So this is a random write on spot one shot horror. I didn't give the girl a name lol, so it's confusing but it's suppose to be written this way so dun complain.

A family moved into a small village's abandoned house since they were too stressed and wanted more family time. And they bought a three storey house as it was cheap and run down.

As the family entered the house and ordered the movers where to place the bulky items, their one and only daughter went to explore the house. She went on the second floor and entered a room that seemed to be calling for her. When she entered, she was immediately greeted by a mirror. It gave out a strange aura and chills ran down her back. She felt as if someone was staring straight at her. Then a voice was heard, it said, "COME HERE" the girl immediately screamed and ran down to her parents.

Her mother went to her and asked if she was alright. She answered that there was a haunted room in the house, but of course, her parents she was just behaving childishly. She tried to convince them but to no avail, finally her mother said she'd go up to the room with her. When they reached the room, they opened the door and the mirror greeted them once more. There was no tension, no voice, nothing, just a plain old mirror. Her mother went up to the mirror and complimented how beautiful it looked, saying they should keep it.

They went down again for further discussions about who gets what room and apparently, the girl got the room with the mirror. She tried to plea her father for a different room, but her father was a stubborn man and said he didn't want anymore troubles.

After unpacking all the bags, the girl sat on her bed and stared at the mirror, she didn't want to sleep. She walked up to the mirror and looked at her reflection, then held the sides of the mirror, wanting to get rid of it. All of a sudden, voices and screams ran through her mind and her reflection changed into a decaying body. Her skin seemed to be melting and her eyes were not there, blood was flowing out of the empty socket and her mouth. The reflection seemed to be staring into her soul. The room had turned from that humble run down home into a slaughterhouse. She took her hands off the mirror and let out a scream, only to be comforted by her mother soon after.

That night, she could barely sleep. Her parents refused to move away the mirror and she knew what was waiting if she tried to remove it herself. As she laid silently on the bed she felt something strange, as if somebody was examining her, right beside her bed staring down at her. Its hands were approaching her, closer and closer each second. Just as she felt something cold on her neck, she quickly sat up. Her hands were full of sweat and her heart was beating hard and fast. That night, she refused to sleep.

The next day, she went to her new school. Everyone was murmuring about her at every corner. Someone from the city entering their class? Cool. She soon made new friends; they got along easily, mostly because they were from the country side. Then finally someone said something that gave her the creeps.

The last owners of the house she was living in, they were a family of three from the city, moving into the country side all of a sudden ten years ago. They had a daughter who was loved by everyone in the village. One day, she broke a mirror and she soon seemed to always be in a dazed, she never answered when someone talked to her.

"I hate this place," she suddenly said one day. News about this spread as she was an outcast; her entire family actually. She continued her life as if nothing had happened until a gift from a relative in the city came- it was a mirror. After receiving this gift, she soon stopped going to school, she would sit in front of the mirror and keep on combing her hair, with a teddy bear on her lap, refusing to eat or sleep. Nobody knew the reason to this.

On the seventh day from receiving this present, her mom called up a doctor from the city, since the village doctor refused to help. As they entered her room, they saw blood everywhere, the placed smelled like decomposing bodies, and true enough, there were ten bodies hanging from the ceiling. The girl sat on a chair in front of the mirror, a teddy bear on her lap as she continued to comb her hair.

The next day, some villagers found thirteen dead bodies hanging from the ceiling and one sitting in front of a mirror. The polices were unable to find the cause of death. And even though everyone knew they were hung to death, there were no signs or proof that they were hung to their death. Their necks had no marks at all. Due to lack of proof, investigators just noted down that thirteen of them committed suicide and one had died of starvation.

Hearing that story, the girl told her friends of what she had seen. And they said it was probably really a ghost.

When the girl got back home, she stared pass her bedroom door. She opened up the door; her room was normal, nothing wrong with it. But it was the mirror that was strange, there was a girl sitting on a chair, combing her hair with a teddy bear on her lap. She looked really pale, especially with her jet black hair and dress. Behind her, there were thirteen bodies hanging from the ceiling.

The girl fell onto the floor and screamed, unfortunately no one was home. A familiar voice ran through her head, "COME HERE… AND LET ME HANG YOU UP IN MY COLLECTION" the girl covered her ears and shut her eyes, shaking her head rapidly. The voice said once more "COME HERE AND ET ME HANG YOU UP IN MY COLLECTION" the girl continued shaking her head and screamed as loud as she could, "GO AWAY!"

The girl ran down to the kitchen, the voice still repeating itself. She took up a huge knife and slowly went up her room. She went up to the mirror and pointed the knife at it, then swung up the knife…

The two parents who never believed their daughter's words soon realized she had not been down for a really long time, around three days. Her mother went up to the room and opened the door. There were fourteen bodies hanging from the ceiling, including her daughters. And a girl sitting in front of the mirror, combing her hair. Her eyes widen and she screamed, slamming the door shut.

Her husband came up the stairs and calmed her down. After awhile, they opened the door again. From the ceiling, there was only one dead body, and it was their daughter's.