The next day was Monday, time for school and all that BS. I wanna die. I wanna DIE. SHOOT M- Oh wait that already happened to Brady ( Evil man-laugh)

I jumped up and breezed around my room, Brady's much needed ego-decapitation making me undeniable joy-filled.

Birds were singing on windows and shit in my head and I left my wavy gold-blonde hair down put on a little make up, pulled on a comfy pair of skinny jeans, a off shoulder white top and sparkly blue plumps with a giant, blue gem-encrusted lips necklace.

Then I breezed downstairs ,grabbed my book bag and my Sub-way provided lunch, and watched Brady sulk down the stairs decked out in polo head to toe (his shoes were suede high-top boat shoes and pretty soft I might add)

"Hey beautiful," I said smiling prettily at his dark stare, "You're such a morning person! Rainbow and Unicorns are shooting out your ass!"

He flicked me off and grabbed his stuff, "Let's go we have to get to the counseling office and get our," He paused to yawn and unlock the car, "schedules."

I nodded and slipped into his car.

Hey Chicky!

I looked down at my phone and grinned as I buckled my seat-belt and Brady sped off for the school.

Hello Lover! (;

Sasha Williams is the love of my life (Lol) and my best friend, she lives about an hour from this hell-hole and I was banking on her being my only friend (pathetic right?)

"If I ever see that ass-hole from last night again," Brady swerved into the parking lot and screeched to a stop.

I pried my hands of the bottom of my seat and stumbled out of the car.

"You could of killed me!" I hissed as I got my stuff out of the back.

He shrugged as we made our way to the front-office (Why do they call it that if there's only one?) "It wouldn't be to devastating."








He opened on of the ugly blue double doors and gestured for me to go first, " Fat ass's first."

I flipped him the bird and but complied. The office was warm, with stiff looking leather sofa's and chairs, then one long counter with three computers and clip-boards, I flounced right up to it and beamed at the teeny tiny old man typing away on the computer.

He blinked and shoved his horn-rimmed glasses back up his nose. "Y-yes Miss?"

"Me and my brother are new here, Brayden and Brady Jackson, and we'd like to get our schedules, If that'd be alright."

The old man nodded and rushed through papers before handing me two bright white papers, "They're you go, Miss Jackson."

I smiled back and handed Brady his schedule.






(You catch my drift, long sched. Guys)

"We have the same classes," Brady said shrugging as we head out of the office and into the crowd of milling students (Pun xD) , "Except art."

"Well Womb-buddy," I say slipping my schedule into my front-pocket, "Let's roll out."

THE GYM was huge, with three levels; One for running, one for weight-lifting and the fool, then the hard-wood court with basket ball goals and a huge tiger painted on the center of the floor with a dark burgundy Old Mill banner clutched between sharp teeth and a gross, foaming mouth (sexy tiger? I think not.)

"Did you bring clothes to change out?" Coach Edison asked, never looking up from his clip-board mind you, but knowing we had no clothes with us.

"I do, I was hoping to go to the try-outs this afternoon so I brought a couple pair of sweats-"

The Coach looked up and nodded approvingly, "Good-job Jackson, but we're just chilling in Gym but feel free to come to try-outs though."

When we were walking away Brady looks at me in this funnily disgusted way and says, "Chilling? Really?"

I burst out laughing and we sit down on the last row of bleachers, but it's not long before Brady has about every girl in the gym over there and fawning over him.

A group of guys from Stalker-ville were giving me the rape-eye but I just ignored them and continued texting Sasha and my , utterly-gay, other best friend Justin.

"Yeah we're twins," Brady said nudging me subtly and I jerk my head up and raise my eyebrow's.

"Yeah we were in my mom's belly at the same time," I say dully, itching to respond to Justin's latest 'hit-it-and-quit-it\conquest, "Womb-mates for life, bro."

The more intelligent pretty girls got it and laughed but the girls who played dumb for attention or really were just twirled their hair and went back to Brady.

He was all like "Justin, NOOOOOOO, I love you. You're my God" and I was like "Sorry babe, man's gotta do what a man's gotta do"


Jerk! (; I can just picture poor little Noah's face! You know you love him! Bruuhhhhhhhhhh sttoooppppp beeeiinnnnngggg aaa jacckkasssss!

"Hey Dawson!" Girls squealed behind me and jumped up with frantically waving arms.

My lips quirked up into a smirk and I stould up with a evil look at my twin.

"Your the guy who shot my brother in his Pocket Rocket!"

When Brady jumped up I plopped back down on the bleachers and burst into giggles.

"You think it's funny?" Brady sulked before turning a dark stare on Dawson, "You shot my man hood Bro."

"Sorry Bro," Dawson said and then they did that weird hug-handshake things guys do and were BIFFELS. WTF. I wanted Brady in pain some more.

After a couple of minutes, Nut-shooter decides I more interesting than anyone else and starts messing with me.

He says annoying things and pokes my shoulder, trying to get my attention.

"Yo, Legs!"


"Are you ignoring me?" ….. "I'll take that as a yes."

"How many blonde's does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

"Come on Blondie, anybody home?"

Brady let out a painful sound as I turned slowly towards Dawson, "Shouldn't of said that bro, she's ruthless.

I stare at his stunning face for a long, intense moment. High cheekbones, patrician nose, tan blemish free skin, his eyes were a rich dark blue, and his hair was closed cropped on the sides and about an inch-on top and tawny-brown (like Jensen Ackels...but surprisingly sexier. How is that possible?)

"Listen closely," I say with a careful smile, "I don't like you. Don't talk to me. Your an obnoxious bastard, screw off."

He had this annoying smirk on his face and leaned forward, "I thought I told you only to open your mouth when your in the bedroom."

My eyes widened and then narrowed and Brady said, "Say that again and I'll punch you in the fucking mouth."

But it was an light-hearted threat, Brady thought he was funny and I could see the amusement in his light, electric green eyes (exactly like mine...but I'm pissed off)

"Shut the hell up, ," I say inspecting my sparkle Sally Genson gem-crush painted nails," I wear heels long than your dick, Mr. Penis-envy."

Brady burst out laughing along with Dawson who gave me a sly grin, "I wouldn't mind letting you correct that assumption."

"You wouldn't mind letting anything with a vagina," I corrected as I replied to Justin's Gaspy-smiley-face.

"Damn she's heartless," A guy named jack laughed behind me.

He was gorgeous too ( as the cliché dictates) and was best friends with Dawson and Sawyer (Dawson's apparently shy brother).

I shrugged, "I cry when I see ASPCA commercials just like everybody else, I was just stating the obvious."

Brady laughed and patted me on the back, "That's my little sister!"

"Screw you," I replied back sweetly.

This could be a fun year...

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