Ch. 2

Hank stood at the window and watched Jason drive off, he should be gone all day which would make this phone call easier. He walked over to the cordless phone and without taking it off the reciever he punched in four numbers and looked over at the kitchen wall. A small door popped open just behind the table, it had been the old basement door but he sealed off all entrances to the basement when Jason was a kid. He walked to the door and slid the kitchen table out of the way and opened the door completely. As he crawled into it he shut the door and flipped on the light. There was a few clicks as numerous lights fired up, lighting the way down the stairs and through the basement.

"Just another day at the office." he mumbled as he walked past rows of guns, he had been preparing for the worst for years now and from what his contacts were telling him, the worst was going to happen soon. He sat down in a desk at the corner of the room that had an assortment of paperwork photos and notes. He took out his lap top and typed a code that he had found on his desk and waited as it loaded.

"Hello. Please state your name and number." A recorded female voice stated for probably the one hundredth time.

"Project Timber, serial number two-six." He said mono tone, there was a pause then a small beep.

"Welcome Hank." She said and the screen flickered to life. He scrolled the mouse down to a list of contacts and clicked the contact that said RebLdr. A small box opened up and loaded.

"Nice to see you again Hank." A teenage boy said as the video chat finally loaded completely. The boy had the air of a leader, something extremely rare for a boy his age, probably sixteen or so. "What do you need today?"

"Same to you Turion, and I was hoping for information on anything you guys may know." Hank replied leaning his elbows on the desk as he spoke. He had been keeping tabs on the government seeing as he was part of an experiment.

"Well, we have bad news for you there," he paused as he held the file of a man up in front of the camera. "we have information that this man….. Special Agent Welpinger, Welphinger… penis licker whatever." He said as he started to get frustrated at saying the mans name. "Anyway we have information that he is going live tonight with the announcement that there are menaces throughout communities that have the ability to shape shift into animals. They are highly dangerous, but do not fret, we will have squadrons of highly trained soldiers hunting them down as I speak." He finished falling into the speech as if he were the agent.

"You even got his speech…. Impressive." Hank said as he finished writing down some notes. "I hope you guys are prepared for this." He said looking at Turion.

"We are as prepared as we will ever be, that doesn't mean there wont be casualties unfortunately." He said pausing to look down. "But the few of us there are know what we signed up for." The way he said it there wasn't to many people helping him out. Which there wasn't, there was only twenty-six of these shapeshifters created, and only about five escaped, which could only mean at most there was five or six of them there.

"Good to know, good luck on the upcoming few hours." Hank said nodding to him.

"Thank-you, oh and Hank, we have someone en-route to help Jason if need be, she will be at the abandoned warehouse up the road from you." When he said that Hanks instantly wrote the information down, "Her name is Penny, the challenge will be Who is my favorite baseball player and the proper response is You have none. Be sure he is quick to respond because she will kill him if she thinks he is a threat."

"Ok, if all goes well Jason will be up there within a couple of days." Turion nodded and the screen went black. Hank sighed and slipped all of the notes he had into a manila folder then slipped it into a large envelope and sealed it. He leaned over the desk and searched for an old letter he had written. He attached it to the front and scribbled on the front. 'Only open when you arrive at the warehouse.' Then he leaned back and sighed as he looked at the roof of the basement, probably for the last time he thought