When I woke up I was in the basement of the rental house we lived in. I was tied to a table, which happened any time he planned on cutting me. But what really scared me was Lily, who was in the same position as I was only across the room on a different table.

"Cain!" She yelled. "Help!"

She was terrified and to tell the truth I was too. Not that I would ever let her know that I had to be strong so I wouldn't frighten her more. "Shh, Lily it's okay. Everything is going to be okay." I said softly trying to calm her down.

"Shut the hell up! Both of you!" My step-father roared as he clomped down the stairs, Lily began to cry harder, as he made his way toward us. He was angry that much was obvious and I really didn't want to know why. What I did want to know was what he was planning to do to Lily.

"What are you doing?" I asked, hoping he wouldn't hurt her. Instead of responding to me he ignored me and walk straight up to Lily. Walking around the table to stand on the opposite side of me so that he wasn't blocking my view. Then I saw the gleam of the knife that I had been worried about. "Don't touch her!" I shouted, frantically pulling at the ropes that held my hands captive.

"Shut the hell up! If you keep talking I'll hurt her more than I already intend to. If you're quiet maybe I'll be nice." He said with a sick grin that put my heart in my throat. I wanted to yell at him to get him away from her but I was afraid he'd hurt her worse and I really didn't want that.

Lily began to cry as her ripped her shirt off, luckily he had never shown any sexual interest in either of us, he hated us and wanted to touch us as little as possible. But slowly after he had cut most of the bottom half of her shirt off he stopped. Then she whimpered as the knife made contact with her skin, then letting out a gasp as it cut. All the while I had to bite my tongue so hard that it bled because I didn't want her to get hurt more because of me. My wrists were slick with my own blood from pull at them trying to get loose.

She was full out crying now, I couldn't see the cuts but I knew from personal experience how much they hurt. While I was laying there all I could think about was how this was my fault. How if I had taken her away she would have never had to go through this. My own emotions where so out of control that by the time he moved to her other side everything I saw was hazed red. I also hadn't realized how much pressure I was putting on my wrists trying to get free both my hands were beginning to go numb although at that put I didn't care. I was supposed to protest her but I couldn't. It was then that I realized she had gone very, very quiet.

"Lily?" I said she gave no reply. That was when I started screaming, I was hysterical. I pulled on my bindings so much that blood was running down my arms and feet making them slick with my blood. I finally pulled so hard on my wrists that they came free. I untied my ankles as best I could going silent in concentration, trying to get free before my step-father noticed. When I managed to free myself I jumped off the table and ran over to where he was standing, with his back to me, faster than I would have thought possible. I hit him in the back of the head trying to kill him at that point I was so angry. He fell and because he was drunk was slow to react, so before he could do anything I had kicked him in the head enough times to knock him out. Then I grabbed the knife and cut Lily's bound hands and feet. She was so pale and cold, that she didn't even look like herself. Then I stood there holder her and I wept, and wept. Nothing mattered accepted that the only person I really considered family was dead.

After what felt like hours of sitting there holding Lily and weeping, but I believe was only a few minutes, my brain and emotions stopped working. I wasn't thinking, I couldn't feel the pain I knew was there, I just let my body do what felt right. I remember walking upstairs and realizing I had to leave, that I was never coming back again. I went to the room Lily and I had shared, packed everything I could into a duffel bag and left.

I wasn't thinking about where to go, I just followed my body I felt like I was being pulled towards the woods. I felt like I had to get away from where I was, I had to run. I ran for a while the pull never leaving but after a couple hours I felt like I was far enough away I could slow down. I stopped, looked around to see if I could get a general idea of where I was. I could just barely see the subtle moon light floating down from the canopy above. Everything was a very dark green or brown. It was all very disorienting; I sat down to catch my breath and everything I had been running from hit me. My emotion hit me like a train taking the last of my breath I hadn't just used running.

I was s incredibly sad and at the same time more murderously anger than I had ever been in my entire life. I felt like I was going to explode from all the different emotions running through me at the same time. My whole body started trembling I ached all over. I was in that moment one hundred percent sure I was dying. My body was shaking so hard that I had to put my hands on the ground to keep myself stable and I began convulsing. I was sweating and freezing at the same time and my whole body was on fire. I began vomiting while still convulsing and cramping everywhere. Then it began to move through my body all the pain was centered on my hands and face, slowly moving its way up my arms and along my back burning everything in its path.