A night sky

A moon overhead

She smiles down

On a slumbering city

A train rocks

Her passengers

To sleep

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack

But down in the alleys X

A fight rages on

A girl sells her body

For a few measly bucks

A boy gives a twenty

For a small box of weed

Another girl injects

A small shot of clear liquid

A small building seems dark

Yet lights flash inside

Sweating bodies dance blindly

Drunk out of their minds

In a run-down house

A mother is yelling

Swallows some pills

And curses her kids

Another girl runs

A backpack in hand

Escaping from the past

No future ahead

Don't judge

A book by it's cover

Not even

It's words

Because under those words

Something else lingers

Whether good

Or quiet bad.