To my stepdad for Father's Day! It's short and sweet. Kid's POV

I only tried to bake a cake. I didn't mean any harm. "What are you doing?" He shrieked, dropping his briefcase on the floor. "Um… baking a cake?" I replied, grinning nervously. "You completely destroyed the kitchen!" He shouted, making me flinch. "And I was hoping to catch a break since it was Father's Day…" He grumbled before trudging up the stairs, leaving me standing there, covered in cake batter.

I looked about the kitchen for the first time, realizing what a mess I really made. The whole room was covered in cake batter, flour and sugar, bags and boxes of ingredients, and baking tools pulled out from still-open cabinets. Despite the angry mood he seemed to be in, I was determined to finish what I started. This had to work.

*knock knock* "Please leave me alone for a bit." He grumbled from the other side of the door. I could tell he was distressed. Despite what he said, I opened the door anyways. He looked up, and I held up the cake. It was slightly lopsided, and it wasn't that professional looking either. In fact, it was far from what I wanted it to look. Covered in cake batter, sugar, flour, and frosting, with the apron still on, I walked forward with an apologetic smile on my face. I held out the cake to him, which he took in surprise. Happy Father's Day, dad!" I said, and he grinned. "Thanks."

We were eating the cake together in the dining room, when he suddenly looked up, sniffing the air. "Is something burning?" Then, I remembered that I never turned off the oven, or cleaned up. "Um…" I shrugged, and grinned. "I didn't do it?"

I never mentioned any names or genders besides 'dad', so imagine the characters as whoever you'd like!