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The last reference was actually a set of achievements in a bunch of zombie games, starting from Dead Rising, the achievement being Zombie Genocider: 53,596 being the population of Willamette, a fictional town where the game takes place. Since you have to kill that many zombies to get the achievement, you basically killed the entire town. The next game that used the same kind of achievement was a classic: Left 4 Dead. The only differences were that the achievement was called Zombie Genocidest and the fact that you have to kill one less than Dead Rising. Another thing was the graffiti mentioned in the last chapter was actually from the No Mercy campaign. Next came Prototype with "Trail of Corpses," going back to the original 53,596. Another one (and the last unique one) is a game called Dead Nation, the achievement being called "Genocidiary." The last one that used this number is none other than Dead Rising 2, not only doing the classic 53,596, but also adding one where you have to kill 72,000. God that was a long one. (That's what she said)


Chapter Six: No Parking

(Day of Initial Infection…)

Main Street: A popular place for businesses of all kind. On this street, you could find a Laundromat to a fried chicken joint. It was basically where everybody shopped, easily better than the mall. At the very edge of Main Street was an auto garage by the name of "Supercharged Vehicle Restorations." From this garage came a bunch of whizzes and whirs, the sound of a drill undoing bolts.

If you were to walk up to the entrance of the garage, you would notice the garage door open and a set of legs under a Mustang, working on the car. To the side of the Mustang knelt a 20 year old man, a tool box to his side.

The man under the car slid out, revealing his face. He was a man around his late 40's, maybe early 50's; beard and hair grayish white with age. His eyes were pure blue, like the sparkling water from a mountain spring. He wore a NASCAR pit-crew style jumpsuit, except without all the sponsor logos: this one being forest green. On the shoulders of the jumpsuit was an American flag, looking like it was waving in the wind. On his hands were black, leather gloves to protect his hands from the car. On the chest of his jumpsuit was a name tag: "Ricky Sullivan."

"Done," declared the man named Sullivan. (Calling him Sullivan, not Ricky.)

"Finally!" cried out the young man in relief, getting up to stretch, "That restoration took forever!"

Sullivan smirked, "All you did was hand me tools, Carson."


Sullivan sighed and got up. He walked over to a coffee machine and made himself a cup of coffee. They had spent all night on that Mustang. FYI: Driving a car halfway underwater is not a good idea. Honestly, Sullivan wanted to kick the owner in the happy place because he almost ruined such a beautiful car. He then heard the shuffling of feet.

He looked out the garage door to see a shaded figure at the opening. It must be the customer coming to collect the Mustang.

"Ah! Mr. Thomas!" called Sullivan, waving at the figure. The figure stumbled forward, his features showing in the garages light. Its skin was pale, eyes devoid of all life. There was blood stained on it, other than a bloody teeth mark on its shoulder.

Carson looked at the customer, bewildered, "Dude, have you been smoking weed? You look hopped up on something. And what the hell is with that bite mark? Does your dog hate you?"

The figure stopped in front of Carson, unmoving.

"Mr. Thomas?" asked Sullivan, looking at the scene. Something didn't seem right about this situation…

The figure groaned, stumbling forward unexpectedly. It clasped onto Carson and bit down where the shoulder meets the neck. Carson cried out in agony, being dragged down to the ground with the figure. He continued to yell for help, obviously in a state of pure agony. The figure didn't stop, continued to eat off his neck. Eventually, Carson lost consciousness, and the zombie lost interest.

"Y-you're not human!" commented Sullivan, obviously panicking. The figure started to approach, and Sullivan backed up to the back of the garage, back hitting the wall. He slid down against the wall, the figure continuing its walk toward him.

Sullivan's hands tried to reach for something, ANYTHING to protect him from this thing. It was now 5 feet from him. Eventually, when the thing was 2 feet away, his hand came to rest on something.

Sullivan got up and swung the wrench, connecting with the thing's skull. Blue splattered on the back window of the Mustang, and the thing fell to the ground. Now that the thing was dead, Sullivan turned his attention to Carson, who was starting to move again.

"C-carson? You okay?"

