The Eye

An eye is

A portal of many

An open door

To one's soul

Reflecting tears

Reflecting hardships

Reflecting laughter

Reflecting innocence

Reflecting a wall

Frozen solid

No emotion

Can be found

What has happened

What has happened

Why have they


So young

So sad

To sad

To young

To young to be

In such pain

To young to have

To hide emotion

To much seen

To much heard

To many voices

To many lies

Hiding behind

A mask of laughs

A dead man impersonating

A joker

Tired is their Excuse

And that they are

Tired that is,

Of all the pain

Tired of pain

Tired of hate

Tired of lies

Tired of judgement

Their eyes are hardened

Years of elssons

Taught them to hide


Walls of ice

Walls of lies

Waiting to be broken

Wishing to find