Chapter 2: The Bond.

I woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach. I had a huge midterm test to write in a couple of hours for my Chemistry class. On top of that I also have to finish my Biology paper by Friday, it's Wednesday. I have always gotten really stressed out when it comes to tests and essays; I fear not being well enough prepared.

I just laid in bed for a couple of minutes holding onto David and admiring his gorgeous blonde hair. I find myself jealous of how groomed he keeps it. I glanced over his slender shoulder to check what time it was. 6:55 am. I hate waking up before my alarm clock can even go off, at least this way I can get out of bed and get ready quietly. There is no need to have David wake up this early when he doesn't need to be up till after lunch. I slowly get out of bed and put my boxers on.

I grab my book bag and head into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat before my last minute studying. A piece of toast and an apple should be enough to tie me over for the test, and then I'll grab something bigger for lunch. I study for an hour, trying to cram as much information into my head as I can. It's now 8:00am and my exam starts in exactly one hour. My stomach is an acrobat this morning and my heart is a drum inside my head. I head back to the bedroom and put on my socks, jeans, and t-shirt for the day, being careful not to wake my boyfriend. I head to the bathroom and quickly comb my hair and urinate. It's now 8:20 and my exam is coming up far too fast.

I pack up my bag and head out the door. I begin walking toward the college; it's not too far away thank goodness. It's cold though, and I forgot my jacket by the door as I was rushing out. I feel like I have been walking for hours now, yet it has only been 10 minutes. I really need to get a move on. 8:45am, my midterm starts in 15 minutes. I jogged to my class to avoid being late.

I found my desk and took a seat as calmly as I could. I opened my bag and reached inside to grab my pencil, and eraser. The only thing I found in my bag was a heart attack when I found out that there was no pencil or eraser. My hands began shaking and my palms were sweating. I have never been unprepared for a test before, never. Now I have to do something I absolutely hate doing, asking the homophobes in my class if I can borrow a pencil.

I lean over to my classmate John, who I thought didn't hate my guts for being gay.

"Hey John, can I borrow a pencil? I manage to forget mine at home this morning," I asked very politely and quietly. He gave me a confused look for a second and then reached into his back pack.

"Sure thing Samuel!" he said very enthusiastically as he was about to hand me his pencil. Not of course, before he snapped the lead and laughed at me. Internally wounded, I walk up to the front of the class room and sharpen the shitty broken pencil. I can feel everyone's eyes burning into the back of my head. I can hear their harsh words stinging my ears. 'There's that faggot kid, Sam something or other'. I stand there calmly sharpening the pencil and I imagine mutilating everyone who has ever judged me for who I am. I walk back to my seat and I'm ready for the test. It takes 2 and a half hours. By the time I am done I'm ready to rip all of my hair out and say fuck it. I go to give the pencil back, but I snapped it in half and dropped it at John's feet instead. I wish I hadn't done that, as John found me outside and he and a couple of his friends decide to kick the shit out of me. They shout horrible names at me as they do so. None I haven't heard before of course.

I get back to the apartment and just wanted to die, or make someone else die. I decide to run myself a nice hot bath in hopes that it will relax me. I wish David was here; he always knows just how to make me feel better. The bath water is nice and full now, time to strip down and hop in. It's not easy taking off all of my clothes though, that beating I received earlier makes everything so difficult. I manage to get everything off and I just sat there on the edge of the tub, stark naked, staring blankly at the numerous bruises I got. I inhale very slowly and it kills my ribs and my lungs. I slowly slide myself down into the warm soothing water and just relax for a while. I managed to fall asleep in the tub for twenty minutes before I was awoken my cell phone ringing.

I answer the phone as I am casually getting my body dried off.

"Hello?" I say questioningly to the person on the other line.

"Hey baby, it's David, I am just calling to tell you that I am on my way home. I heard what happened today and I left the shelter early. They said I understood and let me go," David said to me with his cute worried voice he gets from time to time.

"You don't have to leave early babe, I know how much being at the shelter means to you, I'll be okay. I just got out of the bath and finished drying off a couple seconds ago," I assured him that I was okay but he wouldn't take no for an answer, he was coming home and he would see the bruises.

Five minutes later I heard the door open then close. I was in the bedroom lying on the bed under the covers. I decided against putting my clothes back on, my skin hurt too much for them. David walks in to the room and sits down on the bed beside me. He pulls off the covers and sees all of the bruises that I got earlier. He didn't apologize for it, he didn't feel sorry for me, he did exactly was I was hoping he would do. He kissed every sore I had on my body, from my feet, to my knees, to my pelvis, to my chest, and finally my face. It really relaxed my and soothed me.

He held me for hours that day. I passed out and he let me sleep for quite a few hours. I didn't feel like doing anything else today.