I push myself farther into the corner as he looks at me. I wish that I could just push myself through the wall. I want to get out of this Hellhole and live in peace. I squeeze my eyes tight as he walks over to me. The sound of his footsteps getting louder and louder chills me to the bone. I wrap my arms around my knees and slowly open my eyes. The man is in front of me now. He kneels down to my level and says, maliciously, "You're next". I gulp and start thinking of the things that might happen to me.

He grabs me by the arm and yanks me up. He leads me to an old wooden door. The door squeaks as the man opens it. His grip on my wrist tightens as he pulls me into the dark room. When the door's shut, the man and I are surrounded by darkness. I wonder what he's planning to do to me. Hopefully he'll end my suffering quickly by killing me. I want to die right now. I don't want to have to go through any kind of pain. I want this all to be over.

The man turns on the light and it takes me awhile to adjust my eyes to the sudden brightness that's coming down on me. The first thing I see after my vision returns to normal are blood-covered corpses lying all over the floors. One of them has very severed arms and legs, along with choking-marks on its neck. Another has lots of bruises and no head, while the one next to it has its stomach cut open with some of its organs spilling out. I recognize the actual stomach, the liver, and the intestines. The other 2 corpses have similar wounds to the other 3, which means that it's possible I'll end up like one of them.

I feel like I'm going to throw up but I don't. I turn around and see the man holding a bloody knife in his hand. His eyes are lifeless and his smile is frightening. He narrows his hollow eyes, although his creepy smile never leaves his face. As he walks towards me menacingly, he says, "It's timeā€¦"

Just when my friend thought life couldn't get any worse, it did. For the past several days, she has been nothing but grouchy and rude, although you can't really blame her. 4 days ago, she sprained her wrist by falling out of a tree, because she had landed weirdly. The day after that, she found out that she had lice, which is why she has to wear her hair in a ponytail from now on instead of letting it down like she usually does. The day after that, her parents had told her that they were getting a divorce. She told me that the only good thing that came out of that was that she'll be living with her mother here, which means that she'll still go to school with me. Yesterday, she missed the bus, causing her to have to walk to school, and that, while doing so, a hobo dumped a plastic bag of garbage onto her. She had been lucky to get the stains out, although the smell stayed, even after she sprayed some perfume on. Then, this morning, she learned that her very old beagle, whose stomach drags on ground, had died.

"Don't worry, everything will get better soon," I say, trying to cheer her up as we walk down the hallway towards history class.

She frowns. "When's soon, Lai?"

"Soon is soon, Nina," I reply, smiling.

When we get to the door that leads to our history class, we stop talking. Inside the classroom are 5 rows of 6 seats, a bookshelf in the corner, and the teacher's desk in one of the corners of the room. On the wall that all the desks face is a chalkboard and an Eno Board. On the wall that's opposite of the door is a giant window with burgundy-colored curtains that are pulled back, revealing the sun that's shining through. On the back wall are a bunch of posters of sayings like "Do your best" and "Work hard", along with some football posters, since our history teacher, Mr. White, is a big fan of football.

I sit in the 5th row in the 3rd seat, while Nina sits next to me in the 4th seat, which means that, if we are talking, Mr. White will most likely not notice.

Nina and I sit down in our seats. Some of the other students that were in the room before us do the same. A group of students enter the classroom. They sit down in their seats, too, and start talking to the people around them. I want to talk to Nina, but I know that she'll just be a drag. She's not happy right now, and when she's not very fun to talk to when she's mad. I look at her and see her writing in her black and white spiral notebook. She has this one rainbow-colored spiral notebook that's filled with the notes we have had. She loves to pass notes with me in class, and when she does, she uses that notebook to secretly hand to me any of our teachers aren't looking, so we can have conversations with each other during class without actually talking.

While Mr. White is explaining how we need to get ready for 8th grade, even though it's only the beginning of the 3rd quarter, I feel a light tap on my arm. I turn my head and see Nina holding the rainbow notebook slightly out from under her desk, telling me that I need to take it from her and read what she has written in it. When Mr. White turns around to face the Eno Board, I quickly take the notebook out of Nina's hand and set it on my desk. I skip through the pages that are already filled with conversations, trying to find the one Nina had just started on. When I find a page that only has one sentence on it, I stop turning the pages and look at what the note says.

Have you heard about the murders yet?

I raise an eyebrow in confusion. What murders was she talking about? I haven't heard anything about any murders. I guess that makes sense, though, since she's the one who likes to watch the news in the mornings and at night, while I'm not into TV that much.

What murders?

After I write my reply down, I secretly hand back the notebook. Nina reads what I have written down and then writes down her answer. She sets the notebook under her desk and the kicks it towards mine. I pick it up and look at it.

The 5 murders that have happened all over Japan.

We go back and forth between writing in the notebook. By the end of class, I have learned that there have been 5 murders around our hometown, Ibaraki. All of the victims have been adults, but, unfortunately, none of them have been found yet. If the murderer had also targeted kids, I'd be scared, but since he has only killed adults, I'm not as worried as I should be. I know that Nina isn't scared, either. It takes a lot to scare her.

I guess that, since the murderer is only an adult-killer, Nina and I, along with all of the other kids and teens, don't have anything to worry about.

A/N: Hey, everybody! I hope this was a good story so far. Anyway, I'd like to tell you guys something: the part that's in the italics at the beginning is a part from the future XD