Torn 6/19/12

Free expression is nonexistent

You're the original hypocrite

Tightness in my chest

Empty in my arms

Now an uneasy stomach too?

Was the ignition composed

Fate, hope

Murky waters where goggles

Are needed like oxygen

Dizzy confusion

Clogged up stopper

Tired of fighting

Sore from screaming

My heart's done

Lips turn inward

Or do they really?

Hope lingers

Like cherry at least…

Hands clench

In search of a smooth one

Fingertips suck out the poison

Touch me please

The bite, it burns

Love struck not once but twice

No once again

Inie Minnie

Miny moe

Switched then straightened

Feels better already

Triwizard tournament

Twenty twelve

May the odds be ever in your favor

It's a rigged game anyways

Lets die together

Lets die as ourselves

The one underneath

The layer of grime

And filth

And lies

Lets die together