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Zombie quote of the day was from Left 4 Dead 2. Ellis has a friend named Keith that he always refers to at the worst times. He also says something similar to what Clive says when he see's the uncommon infected "The Fallen Survivor."

It's hiding in the dark,

Its teeth are razor sharp,

There's no escape for me,

It want's my soul it want's my heart.

No one can hear me scream,

Maybe it's just a dream,

Maybe inside of me,


"Monster," by Skillet

Chapter 3: School's Out

"Damn it…Well; just know what YOU missed out on!" She motioned to her entire body in an erotic way. She then took her knife, and brought it towards her chest. With one final yell of fury, she dives the knife into her heart.

Clive watched in horror as Sarah's lifeless body fell to the ground. No matter what she had done or how crazy she was, no human being deserved that end. She was forced to kill herself, just because she fell down in the wrong place. The bad part was that he had caused it. HE was the one who delivered the blow that caused her to fall down. He, Clive Remington, was a murderer.

He took a seat at one of the tables, looking into his bloody palms in disbelief. Kristen sat at the same table, trying to comfort him, or at least take his mind off of the situation.

"Hey, you okay?" she asked him, concerned.

"She was…a human being. How…how could this have happened?"

Kristen looked at him with a bit of pity in her eyes, "There's nothing we could have done."

"If I hadn't have hit her as hard. If I didn't hit her at all!" Clive was shaking so bad, Kristen was worried that the vicious claws of insanity had grabbed him.

"You did it for self-defense! To protect both of us!"


"GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!" Kristen yelled back, slapping him upside the head. Clive was left speechless. "Don't turn into one of them…one of those bastards who regrets every move they made."

"…Just…leave me alone…" Clive got up and stormed off into the kitchen. By now, the sun had set and night had spread across the apocalypse outside. It was obvious that the two were going to send the night in the cafeteria. For safe measures, Kristen started lightly barricading the door. No point in going after him. He had had a long day, and he deserved rest.


Clive sat down on the floor of the kitchen, tears in his eyes. How…how could this have happened? Not just Sarah, everything. Every single one of his classmates were among the army of undead outside. Even the people who were driven insane from the infection. Doctors, lawyers, CEO's, all reduced to the same thing in the matter of hours: savages and survivors. What would everyone do without electricity? Everyone was so reliant on it, it's like taking away a third of a world, and soon plumbing and running water would go. All of these thoughts crossed Clive's mind over the hour. He eventually drifted off to sleep.


Clive didn't actually have a dream that night. Instead, his mind thought it was a good idea to go through past memories of his life.

This night, his mind flashed to when his brother, Kane, had played his first high school baseball game…

It was a blazing hot summer day. The crowd of people rooting for St. Lutheran High school was enormous. It was expected, since it was the first game of the season. The sun beat down on the field, not leaving a single shadow. Just by looking at the boiling baseball diamond in front of him, one could tell that this was going to be a brutal game.

A 9 year old Clive stood in the stands next to two blond haired adults; Clive's parents.

"Go Kane!" yelled Clive at the top of his lungs, but it wasn't enough to be heard over the roar of the crowd. Soon enough, the St. Lutheran High players walked onto the field, decked out in their school colors, which were Red and White. Every single player wore a baseball cap to make them able to actually see when on the field.

In the back of the line of players was a player who was a bit shorter than the rest of the team. In fact, he was the only freshman on the team. Under the head, you could see a small bit of blonde hair. The player looked around in wonder, obviously amazed by the crowd.

"That's Kane!" exclaimed the young Clive, giddy with anticipation. His brother was awesome a baseball, maybe even the best. The two teams shook hands, and the game started. It passed quickly, and soon the game was in the 3rd inning, time for Kane to bat. Nobody except Clive knew what to expect out of the new person. As he walked up to home plate, he had a special red bat. He stood to the right of the plate, and tapped the plate with the bat, signaling he was ready. The pitcher smirked and threw a fast ball, and Kane missed. The catcher threw it back, and Kane put the bat on his shoulder and took a deep breath. The pitcher threw again, but this time Kane tapped the ball with a small "Dink." By this time, the crowd had started to boo Kane. The older blond looked unfazed, and gazed up into the crowd. He spotted Kane and the hopeful look in Clive's eyes. A look of determination appeared in Kane's eyes as he turned back to the pitcher, ready to swing again. The pitcher threw the ball a third ball, and Kane swung. The sound of a solid hit echo's through the field. The ball flew through the air faster than you could run. It flew over the wall, signaling a home run. For a few seconds, there was silence. Then, the crowd erupted into cheers as Kane and the other players on his team circled the bases. Kane smiled in victory as he saluted Clive in the crowd. The rest of the game had gone like that, breaking a record of highest score in the history of St. Lutheran High.


