Family In The Shadows

Chapter One: The Art of Con and Intro to My Life

Papa's busy again. On the phone making calls and too busy as usual to talk to his own daughter about anything she likes. That daughter's me, Elena Mendez in case you guys haven't guessed by now. It's ok with me, I'm listening to some Venezuelan rock bands on my laptop while lying in bed with my feet up, my Clark Kent like glasses fixed on the screen as I push a train of loose dark brown hair dangling from my bun. Anyway the bands keep my mind occupied for the most part, and am relieved that the bands don't really sing much about beauty pageants, baseball, or anything else that's typically associated with us. It's bad enough my older sister Maria Teresa never shuts up about how she's going to be the next Miss World or Miss Universe.

''Aliens make more sense as Miss Universe contestants than humans.'' I said to her while she was in my room, modeling her red white flowered bikini for her summer beach party. Then again, there's pretty much always a summer beach party in Florida so they've lost any kind of special meaning to me.

''Why do you have to say weird stuff like that? No wonder you don't have a lot of friends.'' said Maria Teresa.

''I have enough friends.'' I replied while mumbling to myself ''Que gafa.''

''You know what your problem is? You think too much about what our papa does for a living. It wouldn't kill you to deny reality.'' she said before leaving the room.

I took myself away from the laptop and lied down on the bed, sighing heavily. She was right, it wouldn't kill me to deny the reality of what my father was doing. However, by not admitting my father was who he was, would not be living at all. At least not anything real.

My name is Elena Mendez and my dad's a con-artist. There I said it.