Chapter 1

The portal stood in front of me. I was the last in a group of 4 to leave my home. To travel to this new world. A world with beings similar to us. They spoke the same languages, looked the same, even breathed the same air. Unfortunately that was where the similarities ended. Theirs was a world built on the ground, where they tried their hardest to claim or destroy everything natural. Their world was a place of greed. It was a place with no wings. These... humans lived their entire life on the ground, and only discovered flight within the last 100 years. Not that it could have been called flight, it was more of a mockery of the wondrous sky dancing I had grown up loving. No, their version of flight was a direct representation of their culture. It was not dancing with the air currents, and soaring with the winds, but ripping through the sky, controlling it, destroying it.

So brought the question as to what could drive me from my beautiful world to this strange place... well... curiosity. A new world had been discovered and I wanted to see what it was like. The stories made this place sound so different. The cities were built of metal and glass instead of clouds like my home. These didn't really interest me as much as their sky. Imagine a world above where they lived that had been barely explored. They claimed they had achieved flight by their "technology." But the sky was still large and unexplored, for they had yet to begin construction with the clouds. This vast area was mine and mine alone to fly.

The others that had gone through the portal were all old. Men and women who had gone to act as ambassadors, and establish a connection between our two species. Me? I was the first to be accepted into one of their "schools." It was a University, aimed at higher education. I breezed through my education back at home, graduated flight school within a month of being enrolled. Turns out it's really hard to teach a student how to fly when they are already a better flier than you.

I was a sort of experiment. The human's government and our Elders wanted to see how a younger member of my species would fit in there.

The portal still stood in front of me. Not some grand thing like you would expect, in fact, it would be almost impossible to tell it was there had it not been for the barley visible rippling edges of the portal, distorting the clouds behind it. I took a deep breath and stepped forward.

(24 hours later)

"And here is your room!" The extremely cheery hall leader told me as he held open the door for me. A lot had happened since stepping through the portal. I had arrived with only the clothes on my back. Upon arrival, they had given me a bag and required that I change into more... suitable clothing. Heavy pants called jeans. Foot coverings, and a "shirt" with large slits in the back for my wings. It was rather awkward wearing all this. Winged men wore only shorts for decency. The women wore shorts and a chest covering. That was all we needed. Foot coverings didn't make since when we walked on clouds and flew everywhere. Our bodies were naturally resistant to the cold from living our whole lives at high altitude.

The room was small. I stretched out my bright white wings, but could not go all the way before my 17 foot wing span hit the walls on either side. The government had set me up with all that I would need... According to them. The room had a bed, dresser, and a window that had this wire mesh over it... That would be the first to go. On my desk was a piece of plastic called a credit card and a shiny metal rectangle called the internet... or a laptop... or a microsoft. Honestly I had no idea what it was, we had no need for it back home.

A knock at the door, and in came a rather bored looking human with black hair and dark colored skin. He scanned his side of the room before his eyes came to a rest on me, one eyebrow raised. Oh right. I had taken off my shirt and foot cover things, probably not the best first impression. This was not good at all, time to rectify the situation. "Hi Human!" I said with a grin.

The human chocked back a snort. "Getting high on your first day? Wow it's going to be a long year." He sighed and threw his bags on his bed.

"...No, I'm not quite airborne yet." I responded rather flustered. I turned my back to him and hoped up onto my bed. "Are all of your clouds here this stiff?" I was starting to get worried. I didn't know if the bed was made of stale air, or if the clouds in this world were made of a different material.

The human had turned around at the mention of not being airborne. "The hell are you talking abo-." Had I known anything about the physiology of the human body, I might have gotten worried at how large his eyes became when they caught sight of my back.

The eyes stayed unblinking. Still larger than what should be visibly possible. It was a rather freakish sight and my feathers started to ruffle.

"Uh, do you plan on blinking... or for that matter, breathing anytime soon? It's kind of freaking me out?"

A short laugh escaped his mouth. "I! I am freaking YOU out? You have wings!"

"And YOU have crazy eyes!"

We were both silent for a moment. He turned back around and started unpacking, all the while muttering things about featherbrain and regular size eyes and stupid bird kid. He turned back around.

"How long have you been on Earth anyways?"

"This is my first day... How long have you been on Earth?" I asked, trying to get a conversation going.

"Um, my entire life. My God this is going to be a long year. Do you even have a name, or should I just call you featherbrain?"

"No, Feather works just fine."

A note from Forfrysning

Not my best writing. It will get a lot better. I have a lot of the story planned out, just not the beginning, so yeah.

The name of the main character is Feather. (I couldn't think of a better name for someone with wings)

Just a side note, this story has nothing to do with my other story Wings, aside from both of them being about the gift of flight.

I promise it will get better!

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