I slipped away from the party and walked up the stairs to the second floor but didn't stop there. There were plenty of bedrooms, plenty of places to sneak away and hide in the spacious house but I wanted to go up into the attic.

I didn't check to see if I were being followed. After all, I'd left him the note. It was up to him to decide whether he'd act on it and join me. He'd been with my best friend hosting a party out on the patio. Last I checked, he'd been manning the barbecue as Alison's friends lined up for burgers to take to the table which held all kinds of fixings.

Later there would be chocolate cake, devil's food layered with dark chocolate. Alison had turned 21 and soon I'd join her. I'd left my gift for her with the others, some of her favorite collections of songs for her iPod.

I wasn't hungry at least not for food, what I wanted was Duke. That hadn't been his real name at birth, no one knew what he had been named but that's what he went by since he came to town and hooked up with Alison.

They'd been going out for six months but I knew he had a wandering eye. I had seen him watching me earlier when we'd been outside on the patio. I'd been chatting it up with Sonia a friend from high school and he'd been cooking some hamburger patties. But he'd been watching…a smile on his mouth.

I like Alison really I do but when I got dressed for her party, it hadn't been for her. I had slipped on my favorite dress that hugged my curves and worn my lacy thong for Duke. I knew he liked the color red because Alison had told me that.

I watched them now talking by the swimming pool while I looked out the attic window and then I sighed sitting on a bed that had been stored up there. My dress rode up my legs as I lay there looking at the ceiling, the beams of wood leading across the top. Boxes lined the walls filled with all kind of things, Alison and I had played among them when we'd been younger, stealing away up the steps to sort through them. Old dresses from bygone eras…costume jewelry so elaborate it had to be fake and books…including some lurid ones with scantily dressed women on the covers.

Now I was alone, my fingers drifting on my things, caressing them while I thought about how much I wanted to get my hands all over Duke right now. God…I felt so damn horny all day…I'd been down there at the party mingling, talking to friends like Leanne, Stefanie and Clarisse. A couple guys hit on me, Dave and Stuart from the Water Polo team.

Then there had been Cordell, standing by the bar nursing something harder than a beer. His girlfriend, Chari had to work that day so he came stag. The ruggedly built man with the dog tags around his neck was Duke's older brother. I just walked on past him on my way to try to hit up enough conversation with Duke to slip him my note.

He just palmed it and then smiled as he turned to continue talking to his friends. I saw Alison talking to her brother over by the bar as I went back into the house.

To climb the stairs up into the attic to wait for him, lying on the bed right now, inching my dress up higher until it reached my thong. I started to stroke myself, teasing the outline of my barely there panties imagining that Duke slid his own fingers underneath the elastic to get to my pussy. I was thinking very naughty thoughts as I ran my fingers over the lace that covered my dampness. I arched my pussy up suddenly…my fingers had just rubbed my clit and even through fabric, oh god it responded.


I rubbed, now tugging the thong aside to reach the pink lips underneath…damp with how much I wanted the man downstairs. My pussy ached, my fingers unable to relieve its need to be penetrated by something hard and thick. Suddenly I heard the footsteps, the creaking noise and my body tensed. I felt the elation fill me as I realized that Duke had made his decision. He'd slipped away from Alison's party just to fuck me…but what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. I had no intentions of sharing that I had wanted to fuck her boyfriend since they first hooked up at a party. I got up out of the bed and stood up, straightening my dress and fidgeting with my hair. I walked over to look out the window waiting for him to come and join me.


The voice was deep, but as tense as my body felt right now. I felt him approach, slide his hands around my waist and kiss the back of my neck in ways that sent tingles through me. His lips teased the nape of my neck, his hands sliding up to my breasts, grabbing them as he pulled me towards him.

"I want you so damn much…I can't stop myself…"

I whispered.

"Then don't…fuck me…no one has to know about it but us…we can go back downstairs after and no one will be the wiser…"

"All right then…."

He reached for my dress…I felt his hands sliding it up my thighs to my waist. Fondling me as he did so…oh god I arched my body against him. He slid a hand casually between my legs, where my panties were soaked.

"You're fucking wet," he said, "You must want it…I heard about you Cleo…I heard about what you've done."

I blinked…but then he started fondling my pussy…then tugging my thong down baring it, just like my ass. I felt him growing harder against it. My thong fell to the floor and my dress was bunched up around my waist as he rubbed my clit…oh damn him…damn Duke for taking control before I could make him putty in my hands. I'd planned to grab hold of his cock and take such good care of him…he'd be ready to push me against the bed and thrust it inside me. But instead, he stroked my pussy while he rubbed against my ass with the bulge in his pants. I heard the tinkling of something metal in the background.

He reached with one hand to pull my hair away from an ear.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, you won't be able to walk down those stairs," he said, "You want that?"