Clive awoke slowly, almost truly at peace. Then the memories of last night had hit him. He looked upward at the ceiling of the kitchen. A thought hit him:

"If she went insane, it won't be long before other people follow…" he said to himself as he slowly got up, "And if other people follow, then I can't take a second thought if I kill someone. In this hellhole, it's all about survival of the fittest. Only save yourself and what's precious to you…Why am I talking to myself?"

Clive shook his head and walked out of the kitchen, to be surprised by the small barricade. He saw Kristen lying down on a table, asleep. Her hands were under her head, acting as a pillow. He smiled as he looked at her.

"And I've got something precious with me."

The blond walked over to a table that wasn't used as a barricade and sat down, avoiding the zombie corpses. He got his backpack and took out a couple things that he hadn't emptied out when he had grabbed it. These items included a notebook, a mechanical pencil, and his IPOD and headphones that he had stashed in it when they had gotten into the classroom. He opened his notebook and started working on an escape plan, meanwhile turning on the radio to hear the news on the outbreak.

"-In other news, a rumor has been going around that a group of survivors have been cutting down zombies left and right. This is unconfirmed, as nobody has seen this group of survivors. The only proof of their existence is graffiti they leave, which they call themselves the Agents of Death. Below the message is five skulls, everyone being different. And below every skull is a name of a type of angel. The names are as followed: Seraph, Oracle, Celestial, Angel, and Deity. Their goal is to apparently rid our once fair city of Milwaukee of zombies. If you guys are listening, we here at the station salute you and wish guys the best of luck in your mission."

Clive was quite interested about these "Agents of Death." If these guys were trying to kill every zombie in the city, then these guys must be decked out. Seriously, five people versus an entire city. With just regular weapons like a bat or a fire axe, you'd be screwed. But if you had better equipment, say an AK-47 or a shotgun, then you'd might have chance. Maybe Milwaukee had a chance? Maybe other people would unite together like these people and drive this damn disease out of the city? What ever happen, these five people would give the city hope; a streak of sunlight breaking through the storm clouds. In this situation, you learn to treasure as much hope as you can possibly grab onto.

"Even though these acts are intended to be in good will, it is still advise that survivors stay indoors and leave only when absolutely necessary. It is also advised that you arm yourself with something. Maybe knives, a metal bat, even a tennis racket would work; anything to protect yourself. In this situation, every life is precious. This is crash FM, bringing you hour to hour updates on the infection. We're going to cut out for now. Enjoy this music, as it could be your last song you ever hear." The reporter cut off, and "Ode to joy" from Beethoven came on. It was probably to soothe the spirits of those freaking out in their homes.

After the reporter cut out, Clive continued to the work on the escape plan. He was anxious to meet the "Agents of Death." He wanted to say "Thank you" for doing something to save the city, as opposed to sitting around with their thumb up their ass. Every ten minutes, Clive would rip out the sheet of paper, ball it up, and threw it over his shoulder. None of these possibilities would work. There had to be something to escape…

The blond must have been loud in his grumbling, because next thing he knew, Kristen was looking over his shoulder.

"Morning," he said, scribbling down yet another escape plan.

"Morning. How you feeling?" she asked, sitting down in a seat next to Clive.

"Better…I decided that if I have to kill to survive, I can't-GODDAMN IT!" He yelled in fury, tearing out yet another piece of paper from the notebook and tossing it over his shoulder.

"What was that about?" inquired Kristen.

"I've been trying to figure out an escape plan all morning, and all of them eventually fail," he slammed his head into the desk.

"Calm down, take a break, and eat breakfast," she replied, patting his head.

"Yeah, I am kind of hungry," Clive picked up his head and went to go get something from the kitchen.


Five figures walked through the streets, towards the school. Each of them held a different gun and had different equipment.

The one on the far right had a black hoodie that concealed most of his head. Along with his head being hidden, he had a pair or sunglasses that covered his eyes, and below that was a grin. The grin wasn't the kind you would see on a psycho person, more like one you would see on a guy who's cockier then the best football player before the superbowl. On his back was a camo army style backpack, filled to the brim with ammo of different kinds. Slung across his back, and held in place by the pack, was a fire axe. In his hands was an M-16, locked and loaded.

The person on the far left was a bit less…cocky. His hair was block and messy, and he had glasses with one of the lenses broken. He wore a blood stained, white button up shirt with a chest pocket on it. In the chest pocket was an extra magazine of ammo. On his back was the over-the shoulder style backpack, filled with medical supplies. Strapped to his belt was a combat knife, stained with blood. Clutched in his hands were an AK-47, but he was shaking badly.

