Chapter 3

Next morning, I saw Agent Herife. She was in Myusod Grande Hospital, in intensive care, struggling to cope with her life. I was only allowed to see her after the operation, in which she had a brain transplant. A brain transplant is where two brains are swapped and the new brain gets injected with the original brain's memories and mannerisms.

Two days later, I braced myself for something terrible to lie on that hospital bed. When Agent Herife had been shot, she had a horrendous reaction to the HYRUNO plasma bullets. Her skin started bubbling, and she began to become afraid of water. Her eyes became that of a 7 year old, and she began crying as well, which really softened the icicles in my heart.

Eventually, I walked into the room. I got the loveliest surprise that completely made my day. Agent Sandra Herife was walking about, picking up shapes and identifying them, looking as healthy as ever. I walked up to the nurse, named Guirdes.

"Hello, I am Jurel Herdsa-Forrel, the cousin of Sandra Herife." I introduced, sneakily lying.

Agent Herife looked up at me, and smiled what was one to be one of her rarer smiles. Her brown irises glittered in the dewy, youthful sunlight, and her face blossomed like a newborn flower.

"Jurel!" she whispered, running up to me.

She leapt at me, and she cuddled me. I gently ruffled her gingery hair, heavy relief going through a sigh. She was safe; so safe. She eventually stopped hugging me, and asked me girlishly:

"Can we go now, Jewy-Wewy?"

"We've got to ask the nurse first, Sandy."

"Okey-dokey." She bounded over to Guirdes, and asked her. She replied with a sincere nod.

"Thank you." She finally complimented Guirdes.

As we went down the hospital aisle, towards the lift, she had a straight face, turning into Agent Herife again. I could see why Herife had a straight face; the hospital stank of blood, and I no longer felt it was safe for the both of us to stay here. There was no cleaning equipment or doctors around; it had instantly turned into a set from a horror movie.

Agent Herife was very worried, as well. She paced around nervously, with her HYRUNO by her side, as well as her CLAWEL in her right hand. Her little eyes darted back and forward, and her bottom lip stuck out profusely. Soon, she looked up at me.

"Jurel, why is there no-one around?" she questioned, obviously hiding her fear.

"Don't ask me anything. I only came to collect you."

"Personally...I think that nurse was very freaky. The way she looked at me; she wanted to suck my blood and eat me, almost."

"O.K. You really describe things in detail, don't you?"

"Yeah, you get used to looking at gore and describing it in your GHYRL."

Trying very hard not to, I looked around on the walls. There were lots of blood spatter and other bodily fluid stains strewn across the wall. I forced myself to look down.

" you know what happened after I got in a coma?"

I looked up at her. I was dreading the moment she would ask me that question, because after her being knocked unconscious, things turned for the worse.

"Yeah...Superintendent Juresad stopped shooting after he finally realised that he'd shot you. Took him long enough. So, after that, Mittell and Juresad came down from their offices, and had, let's say...a little chat with me."

"What little chat?"

"Well, you asked for the was more like beating me up and cursing at me more than talking, Herife."

She was completely horrified.

"Supervisor Mittell would never be violent towards anyone! I mean, they live by our motto: ' ' – live and let fly, and never die."

"Well, he was, and you've got to accept that."

She looked back at me, with a look on her face I had never seen before.

"Jurel Herdsa-Forrel. You have absolutely no idea."

"Actually, I do."

"In what way?"

Looking down at her, putting on my most serious face, I explained;

"I need to explain elsewhere. I need to tell you the story of the Specias and the Myusod."

Just at that time, a huge roar echoed through the aisle, and a huge crashing sound followed. In the room where Agent Herife was treated, a gargantuan writhing creature squealed before us. It was sea blue and incredibly shiny, like it had just been washed, and was the shape of an uncooked big sausage-coelacanth. The creature had tiny little dorsal fins dotted all over its' body. Furthermore, it had a mammoth swimming tail the length of a London Tube Train.

"Live and let fly, and never die." Agent Herife murmured next to me.

A huge wave of water erupted from its' mouth, and we both screamed and ran to the lift, where we desperately pressed the 'Call' button repeatedly.

"Oh, come on!" Herife talked to the button in frustration. Every wiggle, every roll, every second, the coelacanth-sausage monster groaned and rolled toward us.

Agent Herife yelled back to me, "Jurel, this is my life!" failing to bring a little humour to the situation.

"Sandra – the lift door!" I gestured to the lift.

She turned around, and squealed in delight.

"Thank you, Lord!"

We both swam to the lift, as the whole aisle was submerged in water. We swam in, but the lift wouldn't close properly.

"Oh, please! Please not this!" Herife screamed.

"Come on, really?" I yelled.

We were tugging each of the lift doors, Agent Herife on the left, me on the right. We daren't looked up, as we both knew what was to be above us. Luckily, the inner door closed first, and the hideous monster began crashing against the door. We both held our breaths as the doors weakened with every hit, leaving a scar of a dent behind. The doors eventually collapsed, and I screamed and looked away, knowing my life would end. Herife had done the same.

"Wow – what a way to end life." I muttered as the mutated coelacanth raised onto its tail and shrieked in anger, since a sharp part of a bed made a wound and cut a dorsal fin in half.

Just as the coelacanth mutant was about to squash us, the entire lift collapsed, as well as the whole of the left wing of the hospital. Tonnes of cement and hard work fell like leaves around us as we skydived towards the ground. I grabbed Herife and whispered:

"Get ready!"

Before Agent Herife had time to reply, I ripped out a parachute and activated it. We were trying to dodge the little bits of dust and debris fluttering from the sky as we glided to the damaged right wing of Myusod Grande Hospital. I looked all around me, and I saw such a beautiful view of Myusod; I had never experienced its' beauty before, nevertheless, as always, it was spoilt by the scene of several police cars and ambulances, as well as the international press. After they looked at the right wing, both me and Herife were safe inside, resting and thanking fate.

"Oh. My. God." She whispered as we let the adrenaline rush through us.

"Yeah. Sure, that was a close call!"

"We'll have to get our back on Juresad, though!"


"Jurel – I keep having this niggling feeling that Juresad has something to do with the hijacking and the hospital accident right now. What aren't you telling me?"

Silence followed.

"Okay. I'll tell you. One day. It's not convenient now though – look outside."

Peering through a small hole, we both saw a flurry of hyped people and reporters on the scene. They were making all sorts of details up and they were sensationalising it as well. I looked out of the massive gap where the wings were ripped apart.

"Herife, where's the coelacanth-sausage?" I enquired.

She glanced up, and she nodded with a look of confusion and concern on her face as well.

"I have absolutely no idea. Maybe we were imagining it?"

I stayed quiet. I hadn't a clue what was going on.

"Agent Herife – I have an idea. I think we should both stay up until dusk, then go to sleep, then in the morning, we'll somehow get down, explain the situation, and investigate. Clear?"

"Yes sir." She replied, looking out.