The young man slowly got up, but something was different about him. His skin was so pale to the point where you could almost see through it, and his had a blank stare in his eyes. He snarled at Sullivan, and snapped at the older man.

"What the hell has gotten in you?" asked Sullivan, jumping back from Carson. The younger one started to stumble towards the older man. The latter clenched the monkey wrench.

"I'm sorry Carson…" Sullivan raised the wrench over his head, bringing down like a guillotine on the thing's head. It collapsed, but Sullivan wasn't done yet. He sat on top of the things body, slamming his hammer repeatedly on its head. A tear went down Sullivan's cheek. Carson had been his partner for 5 years. The two were the best of friends, and right then he had to kill him. He vowed right then and there to never

Sullivan raised his head, seeing more shady figures approaching the garage. He looked around frantically, and spotted the keys to the Mustang. He snatched them and got into the car. It was going to be a rough ride…


(Present day…)

"ERIC!" yelled Tony, obviously pissed, "Get those damn jumper cables of that thing!" He fired another round into the horde of zombies.

"I'm almost done!" Eric yelled back, starting to unhook the last jumper cable. He had to be careful: It wouldn't make anything better if he made a wrong move and ended up electrocuting himself to death. If he touched the copper wires, he was dead. If he accidently touched the metal on the jumper cables, he was dead. His hand shook as he unhooked the final cable. As he took it off, he threw it to the side. The barricade was now free of electricity.

"Come on!" ordered Eric, climbing through the wires with haste.

"About time!" yelled Maddie, putting down her gun and running for the barricade. The rest of the group followed, Kane firing one last shot into the horde.

As the group got to the other side of the barricade, Tony knelt down and sighed.

"That was way to close…" he gasped out, "But it was still fun as hell."

"How was that fun?" argued Ashley.

"Personally, I find killing zombies fun. Good way to relieve stress," Tony said back to them.

"You're messed up," commented Maddie.

"Hey!" Tony retaliated, "When I turn, I give you all full permission to blow my brains out." [6] Maddie rolled her eyes and they continued forward. They eventually came across another obstacle. In the middle of the street was an oil truck, overturned and blocking the way forward.

"Shit…How do we get forward?" Kane muttered to himself.

"I-I see a possible way to get around it…" Eric spoke up.

"What it is it then?" asked Kane.

"T-t-that parking garage…" he pointed over towards the entrance of a parking garage.

"What about it?" Kane questioned.

"W-well, u-usually, there is another entrance to p-parking garages. W-we could l-look around and see if w-we can find that other entrance."

"We don't have anything to lose," commented Tony.

"Shut up, Mr. Dominatrix," joked Maddie. She and Ashley shared a giggle.

"…Really? That's the best nickname you could give me?" asked Tony.

"No, but anything else would be a lot worse," retaliated Maddie.

"Quiet you two. Tony's right for once," declared Kane.

"For once?" Tony asked, his voice now serious.

Kane ignored him, "Let's go."

The group entered the parking garage and looked around. Bodies were littered here and there, blood stained on them like a birthday fruit punch massacre had just taken place. A lot of them had stab and bullet wounds, while some were even cut in half. You could also see that there were ambulances and stretchers scattered about randomly, making obvious that this had been used as a medical center during the outbreak, and had been overrun. What that didn't explain was why every one of these people, or zombies, were on the ground, dead. Even so, this place could be an excellent place to get grade A medical supplies.

"A medical center, eh?" Ashley commented as she looked around.

"M-m-might as well load up on a-antibiotics," suggested Eric.

"That would help if one of use gets cut and gets blood poisoning," Kane agreed. He took his shotgun and put it over his shoulder, "Eric, Ashley, and Maddie. You guys go get medical supplies. Me and Tony will cover you guys."

"Why don't you go with Maddie and Ashley, since Eric had a better weapon for fending off a large horde?"

"Dummy," Maddie commented, slapping Tony in the back of the head, "Eric is the only one with any medical knowledge. He was studying to become a doctor."

"Owww…." Tony mumbled, rubbing where Maddie had hit.

