"Here. It. Is! Oh YEAAHHH!"

"Shut up…"

"Make me!"

"Okay! Just wait 'til I get over there!"

Chase him around the room. He's so annoying.


"GAA! Get off!"

"Not 'til you promise to SHUT UP!"

"Oooh, just go jump off a cliff!"

"Make me! Ha!"

Would it be fair to kick him off? Yeah, yeah it would.

"OW! What the heck was that for?"

"I told you to get off, so I made you."

"Oh, you think you're so cool with your smartness!"

"Yes, yes I do."

"Well, just cause I'm obviously stupider than y-"

"'Stupider' is not a word."

"I hate u."

"There you go again… even your dialogue is off!"

"Well it's not my fault! It's the author!"

"Don't blame other people for your mistakes!"

"I give… UP!"

"So do I. By the way, you're standing in midair…"

Looking down…

"How in the freaking world?"

"I shoved you off the balcony while you were babbling."

He is smiling softly at his poor opponent.

"Yeah but… why am I floating?"

"I don't know. Ask him."

There is a floating ostrich. Next to him, there is a floating ostrich.

"How… I… Why… Did you drug me or something?"

"Ask him, I said."

"Did he drug me?"


"Wait. Why'm I asking an ostrich? It's a dumb animal."

"Actually we ostriches are quite sophisticated. Smarter than you anyway."

Quarrelling. He's quarrelling with an ostrich… While floating…

"Um, excuse me, that jet skier is about to hit you upside the head. You should m-"



"WHAT?" I'm alive!

"Quiet down!" He spoke very softly, here again.

"Where am I?"
"In your bed, in your bedroom. Idiot."

"But… I was floating with an ostrich… be…cause you… shoved me off a … balcony…" It's slowly coming back to me…

"I would never shove you off a balcony."

"Oh. Good! That's v-"

"I'd probably flip you, or kick you off a balcony."

"I hate you."

"That's what brothers are for!"

"…so… Why are you in my room?"

"I had to get some encyclopedias from your bookshelf for my homework."


"So, tell me about your dream… nightmare?"

"Well that's the thing… Can you help explain why I heard 'booms' and 'crashes' and 'SQUAWKS' and felt like I got kicked and hit by a jet ski?"

"Oh, the 'booms' and 'crashes' were probably me. Right after you fell asleep, I came in to grab the encyclopedias, but I tripped on my own feet (how clumsy) and smashed my head on the bookshelf…"


"Just because I'm older and smarter than you doesn't mean I'm perfect!"

"You're only older by a year! But, anyway, how about the kick to my legs?"

"Oh, well I found some other books that I might try reading… so I put them in a pile and dropped them on your legs! You're welcome!"

"Why would be thankful for you dropping fifty, six-ton books on my legs?"

"Well, if I remove some books from your shelf, it'll look like you've been reading. That'll make mom and dad proud of you trying to be smart, like me."

"Once again… I hate you…" I add a malicious grin to about everything I say in this conversation. And yet, I'm still sitting up in my bed, trapped by bunches of books. To add to the awkward air, in my dimly lit, cramped bedroom, my brother is searching through my shelves… what a creeper.

"Oh well…"

"Yeah, but the Jet Ski to the head?"

"Oh yeah! I punched you to see if you were awake after I made a bunch of noise and dropped books on your legs! But you were still sleeping… I wouldn't be surprised if a bomb went off and you were still sleeping!"

"Okay then!" Now I must focus on heaving books off my legs. Despite all the sports me and my brother do, I'm kinda weak.

"Here, let me help." My skinny-figured, yet extremely strong big brother pushed all the books off me and helped me out of my bed.

"What time is it?" I asked, not maliciously grinning anymore.

"2:47 a.m."


"Help me carry these to my room."


We picked up the books and walked down the long hallway. Bare feet quietly padding across the wooden floored hallway.

Entering his room, the smell of paper and clean linen filled my nose… A strange combination of smells, really.

"Where do you want 'em?"

"Just on the desk there."


Finished the task. Back to bed.

He came back to my bedroom with me.

"Uh, why're you in my room again?"

"I left my homework notebook."

"Oh. Wait! What about the 'SQUAWK'?"


"From my dream!"
"Oh! I dunno… Ask him." He indicated to my bed. O-osst-t-r-ich!




Flashing stars!

Swirly lines everywhere!

Oh, I passed out. Figures.


Thanks for reading! Yeah… it's weird… but it was fun writing it! Please review!

It's a little late for character intro, but here goes…

Luki [loo-kee]: The one narrating in the first person (the one who had the dream).

-wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki pants


-auburn hair, hazel eyes, tan skin

Mika [my-ka]: The older brother of Luki.

-wearing a white, long-sleeved, collared shirt and gray colored jeans

-soccer player

-silvery/dark gray hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Dorothy [door-thee]: The ostrich.

-black and white feathers

-a bird apart of the running family, not the flying family

-brain, the size of a peanut