Leana Jones's schedule:

Math- 8:00 - 9:00

English- 9:05 - 10:05

PE- 10:05 - 11:05

History- 11:10 - 12:10

LUNCH- 12:10 - 12:55

Science- 1:00 - 2:00

Art- 2:00 - 3:00

This is my schedule for the next 8 months, school started 2 months ago. Me and Molly where on our way to math class, i was still steaming over what happened with motorbike guy.

"Lea, please calm down" Molly pulls on my arm to make me stop.

"How can i molly!? that guy almost ran me over and he doesnt even have the decentsy to apologise!" I hate guys like him, thinking that because they are so hot that they don't have to apologise for nearly hurting someone.

"Lea! That guy, his name is Rider. He never apologies for anything, if he talks"

"What do you mean 'If he talks'?" Could he not be able to speak? id feel horrible if that was the case. Here's me going on and on about him not apologising when its possible that he can't-

"He can talk lea! he is just very closed off" Molly said, recognising my worried face.

"oh.. Well lets just stop talking about it! Lets get to maths" Even though i hate maths it's the only thing im good at, that and art.

I grab Molly by the hand and race of to our math class. I havent been here for a while but i still remember where every class is.

"By the way, remember when i was talking about a new teacher? well he's going to be our math teacher" Molly said excitedly. Really, she gets so exited over the smallest of things.

When I opened the math room door i saw the most handsome man i have ever laid my eyes on. Well apart from motorbike guy of course.

This man was around 6 feet tall, he wasnt very muscley like motorbike guy but you could tell he worked out. His hair was a mass of brown wavy hair up to his shoulders, his skin was very tanned and he looked a bit like motorbike guy. He wore a white work shirt and work-like trousers. The first few buttons on his shirt were undone, giving everyone a clear view of his muscular chest.

"Hello Molly, who's your friend? I wasnt told we were having a new student" Mr... I don't even know his name.

" this is Leana Jones, she went here a few years ago but then moved to england" Molly offered him a dazzling smile and pushed me towards him.

"N-Nice to meet you " I stuck my hand out to him and he shook it.

"You to Leana, Sit wherever you like" He then walked towards his desk at the front of the class room.

It was then I realised everyone was staring at me, some looks of pity, some unreadable, but only on pair of eyes caught my attention.

Rider was glaring at me with so much hatred that i just wanted to run out of the classroom and cry. Why did i care what he though? He means nothing to me. I don't even know him.

Molly pulled me to an empty seat next to her near the window and shared her math book with me.

Molly was right, is a great teacher. I never knew maths would be so fun, he made jokes and even talking about stuff to us that didn't even involve maths. It was a great lesson and I regretted leaving, Now it was english.


unfortunately Molly isn't in this class with me. I still have the same teacher i had last year, . The bitch hates me, if you asked me the cow deserved what she got. Who tells a child whose mum has just DIED 'Detention, i gave you homework and i expect you to do it'. I mean really, WHO THE FUCK SAYS THAT?!. Anyway, I called her a cunt and threw a book at her. The bitches nose was broken and i don't regret it, I got suspended obviously but she still deserved it

"Nice to see you again Leana" said, her voice implying the total opposite of what she was saying.

And oh joy! You'll never guess who's in my class? Motorbike guy a.k.a Rider! I don't know what that guys problem is but he keeps sending death glares my way.

If that's not bad enough, (A nickname i call her cuz her name sounds like cowpat), She made me sit next to him. As she drowned on about similes and metaphors i wrote a note to Rider.

Why do you keep staring at me?!

A few seconds later i felt him put the piece of paper in my open hand.

No reason

If you havent got a reason then stop!


fuck off! you could at least apologise for almost running over my foot today.

So crude. Why would i do that princess? you're the one that wasnt watching where you were going


You act like a princess, a spoilt little brat who always gets what she wants

I stared at the note, my eyes were wide and my mouth agape. Is that the impression i gave? Before i could ponder anymore the bell went signaling 3rd period. Rider stood up and with one last glare my way he walked out of the room while i was still rooted to my seat, do i really act like that?

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