"You won't be starting another fight in my tavern!" the old man said as he threw the girl out onto the streets.

The girl looked over her shoulder as she spit the blood from her mouth on the ground, watching the man slam the doors.

"Snotty old man..." she muttered as she stood to her feet. She stumbled a bit, tipsy from the five beers she just drank. Her hair as ragged and neglected; her clothes tattered and torn; her boots unpolished a smudged with dirt. No one would expect such an uncivilized person to be a famous bounty hunter.

Saturnina Gulsvig was a rare bounty hunter that lived in the city of Sabury. She was the only woman bounty hunter you would find in Sabury, and the only person who had single handedly taken down an Ogre.

Saturnina began making her way down the street, not paying attention to the young women that sneered at her. She didn't suit the high life, she enjoyed the adventure that came with being a bounty hunter. Even if it did put her life in danger more then a few times.

She turned a corner, moving from the crowded market to an abandoned alley.

"Well, well..." Saturnina stopped in her tracks, feeling a small chill in the air. "Look who we have here boys. Saturnina Gulsvig..."

Saturnina turned around to see Marcus, a man she knew through certain. . .circumstances. Circumstances that Saturnina swore to never speak of again, no matter the issue.

"Glad to see you too, Marcus," Saturnina said, eyeing the tan and largely built man in front of her. "Come to try an' win me back?"

It seemed that seeing Saturnina's face wasn't the start of his anger and that her comment had just added to it. Marcus hated the woman after what she did. She was heartless, and every man knew it.

"Cat got yer tongue?" she said, smiling. "Or is a woman's beauty to much for you to comprehend?"

Marcus gritted his teeth tighter, she was wanting a fight. And he was looking for one.

"Get her," Marcus said to his goons.

The one on his right (a thin man with raged clothes) lunged for Saturnina. But she didn't break a sweat moving from him. She looked at her nails, as if he had just harmed them in some way.

"Now," she said, looking at Marcus with a tilt of her head, "is that anyway to treat a lady?"

"You're a heartless witch!" Marcus shouted, having his second goon after her. This man was smart, but not smart to out wit the hunter.

He lunged, but missed. But he knew she was going to move and he was prepared. He threw a punch, landing it across her cheek. He smirked, knowing he got her cornered. But it seemed he was dead wrong.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you," she said, wiping the blood from her lip, "hitting a woman is wrong?"

Saturnina brought up her leg and kicked Marcus's goon across the face, making him hit the ground. But he got up, but she kicked him again in his jaw. This time he was down for the count.

She looked to the first one that had tried getting her, but he was shaken in fear from the killer in her eyes. "Are you next?"

The man shivered and then ran as fast as he could.

"Thought so," Saturnina said, dusting her hands off. She looked at Marcus with same look in her eyes as she had before. "Are you looking for a broken bone, Marcus?" She titled her head, smiling. "As if a broken heart wasn't enough."

"This isn't over, Saturnina," Marcus said, gritting his teeth.

Saturnina crossed her arms and shook her head. The man was truly disappointing. No wonder she left him, he was weak.

"Marcus," she said, walking toward him, "you're weak." His eyes widened as she got closer. "That's why I left. You're weak and can't handle a fight. You send people out to do your fights for you." She grabbed him by the collar and pulled him down, her eyes boring into him. She had changed, or maybe it was alcohol that coursed her veins. "Don't think I will ever come back. You're trash, and I will treat you that way."

Saturnina smiled caringly. She let Marcus go and he ran off. That was the last time she would ever see him.

"Men…" she muttered. "One night and they think they own you…" Saturnina scuffled her brown hair and stuffed her hands into her gray trench coat. Saturnina then stepped over the unconscious gentleman and began making her way down the alley again. "Where will I be able to find some good drinking atmosphere?"

Saturnina continued to walk down the streets of Sabury. She had been kicked out of every tavern she had pasted. Always for the same thing, starting a fight. She couldn't help it if she had pent up anger for her life. She hadn't found a good bounty since last month. She was running low on money, and she knew she wasn't going to survive long.

Saturnina's attention was soon lost and found it's focus on something she had past. She stepped back a few steps and turned to her side. It was her lucky day. On the wall was a bounty. And not just one, but four.

"A Demi Angelos, two changelings, and a demon," Saturnina read as she snatched the three wanted posters off the wall. "Today is my lucky day." Saturnina couldn't help but smile, not knowing the decision fate had in store for her.