Arisu sneaks into her house,

"Were have you been!" Markus shouts from the living room.

"Out," Arisu replies

"Where did you get those bruises?" Markus reacts looking at Arisu up and down.

"I'd rather not say," Arisu anwers, "And you'd be better off not knowing."

"Ugh, Know you," Markus stops him self.

"Look, I'm soar and I'm tired can we finish this tomorrow," Arisu cracks her neck as she walks up stairs.

"Very well young lady," Markus snaps.

Arisu laughs,

*Cha kick*

That sound wakes Arisu from her sleep. She turns around to see a shot gun pointed at her face and makes a sigh, "My old enemy... shot gun," Arisu remarks.

"Go down stairs," a man in a ski mask orders.

"Do I have an option?" Arisu raises her hands.

Down stairs there where to two masked woman holding Markus hostage.

"We have your daughter," The man tells Markus.

"Why? Just why do I have all the luck," Arisu complains.

"Arisu, not now," Markus snaps.

"Do you want to know what this week been like for me?" Arisu snaps back.

Arisu gets knock in the back of the head. A sign from the gun man to shut up.

"What do you want from us?" Markus asks.

"We want you to bring us some data from the Viral Medical building," The man tells Markus.

"What data are you looking for?" Markus wonders.

"Let us in and we'll get it our selves," The man replied.

"That's impossible," Markus snaps, "Arm men can't just…"

"You got that giant in your lab somehow," The mask man snaps.

"Okay, there's a large shaft for transporting living subjects," Makus replied, "Once you get past the check point."

"Then get us past that check point," The man smiles.

Markus drives up to a check point. He shows the guard his ID and the guard waves him through. Markus drives over to a set of metal doors in the back of the parking lot.

"There are no cameras over here," Markus speaks out as he opens the doors, "Sometimes the company ships things that they don't want documented."

"Good," The man and one of the women crawls out from under the back seat, "Peach, take her in."

The other woman flies over the gate with Arisu in her arms.

"Was taking my daughter with us necessary?" Markus asks.

"Time will tell," the man replied.

"You want my option," Arisu smirks, "Buddy you guys are making a big mistake."

The group enters the tunnel, They walk a couple thousand feet before hitting another pair of doors.

"And this is my lab," Markus states as he opens the door. The first part of the lab was an open area with a few cells that held mutated animals and zombies. One large cage had Whit'e chained up. In the back there where offices what the gun men entered. One of the gun men hacked into the computer as another started picking up papers. The third, one of the woman watched Markus and Arisu.

"How do you operate the cages?" She orders.

"That remote," Markus points at a box connected to a cord hanging from the ceiling.

Arisu suddenly dashes for the remote. The woman aims her gun at her but Markus jumps her. Arisu pushed the red button and quickly smashes the remote against the wall. The woman knocks Markus back and aims at Arisu again. Arisu holds her hands in the air.

"What did you do!" The woman shouts.

"I think… I just killed us all?" Arisu questions herself.

"Shit!" The woman turns in the direction of the others, "Mario, Peach we need to move out now!"

"Ally that wasn't cool they were just going to lock us up," Markus snaps.

"Can we talk about this later" Arisu asks, "Maybe run for our lives?"

Arisu and Markus runs off. The woman fires hitting Markus in the leg as a zombie tackles her from behind. She screams then stretches out her arm another foot and a half knocking it back. Finally she shoots it with her shot gun.

"Toadie what happen?" Mario shouts.

"Like I said we need to go now," Toadie shouts pulling off her mask revealing a woman with very long red hair.

Markus leans on Arisu. She puts him down near one of the cages.

"Are you going to be okay?" Arisu asks.

"I've been shot!" Markus shouts.

"Okay stupid question," Arisu shrugs. She feels hot air down her neck. Looks up to find Whit'e staring down at her. "I'm going to have to run now."

"Ahhhh!" Arisu runs past the three gun men. Soon the ground shakes and they see Whit'e chasing after her.

Mario take off his mask revealing a young man with brown hair, "This has all gone to crap," He marks shooting another zombie.

"Well let's get out of here," Peach shouts taking off her mask to reveal a woman with long brown hair.

"Agreed," Mario replied.

A couple of beast called Sundog jump in front of them. Four legged creatures with bodies shaped like large dog or panther. The bottom jaw was split in two and the face was all puffed up making them look alien.

Mario kicks the thing with his foot and it's head, neck and spine snaps. The three opens the freight doors and run down the tunnel. Arisu spots them leave and turn to chase after them almost getting hit by the falling fist of Whit'e. A Sun Dog jumps on Whit'e. He grabs it and smashes the thing against the ground.

Arisu soon catches up and leaps over the three gun men. "Hope you had a good life," She remarks.

Mario gives a curious look, He turns around to see Whit'e barreling down the hallway. "Stick to the sides he orders.

Mario and Peach hug the sides of the tunnel. Toadie on the other hand gets stepped on. Mario and Peach look down at the flattened girl with a big foot print in the middle of her back.

"That's got to hurt," Mario remarks.

Toadie takes in a large gulp of air then closes her mouth, held her nose and try to force the air out her lungs. She pops back into shape.

"Are you okay?" Peach asks.

"Yeah, I think the stitching on my clothes ripped," Toadie stumbles as she stands. Both Mario and Peach put her on their shoulders.

Arisu sees the doors at the end of the tunnel. She jumps up in the air and rams them with her shoulder. She is bounce back to the ground landing on her butt.

"Ow," Arisu rubs her shoulder. She quickly ducks as Whit'e crashes into the doors. They snap open and Whit'e keeps running.

"Boy really wanted out," Arisu remarks.

The gun men came limping up. Peach aims her gun at Arisu

"Do you really want to take me on after seeing this cluster I caused?" Arisu asks holding up her hands.

"She's right," Mario pushes Peach's gun down, "It's going to take all our luck just to get out of here with Toadie the way she is."

Peach nods and they walk out the door. Arisu sighs when they were out of sight and runs back for the lab. She sees a body laying in a pool of blood on the floor. A zombie woman sat over him with blood dripping from her mouth. Arisu punches her in the jaw. With a crack the woman she falls to the ground. Arisu jumps on top of her. She starts pummeling away at the woman turning her knuckles to a bloody mess. Final Arisu and lets loose a loud cry just as a bunch of armed guards rush into the room. They grab Arisu and cuff her hands behind her back.