You and Me is You

By Fujimi (不死身)

It's amazing how quickly
Relations you thought were shattered beyond repair
Can be mended through strength of mind
Through these meaningless words
Uttered from useless lips

I can be everything they want me to be
But I'll set those limitations myself
I can't be anything more than I am
And they'll push and pull me as they please

Communication is essential for social development
Yet there must be something beyond these mere
Manipulations of the tongue that connects one being
To another's plight, another's world inside of themselves
We live on different planes of existence, but
I'll try to understand and empathize with you the best I can

After all, I can be no more and no less than the
Limitations I set upon my own space of living,
My own drops of atoms upon this cloud of endless continuum

Allow me to enter you and I'll revolve as the sun does in orbit
(Who am I to deny the past?)
Clinging and laughing, molding and running
I'll live within your expectations the way I please

友達の変わりものだ We must co-exist
I mustn't give into despair, into longing, into the abyss
Live for yourself and repair each severed relation
With this formless glue endlessly sprouting from unlearned mouths

Look up at the trees and contemplate meaning
But don't look down at the dirt and visualize your death
Revolve around being everything they expect from you
Orbit around the sun — never too close to burn
Never too far to freeze

Stare blankly past the invisible walls of this eternal world