I run my fingers through my mop of caramel hair, why is the entrance exam so difficult. I hate being poor, I hate my mum for leaving me, my twin sister and my dad here alone, taking only my older sister with her to Japan. So what dad lost another job.

I shake my head and skip the question I'll come back to it.

I soon finish the test and walk over to the teacher who had given me and ten other students the test, we all wanted to go through to Immaculara a high school, one of the best privet schools in all of England. I leave the room feeling good at my chances three spots ten students, I really like my chances. The only reason I fear going to a school like this is it is a boarding school, which means I would have to share a room with… a guy.

I let my blue-green eyes slip shut blocking out the world around me, why would I have to be stuck in a public school like this one the students are intolerant of anyone who's, well… different. Gay, is what I'm trying to say. I slump against the wall heaving a sigh that causes the few people around me to look towards me. "Dan!" my friend Luke called, his black dreads beaded with silver rings.
"Hey man," I say high-fiving the brown-eyed person.
"Some of these girls have the hots for you man, you should tap one, I know I want to," sighing I think about telling him where my heart lies but I know his parents are intolerant of homosexuality.
"Nah man they're all bimbos, I'm saving myself for the right one," I tell him.
"The right bimbo?" he asks laughing, "Come on man let's get some air, you have been in the study hall all day you need to get out.
"Whatever," I grumble letting him pull me along with him.

When we get to the spot our group sits in, he finally asks, "So how well do you think you went?"
"I think I went pretty well," I say lying down, the soft blades of grass tickling my arms as I crossed them under my head. A shadow passed over me as Luke climbed on top of me.
"If you get in there will be a lot of boys, and you'll have to share a dorm," he said a worried look on his face.
"I'll survive," I sigh, "Now get off!"
"Sorry," he says.

We talk about random things for a while before our group starts arriving. Eventually we are pulled off to different conversations. Our group consists of emos, outcasts, metal heads and goths. I count as an outcast; I am smart but dark and mysterious. At least that is what my twin sister says.

Yep, I have a sister. Her name is Delilah, she has the same eyes as me, but she bleached her hair blonde, she is about a minute or two younger than I am. In addition, she is a total bitch to those she hates.

"Daniel do you think she's hot you've been staring at her ass since you zoned out?" Delilah asks me worry clear in her voice. However, I know this is code for 'what's wrong?'
"No she's a total bitch, and if I did like her I ask you know to kill me violently," I tell her.
"Okay… anyway, I think we need to tell everyone 'the secrete' if you get accepted," Delilah says pulling out a pockey stick. I look at her taking in the complete awesomeness that is my sister.
"I know but I don't know how to do it," I mutter stealing one of her pockey sticks.
"Well I know for a fact that," she leans in so she can whisper in my ear, "that Adam is gay." I look at her holding the pockey stick like the cigarettes I used to smoke.
"Where did you here that?" I ask raising my eyebrows.
"He told me he has a thing for you," she mumbled.
"Okay stop telling me this and go to class," I growl causing her to jump from her seat and scamper off.
"Adam!" I call out to my friend. He looks at me in confusion, we rarely talk at school, seeing as I have too many people to talk to. In addition, I usually choose to talk to Luke, Lucky or Delilah. Lucky is my sister's ex-boyfriends sister. When they broke up, Lucky finally got the courage to talk to people.
"Yeah Dan," Adam says coming over to where I sit above everyone on a thick tree branch. He has bright blue hair that is slowly fading to white. Moreover, the most gorgeous blue eyes. I never really thought about dating him. However, I guess I could.
"Wanna hang over my place latter, ever since we started at this school we rarely get to hang," I said causing him to smile.
"Sure see you later," he replied going back to the section of the group he was talking to… that's when I realised Luke was watching me. He climbed the tree smirking at me.
"I finally figured it out," he said when he sat down on the tree next to me.
"What do you mean?" I ask as though nothing's different.
"This," he turns my head to the side and pushes his lips onto mine. I hear the gasps of our friends as they all turn around. I feel his tongue push its way into my mouth and swivel around my own tongue. I gasp into the kiss as he pulls me closer to him. I finally get the nerve to break the kiss.
"Luke?" I say shock clear and strong in my voice.
"I thought you would want your first kiss sooner rather than later," he says while he wraps his arm around my waist. Smiling I lean my head on his shoulder.
"Does this mean_?" I begin.
"We're dating?" Luke finished "I think so." Laughing I lift my head and peck him quickly before slipping off the tree.
"What if I get into Immaculara?" I ask as he slips back down landing next to me.
"Well I'll come out over the weekends… or you will end up coming down for Holidays? So I'll see you then, we will make it work, Okay?"
"Okay," Pecking him on the lips, "I have to go back to the study hall know."
"Okay by babe," I wink sexily at him before walking back to the study hall.

When I got back, my test had been marked and everyone else had left and come back. We all sat back down and waited for the news. That's when the teacher running the entrance exams came in holding three papers. "Well, we have three brilliant students who got full marks, and who have amazing attendance records and are just amazing," Mrs Anneslee said. She was one of the youngest teachers at this school. She had crimson coloured hair and dark brown eyes. She was the girl most boys wanted. Nevertheless, she was married already and had twin daughters named Alexi and Laura who are now five and in their first year of primary school. "Daniel Westerfield, Lucinda Queen and Markus Ling, you three have positively astounded me with your full marks, congratulations you three students passed." Smiling I waited for all the other students to leave before talking to Mrs Anneslee.
"Thank you Mrs Anneslee you don't know how much you have done for me," I say thanking her with pure joy.
"No problem, I knew you belonged there and I helped you out by tutoring you in history… though you didn't really need it," she said as she sat down at her desk.
"Thank you Mrs, have a lovely day," I bless her before going to leave.
"Wait Daniel?" Mrs Anneslee called me back to her desk.
"Yes Mrs?"
"How is your father doing?" she asked innocently.
"Fine Mrs, but why do you ask?"
"Well I happen to know that your father is a homophobe and you just kissed your… friend."
"I… am sure he will cope, if not I'll be heading to Immaculara at the end of the summer, I will hide it until then," I tell her, though I am partly telling myself too.
"Well have a nice Christmas Daniel," Mrs Anneslee says smiling. I leave her room and start walking home. Though I promised Luke I would walk with him, I decided to go home. As I walk the short distance home, I allow my thoughts to wonder to what Immaculara will be like. I know I will share a room with another boy who will be in my year. That the main focus of the school is History and Music. I know they is respected for the historians who went to the school. Sighing I silently thank god that my last class was a free period so I could walk home.

When I got home, I feed my sisters cat Chesh, named after the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. I fall onto the couch and text Luke.

Soz babe I wasnt feelin 2 good went home alone see u tomoz and well go out on a date

Its ok smexy ttyl

Smiling I put my phone away and turn the TV on and fall asleep.

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