"Stop fooling around and get the job done!" ordered Kane. Eric, Maddie, and Ashley ran off to raid the parking garage, while Kane and Tony stood guard.


30 minutes later, the group of three eventually came across a security booth on the second floor. What they found kind of shocked them. They not only found medical supplies, but they also found weapons. S.W.A.T. grade gear; Assault rifles, grenades, and even tear gas canisters that were the size of spray can bottles.

"What the hell? I thought this was supposed to be a medical center," Ashley said as she looked at the scene.

"U-unless we're not alone…" Eric said, looking around at the equipment.

"What are you talking about?" Maddie asked.

"T-this equipment doesn't belong here. S-so that c-c-can only lead to one conclusion: S-someone else brought this e-equipment here by themselves. D-doesn't mean that t-they could still be a-alive, but it was brought here."

"Make's sense," Ashley agreed with him. Just then, she saw something movie out of the window. "Zombie!" she yelled. She brought the sniper rifle to her eye and took aim at the zombie. Right before she shot at the zombie, she started to hear something. Was it, the hum of a vehicle?

Just then, a S.W.A.T. van burst out of nowhere. The van was tricked out, making it the most dangerous vehicle out there right now. The front of the car had an entire row of blood stained knives attached to it by one of those metal barricades you would see at important events. The van had a small square of its windshield cut out, a mounted machine gut sticking through it. On either side of the S.W.A.T. van were two things that caused these zombies a lot of pain. On the driver side window was a mounted chainsaw, fastened securely onto the window. On the passenger side window was another mounted machine gun, again held in place.

As the van came booking towards the zombie, Ashley lowered her gun, surprised by the appearance of the strengthened van. The zombie didn't move out of the way, only walk towards the armored vehicle; since the heat of the engine attracted it. The van slammed into the zombie, but the undead didn't go under the van because of the knives mounted on the front. It impaled the zombie, keeping it on the front of the van. The driver pulled the trigger of the machine gun mounted on the front, sending about 20 bullets through the head of the zombie before he finally stopped, sending the zombie flying off of the front of the car. For overkill, the driver drove forward, back and forth, on top of the zombie. When he was done with it, the zombie was as flat as a pancake. (6)

The driver backed up and pulled up to window of the security booth that Eric, Maddie, and Ashley were in. He rolled down the window of the van, and revealed his face. He was, in fact, rather sterile for the situation currently taking place in this country. There were not many noticeable features man face, other than his greyish white beard and hair.

"My name's Sullivan," the driver called to the three survivors, "And what are you doing in my base?"

"Uh, sorry sir!" Maddie called back, "We didn't mean to invade your supplies! We just really need some antibiotics."

"Sorry, can't afford to take any chances, especially getting rid of any and all supplies I have!"

"Dude," Ashley said, walking up to the door of the security booth, "You have plenty of antibiotics to spare!"

"I see…." muttered Sullivan, backing away from the passenger window easing into the driver seat.

"S-see what?" asked Eric.

"All of you youngsters…" he called out, "All you want to do is hog all the resources for yourselves!"

"No! You got it all wrong!" Maddie called back to him.

"W-we just need a-antibiotics so n-nobody will get blood poisoning!" Eric yelled out.

"Nonetheless!" Sullivan yelled, irritated, "I can't take any chances like that! Not in a situation like this!" He stomped on the accelerator of the van and reached over to the gun on the window. He pulled it, unleashing a wave of bullets as he drove by.

"GET DOWN!" Eric yelled. Ashley was able to get down, but Maddie didn't move. At the last second, Eric dove down and brought her down with him, the bullets missing her. Eric wasn't so lucky. Two of the bullets hit him: In the shoulder and the side of the torso.

"Oh my god!" yelled Maddie, kneeling down by Eric. He was in rough shape, groaning in pain.

"That son of a bitch…" he growled in pain.

Maddie was surprised that he said that. Eric wouldn't seem like one to even mutter that.

"Are you okay?" she asked, worried.

