Chapter 1

Around the room in desperation, I stare. All that reaches my eyes are bookshelves, stacks of paperwork, and tiny piles of dead cockroaches, all against faded, intricate wallpaper that is peeling off at the corners. Sounds appetising. Not to mention the many annoying little lasers surrounding me trapped. It's even worse when you can't just walk through them, and they do mind-blowing damage to your head, which feels like a ton of bricks has just landed on them. A pleasurable pastime. They need to, anyway. Those people really have no idea what they've unknowingly put themselves into, capturing me. Never mind, better not think about that. Those people can just read people, like that.

Jonin, a mean guard that makes an ordinary child shiver like a Polaroid picture, comes in right at that moment and spins on his heel and gives me his usual lovely gift of cold, grey eyes, and a face as hard as the Caratess Statues. Half the time, they are tinged with red in the irises.

"Don't you move, young missy. I've eyes at the back of me head."

I smiled smugly. All of my people knew that about him. He's as popular as Van Gogh in the group. Ha! As if.

"Suppose you'll shoot me dead if I escape and run around, screaming like a lunatic, then." I replied, readying myself.

Jonin's face went even harder. God, it would crack at this rate.

"Shut it." He snarled.

"Oh, sarcasm isn't your forte, then?"

He stormed out, face so furrowed it was almost unrecognisable. I just laughed and laughed. He is incredibly stupid for his age. He can't afford to be stupid, especially now.

Taking my backpack and putting it in front of me, I grin as I delve deep. Another guard, Grios, watches me intently as I try to find my weapon, the CLAWEL. I grin even more. Outside, my bag was like that of a little girl's, about that of seven. However, inside was a different story. As I'm finding my CLAWEL, I mentally check that I've got everything. SANWEDI, my hacker USB. Check. HYRUNO, my tailor-modified AK-47. Check. GHYRL, my diary in strict code. Check. Finally, I find my CLAWEL, my light beam shield that cuts through anything. Check.

"Hey, what are you doing with a CLAWEL, runt?"

I turn on my heel, playing Grios at his own game. Grios snarled. He finally shape shifted back into his original alter-ego, Jonin.

"God damn it, missus!" He raves in irritation.

"Don't think small packages equal small things, Jonin. Everything has potential Welyn power." I answered in a-matter-of-fact manner.

"How d'you know about Welyn power?"

"Do you want the long story or the short story?" I questioned him.

"Err..." He was gormless until he responded back, his voice tinged with suspicion. "Short story."

"I just do."

I pointed my CLAWEL up to him, slitting his throat with the beam emitted from it, and saw the thick burgundy liquid emerge from the wound, and also shattering the surrounding lasers. I flicked out my GHYRL, writing my report fluently in code.

"Mission not complete, Agent Herife." A voice cackled behind me.

Turning round, towering above me was the main boss, Supervisor Mittell. Even though he was my boss, I absolutely loathed him. He was new, since the old Supervisor, Ihlore, was assassinated in her own office, right next to the police station. Ironically, the police never caught the murderer. Typical. I admired her, as well.

"How did you find me, Supervisor?"

"Easy. We've got the new technology in. We managed to S.F.E. you, which means Search and Find and Enrol."

"Oh. Interesting and fascinating."

"I have been sent to you by Superintendent Juresad, who has important news to deliver to you specifically."

I gasp in genuine excitement, whilst containing my happiness at the same time. Juresad was one of the top people at the Myusod Universal Department, or M.U.D., for short.

"Ok, Supervisor. Where shall I report?"

"Next report at Gerdwest, please. There is a gift waiting for you there as well as meeting Juresad."

"Thank you."

"You are very welcome, Herife. I must leave, to attend a meeting."

And in that instant, Supervisor Mittell disappeared, leaving a flurry of nature-themed twinkles and green and blue light beams behind. To me, he had a most spectacular entrance for a very personality-bleak man.

I decided to go back to Gerdwest. It was always best to be somewhere recognisable. I ran around the entire derelict building, trying to break open several doors with my HYRUNO, but nothing worked. Eventually, I clambered through a small, broken window, resulting in sharp-stinging light cuts all over my body. One advantage about my size is that I can reach several places that other agents cannot reach. On the odd case, this can determine whether the case is closed or cold.

Once I had treated to my cuts, I struggled over to a large section of the forest enclosing the derelict building, which turned out to be a house, to rest beneath the canopy of the overhanging trees. The forest was an oxymoron with the building; the forest of Gerdwest was full of life with the birds singing tunes of the legends and colourful plants standing tall, whereas the derelict house was essentially dead; it was a dark colour, and a unnerving, stuffy atmosphere hung over the roof. Quite a place for one to sightsee.

I quickly look around the forest. Ever since I started at M.U.D., I'd been taught to scan large areas and look for details at the same time. Fortunately, this had saved my fate very many a time.

I stopped scanning as I noticed another derelict building. This time, it was a much damaged gothic-style cathedral, with only slithers of stained glass left clinging to the frame. The brickwork was also very intricate, much like that of the wallpaper in the house. My arising fears twisted a knot in my stomach. Although I was only 7 and had an incredibly high IQ of four hundred and was a Universal Hazard, my human instincts were still that of my age. My teeth started chattering.

Oh, this is stupid, I thought, and braced myself to go and explore the cathedral.

I stepped inside, and what I saw was so creepy, but enthralling at the same time. It looked like an ancient cathedral on the outside, but inside was like that of inside a spaceship from Star Trek. There were several pieces of equipment that were strange to me. On the curved shelves, there were several folders of blueprints, in such detail it was impossible to actually understand it.

This would certainly cause hype in M.U.D., I thought excitedly.

I therefore began collecting some of the blueprints off the shelf. As I checked each and every one of them, I had noticed something. All of them were exactly the same! I checked and checked over and over to make sure that there was a genuine one, but all seemed genuine. There were no fakes at all.

What's confusing is that someone could potentially steal these plans and steal their technology and idea, I confusingly thought, why would anyone do that?

Half an hour later, the whole ship was cleared. I had five M.U.D. transparent bags marked 'EVIDENCE' bulging to the brim, and a finally calm head.

Easier said than done, I thought.

"Yes, easier said than done, indeed."