A Day in the Life of a Shoe

Saturday - May 26, 2012
Entry One

Being a shoe is actually quite interesting. And I'm directing this to all those humans out there. You are able to go anywhere your owner goes, if your owner takes you. You can actually learn a lot about your owner, humans, and life if you're there at the right time, right place, and right mood.

I'm a shoe. A Nike brand shoe to be exact. I call myself 'Amethyst Dewdrop', while my owner—Liliena, or Liena for short—calls me 'Shoe'. Yes. Very original and creative. I was with Liena for about a year, and she still hasn't outgrown me. On this particular day, which was Saturday, was when Liena had her violin lessons. I was downstairs, and the clock I was facing said 8:16 AM. Violin lessons were at 9:00 . . . I was tempted to call out and yell, "Hurry!" , but then I remembered that the family would probably faint at the sight of a talking shoe, but then again, I remembered I was a shoe and couldn't talk.

Well, finally, Liena came downstairs, and unfortunately, it was already 8:38. Liena quickly managed to eat a banana and some yogurt, and was ushered out the door by her mother, who handed her the violin book and her violin. Liena grabbed me and slipped me in quickly, and I bounced out the door, followed by Liena's father.

Liena had been playing violin for approximately 8 years, and, in the past had group lessons, but now she had private lessons.

Liena led me into the car, and started to stare out the window as her father prepared to drive to the run-down, tobacco-smelling inn her violin teacher rented, Sunset Lakes Inn, where Liena had her lessons.

It didn't take too long for us to arrive. Liena hopped out of the car, rambling on something about the library and cheesy bananas. . .

Liena's violin teacher, Ms. Crispin, had dyed red-orange hair which cascaded down her shoulders. Today, Mrs. Crispin wore a striped black-and-red shirt, which matched her hair well, and black pants. "Hello," Liena greeted as Ms. Crispin smiled.

The rest of the lesson was mainly Ms. Crispin listening to Liena's violin playing, pointing out the incorrect notes and, once in a while, offering suggestions. It got quite eventless after a while, and when Liena was finally finished, I was close to sleeping. Liena led me to the car, a 1998 Toyota Camry, which Liena was trying to persuade her parents replace, with no luck.

Well, Liena did persuade her parents into allowing her to go to the library, however. Liena ate her lunch, Japanese noodles, in approximately 3 minutes, and slipped me on once again, her feet tapping as she stood impatiently, waiting for the remainder of the family to finish.

They finished, but unfortunately, Liena's younger brother, Syre, couldn't find his books, while Liena already had them stacked in a neat pile on the table, her being a huge perfectionist, like the majority of her friends (as I have observed).

After 30 minutes or so, Syre was finally prepared, and we set out to Sunset City Public Library. Once there, Liena scurried through the wide-open doors, returned her books, and began hunting for the books on her checklist-

Books to Borrow

- Eragon by Christopher Paolini

- Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos

- Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool

- Flush by Carl Hiaasen

- Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

- The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel- The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

Liena managed to find all the books, except Moon Over Manifest, and I, being the clever shoe I am, inferred that was the effect of the book being a Newbery Medalist.

Liena checked her books out with her own library card, which her mother had finally agreed to about a year ago. Surprisingly, the library trip was one hour long and Liena still needed to work on her load of homework due on Monday, and she had to finish them because of her perfectionist personality, and her teachers would kill her, and she would kill herself (not literally), which was a pleasant blend. . .

I could not see Liena working on her project, but she presented it to her parents and I caught a glimpse of it. It was an average-sized poster with the words 'Sunset Frost' located on the top. What is Sunset Frost? Well, I probably won't ever find out, so I might as well stop with the hoping, I thought.

Liena continued working on her poster. It turned out that Liena had a huge class project where you need to create your own juice, create a commercial, and create an advertisement/poster. The more I thought about it, the happier I was about being a shoe and not a human. Humans are so . . . busy sometimes.

I continued my examining the humans. Liena enjoys reading. She took out a book, Moon Over Manifest, opened it, and began reading. I guess she finished her poster.

"Liliena! Come over here! Finish your poster!" A voice demanded. Oh, okay. So she didn't finish.

So, basically, the remainder of the day was just Liena attempting to finish her project, and me examining her without her knowing it, just like a stalker.

And when the sun set, Liena picked up her violin. She was required to practice violin for one hour. So I sat there patiently, listening to the classical violin music until she finished, turned off all the lights, and went upstairs with the family since she was the last one downstairs.

And to all you humans who don't know anything about being a shoe, now you do. And even if you think it's eventless, it's not. It gets better. This is Amethyst Dewdrop with a day in the life of a shoe, an entry of her life. Over and out.

~ Amethyst Dewdrop—Shoe ~

~ Author's Note ~
This story was originally intended to be a written piece from the point of view of a shoe on how it saw my life. It was for
an important project. All I did was change all the names so no one would go stalking me :)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this piece.

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