to look at the body at the bottom of the staircase.

"And that's why you don't fuck with Newton," joked Kristen. Clive couldn't resist laughing his ass off. The two continued their way to the science room.


"FUCK OFF!" yelled Clive as his bat felled another zombie. They were right in front of the science room, and a trail of dead zombies was behind them. Honestly, both of them were exhausted from fighting off wave after wave of zombies. Clive closed the door behind them. They were safe…for now.

As soon as Clive had caught his breath, he looked up. He was quite surprised about the state the classroom was in. Desk's overturned, school supplies overturned, even the crushed remains of people who were trampled by their fellow classmates. It was a sickening sight.

The blond started to search the room for his backpack. It was probably buried under the wreckage of what USED to be a classroom. While Clive was searching for his backpack, Kristen started rummaging through the teacher's deck. You would be surprised to see what you could find if you look hard enough. The only thing useful that she found was two water bottles and a bottle of vodka. So it WAS true that Mr. Finnegan was an alcoholic. She continued to look through the desk to look for more of the supplies she would need. She let out an "Aha" when she found what she was looking for; a notebook full of paper and a lighter. She was set.

As soon as she found she was looking for, Clive had found his backpack. He looked at the stuff Kristen had taken from the desk.

"I can understand the water," he said, "But what's with the vodka?"

She smirked, "Ever heard of a Molotov?"

"It sounds familiar, but no."

"You put a rag, or in this case paper, into a bottle of alcohol. Then, you light it with a lighter, and toss it. When the bottle bursts, all the alcohol in the bottle spills all over the place. And since the alcohol is flammable, it will create an inferno."

"That could help us," said Clive.

"You can say that again," replied Kristen, "I think it can help us get out of here."

"How?" asked the blond.

"In a lot of zombie movies I've seen, I've noticed that those things work with inferred. So the hotter something is, the tastier it's going to look to them. It's fire. You can't get much hotter than fire."

It clicked in Clive's head, "Ooooooh, I get it now."

"We'll work out the details later," said Kristen, "For now, let's go get the drinks."


The vending machine was just down the hallway from the science room. A very strange thing is that apparently zombies much like junk food, because there were 4 zombies hanging around it. As soon as Clive and Kristen got near, they lost interest in the junk food and started coming at the two survivors.

"More?" groaned Clive.

"Come on. Would you rather die?" asked the emo.

"Let's dance," Clive said like a badass.

"That's what I thought." The first zombie kill this time goes to Kristen, who delivered a swift hit to the head of the nearest one. It fell limply to the floor, blood flowing out of a gash that Kristen left. Clive hit the head of another zombie; it slammed into the glass of the vending machine, shattering the glass and getting cut up in the process. It collapsed to the ground. The blond and the emo easily dispatched the rest of the zombies quickly.

"Snatch em' up!" commanded Clive, about to grab a can of soda. Kristen stopped his hand.

"Don't grab that!" she hissed.

"Why?" asked Clive, baffled.

"Go for the things we actually need first. If we have room, we can bum a couple cans of soda. As for now, grab the healthy things, like water and vitamin water."

When the two were done looting the vending machine, they had acquired 8 water bottles and 6 bottles of vitamin water.

"Can we have soda now?" asked Clive.

"…We need the food first," answered Kristen.

"Oh yeah," realized Clive. The two survivors walked around the corner. How convenient that the lunch room was right around the corner from the vending machines.

As the two entered the lunch room, Kristen turned around and slid her kendo stick into the door handles, barricading the door. When she and Clive looked at the state the lunchroom was in, Kristen put her mouth over her mouth. Blood stained the ground, and the dead bodies of zombies littered the floor. On each of their bodies were many cuts and gashes. A design was carved into each and every one of the dead bodies; it appeared to be C + S. The same design was written on the walls of the cafeteria with blood. (A cookie to anyone who can figure out what this means before I reveal it in this chapter. NO CHEATING!)

Clive and Kristen were weirded out by this, and since they didn't see anything moving, they decided to check the kitchen. The two walked slowly, stepping on a zombie or two. When they got into the kitchen, a human girl was writing on the wall of the kitchen. What she was writing was the same symbol all over the cafeteria: C + S.

