Sometimes I'd try to help, but these words don't mean much. For someone like you who's trying to run away from the world and its cruel reality, I don't think mere words can save your life. If words can save you, then you'd already be saved. But you're not okay now, and that's why it hurts. That how other people's concern and care just seem to be brushed off so easily, and they don't mean a thing. You act as though you need the love and care you don't already have, but in fact, you don't. One day when you have the concern and attention you need, you'd start feeling empty still. Maybe because your past has dealt you pain and a scar that will never heal, that even when you start being loved, you think you're still someone not worthy of it. You think you're someone who can't and don't deserve to be loved. Your own past has wronged you, but you have to fight back. Turn away from it and don't look back, just look at the future in the eye and tell them you're not afraid.

But you should know better than them, that pretty words can't save anyone. Even if they do care about you through actions, you'd be suspicious of their motives. You can't seem to trust anyone because you're scared of being betrayed. You're scared that they'd leave you one day, like everyone has. So you close the door on yourself and lock it, throwing the key out to the sea. And you're hurting yourself like everyone is hurting you. Physically and mentally. And in the end, your eyes- an empty container- will stare out at the sky, wondering where you've gone wrong.

You'd never have felt so empty before. There really existed a hollow feeling in your chest, but it doesn't matter anymore to you.