"I'll be fine, just go for Sullivan. He's got to have the best equipment in that van…shit this hurts…"

Maddie nodded and got up. She grabbed her Tommy and walked slowly out of the both. She heard the van, and saw the lights it projected out. He was just around the corner. As soon as he came around the corner, she opened fire on his van. The glass didn't shatter, only get deflected by the windshield.

"What the fuck?" Maddie yelled out.

"It's a S.W.A.T. van!" Eric called out in pain, "It's bullet proof!"

"…Shit…" she muttered. Sullivan moved his arm over to the assault rifle mounted in the windshield, and opened fire towards Maddie. She dived in the security booth to avoid the storm of bullets.

By then, Kane and Tony had heard all of the gunshots and were up to the second floor. Kane saw the van and saw Maddie shooting at it.

"What's going on?" Kane yelled over to Maddie.

"Somebody attacked us! Eric's hurt!" Maddie yelled back.

"That son of a bitch!" Kane yelled in fury. He aimed his shot gun towards the back of the truck.

"Don't bother!" Tony stopped him.

"Why?" asked Kane, now irritated.

"Haven't you seen the movies?" asked Tony, "That's a S.W.A.T van. Those things are completely bullet proof!"

"Then how are we supposed to get to him?" Kane growled turning back to the van. It was coming back…

"We can fire randomly at the van and hope to get into one of the open windows," Maddie suggested.

"We'd be wasting ammo!" Kane called over to her.

"Get down man!" Tony and Kane dived down to avoid the rain of fire coming from Sullivan's van. A bullet had grazed Tony's cheek, "MY FACE! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!"

"Don't flatter yourself!" Maddie called from the security booth. That's when Maddie got the idea. She looked over towards the table to see the 6 tear gas canisters sitting on the gas. If that were to get into Sullivan's van, then maybe they could smoke him out…

"Kane! I need you over here!"

"Busy at the moment!" He dodged another drive by from Sullivan.

"I have a way to get him out of that van!"

Kane got up slowly and started to run towards the booth. He got to it and crouched next to Maddie.


"There's tear gas canisters on the desk in the booth. Since I can't throw and you're the pitcher for the baseball team, you think you can throw them into the van? You only need to get one, but multiple will work."

Kane nodded and ran into the booth. He returned holding the six canisters. He handed five to Maddie and got ready to open the first one. When Sullivan drove by, he tossed it. It hit the side of the window, but didn't go in. It fell out. Sullivan shot at Tony.

"Hey old man! Stop trying to kill me!"

Maddie handed Kane a second canister. Sullivan drove by again, and he threw it at the window. It got in, but Kane had failed to open it. He cursed at himself for his mistake. He kept throwing and throwing, eventually getting down to the last canister.

"You gotta make this one count…" Maddie said to Kane.

Kane took a deep breath and waited. Sullivan drove by again with his armored van. Kane threw the canister, and it did that thing where everything slows down immensely, kind of like slow motion. The canister's bottom hit the window of the van, and traveled into the van along with Sullivan. Immediately, Sullivan started to cough violently. The front window fogged up and tear gas fumed out of the open windows of the car. Sullivan lost control of the van and slammed it into a concrete pillar. It sat there, the smoke eventually ceasing. The back doors had fallen off on impact, revealing the loot in his cars...which was huge stacks of gas cans. The cough had stopped, and all was silent in the van.

"He's dead," guessed Tony.

"How would you know?" Maddie asked.

"He stopped coughing, therefor he's dead," Tony reasoned.

"The tear gas dissipated as soon as he stopped coughing. Therefor he could still be alive," Kane commented towards Tony.

"Yeah, well, you saw that crash! There's no way an old man like him could survive that."

"I say he's dead!" Ashley yelled as she walked over towards the scene.

"Where have you been this entire time?" asked Tony.

"I've been tending to the neglected, and now passed out, Eric. The shot on his torso was pretty bad. Well, not bloody bad, but pain wise bad. He passed out due to extreme pain."

"I see. So, who wants to check to see if Sullivan is dead?" asked Maddie. There was silence, "…Not it."

"Not it," said Kane.

"Not it," said Ashley.

"Not-GOD DAMN IT!" Tony face-palmed. Tony slowly walked to the driver side of the van. Before he got to the driver window, the van shot backward with no warning.

