Seasonal Worker for Hire

By Fujimi (不死身)

I am a replacement
I fill in the temporary role
For whoever you wish would be next to you
I can play the part while you anxiously wait for your reunion
For when you again meet with your special ones

I can be the beat in-between spaces
Existing independent of these shadows of
People who bring so much more
Meaning, excitement, joy, happiness
Into your life is fine with me

Belittle me with tales of personalities I can never possess
Traits I will never exhibit
I'll be the substitute friend, the second-best child
The less-than-perfect being

It is a role of existence that is most comforting
A barrier of outstretched arms liberating my echoing heart
No need to grow attached when I'll soon be forgotten
Soon pushed aside for bigger places, better people

So let not a whisper of guilt pull listlessly at the strings within your heart
When the time comes to push my presence into the
Murky depths of things long due for banishment
I will play this role for you, my dear ones
Forbearance is worth another moment of
Finding a grain of sanity in your ever-waiting soul

In the moments I am real to you — a shadow who's been
pulled up through the darkness and allowed to bask in a
Brief instance of what it means to be alive —
It is in these moments I find within myself a silent and
Steady arrangement of melodic bursts of true joy and
The repeating thought of how happy I am to be alive

So while I exist for you in this time as a replacement
Not yet replaced, I learn how to live truly