The girl was about the height of Clive, and had raven black hair. Her eyes were green, but they had something about them…maybe it was the look of PURE FUCKING INSANITY in them. He clothes, which was a skirt that reached her knee's (Now torn to allow her swift movement. Torn to reveal some of her underwear), and a turtleneck sweater, were stained with blood. In one hand, the one not writing the message with, was holding a blood stained knife. Her other hand was cut and bloody, proving that it was her own blood she was writing with.

Clive recognized her. He knew her from anywhere…

"Sarah?" he asked, kind of freaked out what she was doing and kind of relieved to see another human being.

The girl looked at Clive with the insane look in her eyes, smiling, "CLIVE! I just KNEW you would survive! Ohmygod, OHMYGOD! We can TOTALLY be together forever now!"

"Uhhh," started Clive, "I've told you this, Sarah. I don't exactly think of you like that."

"B-b-but, look at what I did for you!" She was referring to the cafeteria, and all the C + S's on the wall. It then hit Clive. C + S. Clive + Sarah. And what was even creepier was the fact that she wrote it in BLOOD.

"I'm sorry; I just don't like you like that."

You could literally see Sarah's face turn red. She finally acknowledged that Kristen was there.

"No, I'M sorry. I'm sorry that this BITCH can't keep her filthy paws off of you!"

"Hey," said Kristen, "I am not a-"


"We never had anything!" defended Clive.

"Yes we did!" retaliated Sarah, holding up her knife towards Clive.

"W-whoa! Let's talk this out!" Clive backed up.

"I am DONE talking with you!" She started chuckling, "You know, I'm already over you. But if I can't have you…THEN NOBODY CAN!" She ran at Clive. Clive and Kristen ducked out of the kitchen to get more room to attack her.

She ran out of the kitchen after them, laughing. Clive raised his bat, ready to swing. The bad thing is that Sarah was FAST. The blonde barely had enough time to back step to avoid getting cut by Sarah's knife. The knife skimmed across his shirt, cutting it. Clive's stomach remained untouched by the very sharp object Sarah was holding. She recovered with her leg connecting with Clive's happy place.

The blond coughed and groaned in pain, stumbling to the wall. He slid down the wall, feeling utter agony all over his body. Sarah stood over him, a grin on her face.

"S-shit…" was all Clive could say. He held onto the spot she had kicked, as if that were going to save him. He closed his eyes and braced himself for Sarah's attack. It had never come. Instead of being impaled by the blade, Clive heard a slap; Kristen had saved him again.

"Y-you BITCH!" growled Sarah, holding her cheek. A red spot was on it, in the shape of a hand. She slashed the knife at Kristen, who was unarmed. The knife hit her near the shoulder. Kristen grasps the place which Sarah had cut, yelping in pain.

Clive knew he had to get up now or Kristen was as good as gone. He slowly got up, still feeling pain in his happy place. He grasped his bat in his hand.

"Let's get rid of that whorey look you got there," declared Sarah giggling. She held Kristen's head in place by grabbing her hair. She put her knife on Kristen's cheek. She ran it across her cheek, leaving a small cut. Blood trickled out of it. Sarah laughed.

"Hey Sarah…"said the voice of Clive, right behind of Sarah. Sarah spun around, to be met with the fist of Clive. The hit sent her reeling, eventually collapsing to the ground. When she hit the ground, her cut hand touched a puddle of blood left by a dead zombie. Sarah was infected.

Immediately, Sarah started coughing as soon as the virus entered her systems.

"H-how? Nothing bit me!"

Clive looked at her, "Doesn't have to. Haven't you seen any of the movies? The virus travels through any liquid. Including blood. Since your hand it cut, you gave the virus the chance to enter your system."

She gave a look that one would give when their spirit is broken, "Damn it…Well, just know what YOU missed out on!" She motioned to her entire body in an erotic way. She then took her knife, and brought it towards her chest. With one final yell of fury, she dives the knife into her heart.

Sarah collapsed to the ground, dead.

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