The Life of Leana Jones

Today I woke up like any other day, my brother screaming at me to 'Get my lazy ass up'. Me and my brother live alone, he's 21 and I'm 17. Our mum died 2 years ago of cancer and our dad left us when I was 6. My brother looks a lot like our mum, blue eyes, brown hair and a broad back. I look a lot like my dad, brownish black hair, green eyes, pale skin and a petit figure. I'm 5'1 while Jesse, my brother, is 5'10. I got mums highs while Jesse's got dads. Our dad is English while our mum is Brazilian so my brother is quite tanned like her, you wouldn't thing we are related other than our eye shape and noses.

"Leana get your ass up now or I'll drive you to school, in my underwear while putting the Barbie girl song on really loud!" Ugh. Unlike me my brother doesn't get embarrassed. At all. Probably a guy thing.

I get out for my nice comfy bed and drag myself into my bathroom. It's all white with a shower and tub. I strip out of my PJ's and get in the shower and wash my smooth silky hair. My hair and my eyes are the only thing about me I'm proud of. No I would say I'm ugly but I'm not drop dead gorgeous either.

I get out of the shower and put my hair in a bun, I hate blow drying my hair. I walk out of my bathroom to see my best friend molly getting some of my clothes out.

Molly is my best friend, my only friend. She, along with my brother, is the only one who understands me. Molly has long red hair with the palest and clearest skin I have ever seen; she is very slim and has really long legs. To put it bluntly, she's stunning. Sometimes I wonder why she's my friend but then she opens her mouth and it's clear to me.

"Hey Lea, here wear this" she chucks me a pair of black ripped jeans and a cropped blue T-Shirt that says 'If I weren't around then you'll have nobody to push' in black writing. I always wear T-Shirts with sayings on them, it makes me unique. I grab my blue high tops and my bra and untie then run into the bathroom to get changed.

Once I'm changes I out on some black eyeliner and mascara. I can't be asked to put foundation and eyes shadow. After it's all done I head to my room, grab my bag and head down stairs were Jesse and Molly are most likely sucking face. I know Molly likes Jesse and he likes her, it's so bloody obvious. Too bad their both suck awkward goons that cant make the first move.

Once I enter the kitchen I see Molly blushing, putting a tomato in shame and my brother grinning at me. Why does he keep teasing her?

"Morning Lea" Jesse gives me a hug.

"Morning J, whats for breakfast?" I say returning the hug.

"You're going to have to make it, its Monday and I start work in- HOLY! RIGHT NOW! BYE LEA Bye MOO!" My brother shouts running out the house to his black land rover. That idiot is never on time.

"What did he say this time?" I ask molly as I walk past her to get the chocolate milk. I'm a chocoholic, so what? I never get fat from it.

"Nothing, just his usual teasing." Oh. She's so cute when she blushes. He better make a move soon or I'm going to make him.

"Any new stuff I should know about? I have been gone for a year". I moved back to England 6 months after my mum died and only came back last week.

"Oh yeah! We have a new teacher, . He's the new art teacher so you'll probably have him. He's loads of fun and lets us paint and draw whatever we want. He's really cool." She answers. She's 1 year older but we're still in the same class and year.

"It's time for school, let's go" I say as I put my empty glass into the sink and lead Molly to my while land rover.

I'm not one to get nervous over trivial things like going to school but after what happened and the way I left school, no doubt people are going to gossip. I bet it was even in the school newspaper 'Leana has a nervous melt down by the science rooms and kicks teacher' oh god I am not looking forward to this. I pull my car into the student car park.

"Lea, are you ready?" Molly says, that's when I notice I have already parked and am gripping the steering wheel so tightly with my two hands that I start wondering why neither of them has broken yet.

"Yeah Mol, just stay with me, ok?" She nods and we step out of the car. Before I get my foot out though a motorbike drives into the space next to my car and almost runs over my foot. I give a very out of character squeak and bring my foot back into the car.

Right in front of me is a BMW dual-sport red motorbike that looks so clean that it's obviously new.

My eyes travel up to some black combat boots to black loose fitting jeans then to tanned arms that are gripping the handles. Oh my GOD! This guy obviously went to a gym; he had strong biceps (Picture Dwayne Johnson but just a little less muscular in the arms). I continued looking up to see striking silver eyes staring at me. This guy-No- this GOD! Was the most gorgeous thing I have ever laid my eyes on. He has a strong jaw and his facial features were all man, no boy. His hair was closely shaven or he could have just been bold, he had a tattoo on one side of his head going to the back of his neck. (Think the guy from Robin-B-Hood with the tattoo on half his head).

We just kept staring at each other for what seemed like hours but obviously was only a couple of seconds before we heard a very feminine 'ahem'. Molly stood with her hands on her hips giving me a 'we need to go or we'll be late' look.

I then realized what he had done and suddenly all this anger and rage built itself inside me.

"What the fuck! You could have ran me over you prick! Mind where the fuck you're going next time!" I stormed past him and grabbed Molly's arm, dragging her to the school before the bell rang.

His eyes, those grey eyes seemed to pierce into my soul and with just one look he knew what I had seen, who I am.

I mentally shook my head, NOPE! There's no point in thinking about that now. With that thought I continued to drag molly to the front office were I would get my sheet with all my classes on and hopefully none of them would be with .