"PUUUUNKS!" Sullivan yelled in fury, trying to mow them down with the van.

"YOU OLD BASTARD!" Tony yelled as he stumbled backwards and fell. The chainsaw missed him by an inch.

"MOVE!" Kane ordered. Maddie was able to move, but Ashley stood there in a daze. Literally she stood there, pale skinned and wide eyed. If she had kept standing there, she defiantly would have died. Kane ran and tackled her out of the way, just at the last second. The two hit the pavement, Kane on top of her in a suggestive way. Ashley blushed.

"Ehh, sorry," he said, getting up. He offered Ashley a hand. She took it, and got up.

"We'll talk about this later. We just need to kill this bastard," she replied, still blushing. Kane nodded, and turned his attention to Sullivan. The crash had left the machine gun mounted on the front of the car absolutely destroyed. So at least Sullivan couldn't shoot at them from the front.

"Come on!" Kane ordered, running to the side as Sullivan charged them again. He turned along with them, not going full throttle.

"He's catching up!" Tony yelled over to Kane.

"Jump to the side!" They all jumped or dove to the side, barely missing the knives mounted on the front of the van. Since the van was going full throttle, it totally missed them and skidded forward about 10 feet.

"How the hell are we supposed to kill him now?" asked Tony, as he watched Sullivan trying to resituate his van.

"I don't know…" Maddie muttered looking at the van. She mental face palmed when she saw the gas cans in the back. She pulled up her Tommy, "This is for hurting Eric, YOU PRICK!" She opened fire on the gas cans. The first shots ignited one gas can, causing a chain reaction that lit the others. Since the pressure of the cans was so great, once they released heat, they would cause an explosion. Now multiply that by one hundred, and that's the force of the explosion that rocked the Sullivan's van. Fire shot out of the two open windows and the back of the van, like mushroom clouds. There was absolutely no way Sullivan could survive that.

"It's over…" Maddie sighed out.

"God that guy was tough," Tony sighed.

"All you did was complain and almost get your head cut off by a chainsaw," scoffed Maddie.

"…At least I did something…" Tony referred to Eric.

"He got shot, and saved us some precious ammo by telling us that there wasn't any way we'd be able to damage him by shooting at him," Maddie countered.

"Calm down you two," Kane tried to defuse the situation.

Maddie sighed, "Fine. Let's go get Eric." She and the rest of the group turned around and walked away from the burning wreckage that was Sullivan's van.



HELLLLLLOOOOOOO viewers to the second episode of ZOMBIE KILL OF THE DAY INSTANT REPLAY! This is your host! Johnny Johnson! Our contestant today is lovable, but deceased, Ricky Sullivan! We got live to the field!

As the van came booking towards the zombie, Ashley lowered her gun, surprised by the appearance of the strengthened van.

Dude, slow down. We got a full half hour time slot to fill! It's not like you have anything to rush for!

The zombie didn't move out of the way, only walk towards the armored vehicle; since the heat of the engine attracted it.

This proves zombies are stupid. They can't even comprehend that this big shiny thing is going to kill it in about 5 seconds.

The van slammed into the zombie, but the undead didn't go under the van because of the knives mounted on the front.

Ouch! He is going to feel that in the morning!

It impaled the zombie, keeping it on the front of the van.

Sheesh. The funny thing is that even though this would kill every single person on earth, this zombie is still going.

The driver pulled the trigger of the machine gun mounted on the front, sending about 20 bullets through the head of the zombie before he finally stopped, sending the zombie flying off of the front of the car.

Talk about road kill, folks! Let's watch to see what Sullivan will do next!

For overkill, the driver drove forward, back and forth, on top of the zombie.

OUCH! Talk about overkill! If he even has a decent bone in his body, he would stop doing that.

When he was done with it, the zombie was as flat as a pancake.

Talk about road kill, folks! What? I said that already? How the hell wrote the cue cards then! Tell him he's fired! *Sigh* This has been Johnny Johnson with another episode of ZOMBIE KILL OF THE DAY INSTANT REPLAY!


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