This Poem was written about one of my favorite horses that my family owned. He was a former ranch horse. We could of gotten him to do just about anything, and he never refused. Jack was 35 years old when he coliced really bad early in the morning on the 18th of february. We hoped and prayed that He'd be fine, but the next day he didnt improve and we had to let him go.

In loving Memory Jack...He was an awesome horse and is still missed very much to this day (Feb.19,2006)

As I stand in the pasture

All weak and Tired

I try and think about the

Good Times we had together

Every hour you came out

And every hour I became weaker

I was suffering

And you knew it

But you couldnt

Stand the pain of me leaving

I remain Standing

And you stand by me

I was thankful for the last hours

I wish I wasnt so weak

I wish I was strong

As I used to be

But as I try to move

It hurts so much, I cant bare it no more

Your dad comes out

Followed by the vet

Just seeing those tears in your eyes

Made me understand

I was leaving Earth

And I knew why

Therefore I said good bye

I put my head on your shoulder

That's all I could do

As I watched you walk away

I'm going to miss you

But I'll watch over you

Therefore you know

That I still love you

One day we'll be reunited

And that day, you'll be excited

I hope you wont forget me

Cause I wont forget you

I'll remember all the happy times

We had together

And I hope you do the same

Cause I know I wont forget you

All I'm trying to say

Is good bye, though

The last few hours spent together

were the hardest you ever had

As I watch you walk away

I wish I could neigh

That way you know

I'm going to miss you

And That you wont be alone

Not for long

Cause I know deep inside, you know it's the best

Grieve all you want, I'll do the same

But as I stand for the last couple minutes

I try to look for someone familiar

But Notice no one

And I never got to say

Good Bye

I tried to write this poem as if it was my horse saying it. I couldnt watch him be put down because of how much I loved him. I had started crying when my dad had made the decision about having him put down. I spent the entire time out there by him until the vet showed up. My dad, younger sister and me all couldnt watch him be put down. Jack was a huge part of our lives, and it was extremely hard to move on. I stopped riding horses for a while. Till this day, I find myself thinking about good old Jack, and know that he has a spot in my heart that no horse can ever take. This poem was a school assignment.