The person on the inner right was your typical girly girl…on steroids. Her hair was brown, and held down with a headband. She wore a bloodstained cheerleader outfit, which was a bit torn, revealing bits and pieces of her pink undergarments. On her back was a typical backpack you would see on a typical high schooler. The backpack was filled with water, soda, and all of that. Strapped to her back was a crowbar, red with blood. In her hands was a Tommy gun.

The person on the inner left was the opposite of the girl on the right. Her hair was naturally black, but there were streaks of red through her hair. She wore a punk rock T-Shirt, showing her favorite band: Hollywood Undead. Unlike the others, she didn't carry a pack. Instead, strapped to her back was a big-ass sledgehammer. In her hands was a sniper rifle, a Barret XM500 to be exact.

In the dead center of the group, the spear-header, was the leader of the group. On his head was a blue and yellow baseball cap, shadowing his eyes. He wore a varsity that had the same color schemes as the cap, except the sleeves were white. Hanging from his shoulder was a duffle bag, which contained all the food supplies. In one hand, he carried a blood stained aluminum bat. In the other, he carried a pump-action shotgun with one hand.

"Why are we heading this way again?" asked the cocky guy with the hoodie.

"To get my brother…" answered the leader of the group, not giving the cocky guy a look.

"Your brother is probably dead," commented the cocky guy. Instantly, the shotgun the leader was carrying was in the cocky guy's face.

"Don't you ever say that again…" he growled, "My brother is NOT dead. He isn't stupid enough to get himself killed easily." He lowered his gun. "Come on." The group walked towards the school, and the barrier of zombies surrounding it.


"So…They're trying to clean the city of zombies?" asked Kristen. Clive had just told her about the Agents of Death.

"That's what I heard," confirmed Clive.

Kristen shook her head, "It's impossible for 5 people to do that by themselves. You must know that."

"Figured," admitted Clive, "But I think they do matter. In my opinion, they represent hope in this situation. And what people need is hope in this hell."

"I guess you're right," agreed Kristen.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Clive.

"Just survive, I guess," answered Kristen. Clive then turned on some music with his IPOD. The heavy drums of one of Disturbed's many violent songs flowed throughout the cafeteria. That's when they heard a gunshot.

Clive jumped up and ran to the window, and what he saw was a sight that was quite rare in this situation. Five people were in the yard of the school, gunning down the barrier of zombies. Five…Could these be the Agents of Death?

Kristen looked at Clive from her seat, "What's happening?"

Clive didn't answer, but instead took his bat that was leaning against the wall, near the barricade. "We're leaving. Grab as much supplies as you can fit in here…" He tossed Kristen the backpack. While Kristen packed the backpack, Clive started to take apart the barricade. As soon as he took down the Kendo stick, all hell would break loose. As he waited there, he listened for the gunshots. They weren't from outside anymore…they were inside the school. Every single shot echoed through the halls, a sound Clive NEVER expected to hear.

Soon Kristen had come back; the backpack filled with canned goods and boxed foods. Smart, considering they were nonperishable. Clive zipped it back up and slipped the pack over his shoulders. He gripped his baseball bat in his hands. Kristen stood to the side, holding onto the Kendo stick.

"NOW!" exclaimed Clive. Kristen pulled the Kendo stick, and the door was now unprotected. No zombies yet, probably focusing on the loud noise coming from the first floor.

"We must have seriously been boring to them…" commented Kristen.

"Not true," replied Clive, "They were just more exciting." As the two walked out of the cafeteria, Clive noticed graffiti on the wall…


"How the hell did somebody from Chicago get up here already?" asked Clive to himself. He shook it off and walked towards the staircase.

You know, it's scary how fast an experienced group of survivors can cut through a horde of zombies. Well, this is one of those moments; because the group of five survivors was already at the staircase…the very same one Clive and Kristen were at.

The leader of the group, the teenager in the varsity letterman jacket, stood at the top of the staircase, his shotgun raised with one hand. A zombie approached him in the front, in the line of fire of the shotgun. The teenager remained unfazed, and waited until the zombie was point blank.

"Back to hell…" he pulled the trigger, and the shotgun fired. The now dead body of the zombie stumbled backwards, and fell down the stairs. And boy, did he have hang time. When it landed on the bottom of the stairs, it knocked down a group of 5 zombies, "…With you." (3)

Clive was at a loss for words. There was only one person who would dress like that, and that would come out of the way to this tiny school…


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