The very next night – a Friday – Lord O'Reilly hosted a party at O'Reilly castle, with bagpipes, harps, mandolins and many other medieval instruments playing fine Celtic tunes at all times. All members of the O'Reilly family were there, most of them currently dancing in the center of the room, as well as the royal family. The room was filled with women dressed in many different colors – deep reds, vibrant violets, royal blues, vivacious greens – and the men were dressed in their armor and deep burgundy capes. As the happy Celtic tune played on the golden Celtic harp ended, the three O'Reilly sisters took the center of the room and performed a traditional Celtic dance to the bagpipes and flutes. The room went silent, besides the bagpipers and the flute players, as the three graceful girls performed the beautiful Celtic dance. Onora, dressed in a beautiful shade of deep olive green, moved as if underwater, as well as Corianne, dressed in a deep violet dress, and Katie, dressed in a very beautiful shade of turquoise.

After the traditional dance performed by the O'Reilly sisters, the music became faster and faster and the room was once again dancing. Katie ducked beneath the arms of many dancing men and women in hopes of finding the exit to the crowded ballroom. These kinds of parties were fun, but she hated dancing the traditional Celtic dance with her sisters, so in hopes of avoiding another, she had decided to flee. Pushing open the wooden door, Katie came face to face with Colum O'Reilly.

"Good evenin', me darlin' Celtic maiden," said Colum, gently taking her hand and kissing it. "Where you be off to durin' such an occasion?"

"I be off to find a bit of quiet, Colum," Katie replied, pulling her hand from his.

"Aye, I see… too much for a young maiden like yerself. Do you fancy some company?" asked Colum, offering her his arm.

"Oh… no, no, thank you. I… I am wishin' to be by meself fer now," Katie replied, recoiling slightly.

"Aye, I see how it is. Well, good evenin' to ya, then," Colum said, swiftly moving past her and into the crowded ballroom. Katie sighed slightly and continued on her way. She navigated herself through the castle and to the dark emerald hills beneath the starry moonlit sky. Sitting down, Katie gazed up at the moon, wondering if it had been there forever. The moon had always fascinated her, and whenever she came outside to sit beneath it, she felt at peace. She sighed a happy sigh and lay down on her back, attempting to count the stars. One, two, three, four…

"Marriage? That ol' fool chose O'Reilly to marry his son to?" exclaimed Lord O'Rourke in anger when a messenger from King Edward came to deliver the king's response to Lord O'Rourke's request. Lord O'Rourke had wanted his daughter, Eleanor, to marry Prince Nolan. Lord O'Reilly had been O'Rourke's enemy since before the birth of O'Reilly's first daughter.

"Aye, sir. The Prince has been courtin' the young maiden fer a couple o' years now," said the messenger, unknown to O'Rourke's temper.

"I don' want ter be hearin' more! Leave! Leave, friend to O'Reilly!" screamed O'Rourke in anger.

"But sir! I haven't met O'Reilly before!" exclaimed the messenger in fright, but O'Rourke wasn't having any of it.

"Leave! Leave now, fiend!" exclaimed O'Rourke once more, and the messenger fled in fright. "Frederick, come in here!" A small, red-haired man rushed in.

"Aye, your majesty?" asked Frederick in a small voice.

"We must find some way for revenge towards O'Reilly… he has once again used O'Malley's favoritism against us and now, Nolan O'Malley has taken O'Reilly's daughter's hand in marriage!" O'Rourke roared at Frederick.

"Sir, I may be able ter come up with somethin', but I don' expect it to be before the marriage," said Frederick in a calm voice.

"How soon?"

"A few years, sir… I will fabricate a clever plan to get back at yer rival," said Frederick.

"Then do it! Do whatever it takes!" screamed O'Rourke, and Frederick rushed out of the room to begin his plan. "O'Reilly will soon fall to me power… and soon, I will be king of the kingdom of Breifne!"

"Ar, capall" came the strong and matured voice of Katie Carroll O'Reilly as her horse raced through the emerald hills of Breifne. Now sixteen, Katie O'Reilly was a matured Noble woman. Her long reddish-brown hair flew behind her in the winds of the wake of her horse as she rode through the emerald land. "Whoa!" They now stood at the edge of a high cliff. "Easy now, capall…"

Katie descended the horse and peered over the edge. "We'll have to go lower, capall," she said, climbing onto the horse and kicking at its sides. "Ar!" The horse broke out into a run, and Katie led the horse to a large rock formation that sat near the edge of the cliff. "Stay here, capall…" Katie descended, making sure that her long hair didn't get caught on the reins. She carefully approached the formation, glancing up at the top. The top was maybe two or three hundred feet off of the ground, and yet, Katie felt not one bit frightened. Turning back to her horse, she said, "I'm goin' ter climb it, capall." The horse neighed in response, almost as if telling her not to, but Katie shook her head. "I'm goin' whether you approve or not!"

With that said, Katie grabbed onto the rocks and began to climb. She climbed higher and higher, making sure she found a crevice for her fist and her feet before pulling herself up to the next crevice. Within an hour's time, Katie was pulling herself up for the very last time. She peered over the top of the rock formation and saw that it was flat enough for her to stand without having the fear of falling. Tossing her bow and arrows over the top, she pulled herself over and onto the top. She looked around, noticing that it was sunset. She stood, and admired the hills that were her home. A slight smile formed on her face as she looked upon the dark emerald hills that were tinted orange due to the orange ball of fire that was the setting sun, and she cried out in victory and in joy. The wind picked up and her reddish-brown hair flowed lightly in the breeze. The green dress she wore complimented the reddish tint in her hair and her emerald green eyes that matched the emerald hills of Ireland.

This was her home, and she would die for it.