The rain was thrashing the windshield, splattering every which way. The sky was a opaque color and everything seemed to have lost it's hue. Even the people strolled along the streets seemed dull and lost.

Nicolas took his eyes off the road and examined the female next to him. Her chin was calmly resting on her palm as she peered out the window watching whatever passed. A scowl crossed her beautiful features, making her seem, almost, angry. But Nicolas had seen the same expression many times over the years. Whenever Sherleen was on a case, or seemed to be intrigued by a mystery, she had the same expression every time.

"Was there something you wanted to say, Inspector?" Sherleen said, glancing at Nicolas with a smirk.

Nicolas blinked, breaking his thoughts, as he turned back to the road ahead.

"Not at all," he answered. "I was just wondering what you're thinking about, Sherleen."

Sherleen turned her face to the window again, furrowing her brows again. "I'm just pondering that letter…"

"I thought you said it was nothing to concern ourselves over?" Nicolas said, raising an eyebrow with a smile.

"I did." Sherleen brought a finger to her lips. "But there are still some questions I still can't answer…"

Nicolas didn't speak.

Sherleen was about to continue her deduction when her cell phone began giving off the most horrible tone. It sounded like a dying cow. Nicolas almost lost control over the wheel when he was startled by the sudden ringing.

Sherleen took out her cell phone from her bag and flipped through it, scrolling through the screen.

I'll see you at 'Apostrophe'. J.W.

Sherleen closed the message and placed the phone back in her bag. She then continued to look out the window, saying nothing more to the man next to her.