A random poem, born of boredom. Kind of dark in nature, but not depressing. That said, just go. Read On!

"Don't look behind you.

Don't turn back.

The world is creeping,

Turning black.

"The dark approaches

No light to be seen.

Running further,

Going crazy.

"Nowhere to turn,

No place to hide.

A heart of sorrow,

But no tears to cry.

"Though the dark

Approaches quick,

There is more to do

Than light a wick.

"The night approaches,

Vast and dark.

Bleak and endless,

Cold and stark.

"The dark can scare

The dark can slither.

The dark can live

The dark can quiver.

"And when the light

Comes nigh once more

The world is bathed in day

Until the dark knocks at the door.

So, that was that. Tell me how you liked it :). That said, I don't have much to say tonight. Forever yours [faithfully ;) (sorry, it's stuck in my head :D)], StevieBumpkin2011, signing off!