In the dead of night,

When life itself is still

I lay there,

In the warmth of my cacoon

And think,

Remember every detail of my life,

But my thoughts always linger

On one set,

The memories of long lost texts,

Of true laughter

And unforgettable nights,

As the liquid emotion splashes across my cheeks

I mumble your name

Tasting the love,

The comfort the word once held,

But now the bitter aftertaste erupts around me,

Pooling regret in my head

I remember,

Remember losing the best part of my life,

And as I close my eyes for another night

3 words pass my lips

The 3 words that once ruled my life,

'I love you'


The name was originally just going to be 'I love you' but even for me that is a bit bland so I grabbed my stack of CD's and picked a song title that seemed appropriate, if you can guess the band that did the song I will give you a cookie :D

And this is why I hate the bus… Well yeah ideas started swirling through my head whilst I was on the bus so I flipped out my notebook and wrote this little… Thing. I know it's not that great but until DA is working I have nowhere else to post it so here we are…. If you want check out my DA, I've been told I'm an okay artist. So thoughts? This was just one of my random emotional splurges so for my standards it's probably half-decent. Well I'm going to stop rambling. Night or morning depending on where you live

SIDENOTE: DA means DeviantArt for those who didn't know.