I nodded, the words sending thrills through me…hot and thick…the blood rushing in my ears. Duke had taken charge and it made me wetter for him. Then I closed my eyes listening to him unzip his pants and tug him down…stepping out of them maybe and then when he brushed my ass again, I felt the rigidness of his cock.

"Oh Duke…oh god…I need it so bad…"

"I know you do…you little slut."

I shook my head.

"Duke…I'm not a slut just because I want you."

He chuckled as I felt him suddenly grab my wrists pulling them behind me firmly.

"No problem with me, I happen to like sluts…"

Really, I thought in a hurry, did Alison know this about her boyfriend? I didn't think so because I'd always taken her to be a goody two shoes. I felt him force my body over suddenly after pulling me away from the window and before I knew it, he'd thrust his cock inside of me, tugging at my pussy before sliding through its slickness.

"You're all wet for me aren't you?"

My head was down, my wrists pulled behind me, and my ass up with his groin smacking it with each thrust. But as I felt the heat rush through me, the flush of my skin…I moaned. The tightness of my pussy hugging his cock as my body rocked from his thrusts.

"Oh god Cleo…you're really something…if I'd known….I'd have fucked you sooner…"

His cock rubbed me so pleasurably but I felt disoriented from how he held onto me. The clanking noises continued and as he smacked against me, I just felt like elated that he'd wanted me so damn much…and I knew Alison would never find out. He pulled me up and pushed me against the window, as his thrusting grew more powerful…my pussy squeezed his cock hard but he pushed harder.

"Oh god…oh fuck me hard…I can't take it…I got to come…"

"Not yet….you'll come when I let you…"

My face brushed the glass and my eyes looked down, in a daze as he released my hands and they landed on the glass. I didn't see much because all I could do was feel his body moving against mine. My pussy throbbing with it, wetting his cock.

But my eye caught something I didn't expect. I saw Duke standing next to Alison talking with her. What the fuck, I thought, if he was down here then who…who was fucking me against the glass?

I struggled to turn around but he was stronger. He grabbed my wrists pulling them behind me moving me to the bed. He pushed me face down and then lay his body over mine, his cock thrusting back inside of me, making me gasp.

"Just go with it Cleo…I'm going to make you come so hard what does it matter who I am?"

I couldn't move as he pumped his cock into me harder, nudging my legs further apart, his breath hard against my skin. But damn if I'd been angry, the sensations that being fucked so hard by someone I couldn't see sent through me…damn it turned me on…so much so I cried out.

He pushed inside of me and then I cried out feeling sensations that I couldn't control, as if I didn't stop it, I'd be lost…my pussy spasmed around his cock and damn, I screamed as he slapped my ass with his balls pinning me to the bed.

"Oh damn….damn….fuck…."

I pushed my ass up against him, sinking his cock back inside as he arched his body and I felt him come. As he sank against me, our bodies pressed together. I wiggled around, after he withdrew his cock and he grabbed me, now pinning me to the bed on my back.

I widened my eyes. Damn, if it wasn't Cordell on top of me, his shirt riding up just enough to bare his hard abs. The clinking sound had come from his dog tags. I didn't know whether to push him off of me or to spread my legs wider for him again. So I settled for cursing.

"What the fuck did you do to me?"

He sighed.

"I fucked you Cleo just like we both wanted."

I stared at him hard.

"It wasn't you I wanted…."

He didn't appear upset.

"I know you wanted to fuck my brother…but he's got a girl…"

"Well so do you…"

"But she's not at the party," Cordell said, "and fucking a girl's boyfriend under her own roof, that's cold Cleo. Not to mention Duke wasn't interested."

My mouth fell open.


"Oh he knew you wanted him but he's happy with Alison…go figure… because you're one hot piece of ass."

I just stared at him as his hands began fondling my ass.

"So he told me about your note and I took matters into my own hand."

I sighed.

"So you did…thought you could trick me?"

"No…damn I did want you…wearing that sexy dress…"

I frowned.

"It wasn't right what you did," she said, "It's like lying…"

He stroked my pussy with a hand while looking at me.

"You wanted it…you know you did…you screamed a moment ago…damn you're a screamer."

I blushed, knowing I'd been caught but still…

"Cleo you didn't mess up your friendship with Alison," he said, "and you still had a good time…"

I sighed, because damn it, the sex had been incredible…my body hummed from what he had done. I wiggled beneath him though. We had to both get down back to the party before we were missed.

"Not so fast," he said, "I got to make it up to you first…and I will…"

With that, he moved up to kiss me on the mouth, teasing my lips apart with his tongue. What could I do but grip it with my lips and suck hungrily? He started to slide those intoxicating kisses down my jaw line…my neck…that sweet spot between my neck and shoulder…oh god that made me jump. I knew where he was heading and I closed my eyes, smiling as my pussy clenched in anticipation of that wicked tongue that wouldn't show it any mercy, I knew.

Downstairs the party continued while Cordell and I celebrated alone upstairs.