TwoCats and a Tape Recorder

A/N; This story actually features my two cats in real life! Aki is the boy cat who's rather slow, not-the-sharpest-colored-pencil-in-the-box, but I love him for it anyways XD! Tama, on the other hand, is the smart, sophisticated, and condescending sister of Aki. So, enjoy the shenanigans this duo gets the idea to cause!

Golden sunlight streamed through the slits between the tree branches, further dappling the ginger and white splotched cat's pelt. Tongue lolling like a dog's, he sniffed with his great sensitive nose until he discovered what his sister had been looking for. The tape recorder, bundled away along with a few leftover candy wrappers, was in those two cat's eyes buried treasure. Well, at least to one cat it was.

"Aki, you FOUND it! Your lentil-sized brain actually managed to dig up the old tape recorder!" Tama screeched, her shiny jet-black fur shuddering in excitement, green eyes aglow. Aki's ginger and white ringed tail frenzied in confusion as his sister pranced about the sticky piece of junk.

"Uh, sis, this is what you wanted me to find? A gunky beat-up tape recorder?" Tama instantly halted and sat up straight, tail curled over her paws haughtily. She stared down at him in a belittling fashion as Aki cocked his head and his eyes widened expectantly.

"Aki, this is an opportunity to express ourselves and relate our tales to the world!" she cried, slightly flustered at her brother's slowness.

"But I don't wanna give away my tail! It's so . . . floppy!" Aki thumped his tail lightly on the ground as he said this, a goofy grin plastered on his face.

Tama's spine arched and she hissed in annoyance, eyes glinting. "No, you buffoon, I meant 't-a-l-e-s'! As in, stories! We have tons to record and we could get famous for what we've experienced! What other cats can say that they've flawlessly trained two out of their three humans? Or that they once got out late at night and managed to stall for two hours straight before being dragged inside? How about the time I finally got our dense humans to realize the front door was unlocked, and basically saved their puny worthless lives? The world needs us to override all those boring 'the friend of my ex's cousin's baby sitter's niece met the guy who did whatever' junk. We've experienced firsthand the excitement and perilousness of life, so let's seize the reins and run with this chance to release our stories into the world!" Out of breath from her inspiring speech, Tama sat back gasping as Aki tried to grasp the concept of worldwide recognition, fame and fortune.

His confusion-clouded eyes cleared all of a sudden. "So, if we get famous, won't we get paid?" Aki vaguely recalled seeing his humans handle these green slips of paper - they were called some odd name that started with the letter 'm' - and it was with these papers Aki had witnessed treats being obtained at the Vet's. Treats tasted yummy, and if yowling his life story into a tape recorder would get him enough green papers to get some, then count him in!

"No duh", Tama sighed, "we'll split the profit-" she paused. Aki wasn't the sharpest colored pencil in the box, not by far - he'd be easy to fool . . . "-90/10, since my brain is 9, if not more, times the size of yours and I'll be doing all the work."

Aki licked his lips in anticipation. "10%! How much cheese can 10% buy?" He wondered, eyes glazed over in rapture. "I'll never need anything more forever!"

Tama huffed a short, disgusted sigh at the shallow ambitions of her brother. "Just give me the tape recorder already" she mumbled, rolling her eyes at a delusional and heavily drooling Aki.

"Awl-rightie!" he yelped, and clumsily whacked the dusty object with his tail, sending it straight into his sister's eager paws.

A/N; So that's that. I think I'm going to leave this as a one-shot . . . somehow, it feels ok to end it here. Reviews would be much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read this fic!