The Past


I don't know what it is

But what I do know

Is that it's here

It's now

And it's passing me by

My life has gone so fast

One moment I'm on the playground

The next I'm in the jungle that is high school

It's scary to think about

To think about how much I've missed out on

And it's sad to know

To know that I can never get those moments back

What happened to my life?

What made it go by so fast?

Why did I let it?

I can't reclaim what has been lost

Because the lost has become but a memory

A memory I hold on to

So dear to me

But I know that is all I'll ever have

Never anything substantial

And as more time passes

Those memories might even slip through my grasp

And they will be gone forever

I don't know if I'll be able to handle that

Losing what kept me sane for all these years

The memories that make me smile

And reminisce

A time when I didn't live in fear

In fear of losing what I hold dear

But I'm still lost within the past

And I can't seem to find my way out

And sometimes, just sometimes

I don't want a way out

Because the past is a much happier place

But then it warps and twists

It shows all my mistakes

And reminds me that not all my memories are good

Some are bad

Some are terrible

Some are so devastating that they break the illusion of my happy memories

I'm pulled back to reality

And I cry

Cry for what I've lost

But there's always hope

It's scary to know but

The future holds more memories to make

It's sad to know but

Not all the memories will be good

But they will come

And they will pass

And I just have to learn

Learn to let go of the past

A poem about living in the past and learning to let go. Hope someone likes it.