Our First Christmas

This was Judas' very first Christmas with Roan. The forest was covered with a beautiful blanket of white snow, their cabin was warm and toasty, and there was even a tall pine tree standing in the corner of the room decorated with all manners of things. Under this tree sat a small parcel that had 'Judas' scrawled neatly on the top.

The blond werewolf spent hours staring at it, not trying to figure out what was inside, but trying to figure out what he could possibly get Roan as a gift in return. He even tried asking the elder wolf, but only got, "You don't need to get me anything." in reply. Judas knew he didn't have to get the wolf a gift, but he wanted to. More then he had with anyone else.

So he pondered. And pondered. And pondered some more. By the time it was a week until Christmas he was little more then a bundle of nervous fur. Figuratively speaking. He had no idea what he could possibly get for the bluenette, as he had little to no money and he wasn't allowed to go out into town alone. Roan was worried that one of the neighboring wolves would try and seduce him if they found him alone. That left very few choices for the young blond.

Then it dawned on him. If he couldn't buy anything for the man, he would have to make it. With a determined expression set into place, he informed Roan that he was going out for a little while and left; leaving the slightly puzzled man behind.

Now that Judas knew that he wanted to make something, he needed to figure out just what that something is going to be. He supposed that he could attempt making a pendent of some sort, but he had never carved anything in his life...

It was a good a time as any to give it a try.

As amber eyes landed on the perfect piece of wood, they lit up in delight. He instantly picked it up to examine it, though what he didn't expect, however, was that something lived in the piece of wood. Something gross and slimy. His hand shifted in such a way that it touched whatever was hidden in that wood. Instantly he dropped it as if it was on fire and burned his fingers.

"Ew... ewewewewew." He squeaked gracelessly as he flailed about before he finally drug his hands in the snow to rid himself of the slimy feeling left on his hands. The teen made an indignant sound and glared at the offending wood [and the creature unseen] before he gave up and went in search for something else.

He could just picture Roan laughing at him for acting so childish in the face of something icky and flushed in embarrassment. The blond always tried so hard to hide his more childish actions, but they always betrayed him and revealed themselves whenever the bluenette was looking right at him without his knowledge. How was he supposed to convince Roan that he was an adult when he did things like that?

Judas shook the thoughts from his mind for the time being, "Back to business! Need to find wood that doesn't have something gross living inside. Actually, wood that is unoccupied would be best, don't wanna kick anything out of it's home."

The young wolf smiled at himself, "How does he make all this look so easy?" he asked no one before he shook his head.

He had a moment of pause before the flush returned full force. He was talking to himself. Again. Judas just couldn't kick the habit he formed when he lived alone, though he managed to hide it from Roan... for the most part anyway.

More wandering in the snow brought him to a small, thankfully empty, log of wood. It appeared as if someone had chopped it for firewood and just left it there on accident. The blond wasn't about to kick a gift horse in the mouth... or whatever that saying was.

Judas grinned to himself as he sat in the snow, ignoring the icy wetness that seeped into his pants, and pulled his knife from it's sheath hidden in his boot. Roan had given it to him soon after he moved in, as a form of protection. But Judas didn't plan on using it like that at the moment. Oh no, now it was going to carve exactly what he pictured in his head for Roan's give.

A few moments, and sliced fingers, later; Judas learned that nothing ever went as he planned. Not that he was going to give up. He would never give up! ...He just decided that trying to carve something quickly would be a very bad idea. Especially for his fingers. So he began to take it slower. Each stroke of the knife an attempt to be precise so that it would form the image in his mind... and somehow failed horribly.

Soon it was growing dark, and the young wolf realized that he had been gone a lot longer then he had intended. Without another thought he shoved the half done carving into his pocket and returned the knife to the sheath in his boot. He took a moment to shake the snow off of his clothing before he made his way home, and to Roan before he panicked and went looking for him.

Luckily enough, the amber eyed wolf was able to get home and get his fingers bandaged before the elder wolf saw the injuries were caused by a knife. Just barely though, as Roan was suddenly behind him with his arms wrapped around him in the distracting way that had Judas pressed snugly against his larger body. The youth didn't bother resisting the urge to relax into the elder man's touch.

"Where were you for so long?" Roan asked in a tone that Judas categorized as 'I'm-worried-but-I-don't-want-you-to-know-so-I'm-going-to-casually-ask-while-trying-not-to-freak-out-and-check-you-over-for-injuries', before the blond turned to look over his shoulder at the elder wolf in amusement.

"I just lost track of time," he replied kind of, but not really answering the question. He wasn't good at being sneaky, however, as Roan gave him the look that demanded he explain better then that or face dire consequences. "I really did! I was sitting in the snow thinking, and suddenly it was getting dark!" He exclaimed. It was then he realized just how cold he was; Roan's body heat felt like it was almost scalding his skin. No wonder the man was worried.

"Next time at least take some furs so you don't almost freeze to death." The bluenette murmured in the younger wolf's ear, his tone seeming dipped in a fear that caused Judas to realize the seriousness of the larger man's words.

"...I promise." he replied softly as he shifted to turn in the other's grasp, "Can I have a hot bath...?" Judas asked, almost hesitantly. The boy was worried that Roan was angry with him after what he did, though it didn't seem like a big deal to him.

Roan, however, seemed surprised at the hesitance before he nodded, "Yes, I was about to insist that you have one to warm up." He stated as if it were obvious. Judas didn't think so.

It was by pure chance that the bluenette had already drawn and heated a bath before Judas even got home. It made the youth wonder if he was actually taking the elder wolf for granted if he didn't notice little gestures like this before.

Before long, Roan had returned to whatever it was that he had been doing and left Judas alone to enjoy his bath.

His thoughts returned to the half finished gift lying hidden under his pile of clothing. Maybe he could make an excuse to sleep in front of the fire so that he could try to get it done.

That evening, Judas lie out on the furs that he had dragged from his side of the sleeping area and stared at the elder wolf calmly, "I just want to sleep alone tonight, I'll be warm enough with the fire going." He assured.

Judas managed to miss the concerned expression before Roan nodded, "Very well." he murmured and was gone.

As it turned out, carving wood quietly was a lot harder then just carving wood. So by the time he was nearly falling asleep; he had only managed to finish about ⅓ of what was left which wasn't much at all. After using what little consciousness he had left to hide the unfinished gift where he knew Roan wouldn't find it, he fell into in sound, somewhat chilly, sleep.

This continued for three days; he would go out during the day and sit in the snow [wrapped in furs so he wouldn't worry Roan] to carve the pendent, and at night he would make an excuse to sleep in front of the fire so that he could work on it a little extra.

Before Judas knew it, it was Christmas Eve. The blond wolf shifted from foot to foot excitedly as he held the other's gift carefully. He had wrapped it in some left over parchment and leather cord he had left over from the pendent.

Roan didn't look too excited though. The young werewolf's expression fell as his gaze fell onto the elder were, "...What's wrong Roan...?" Judas asked hesitantly as he approached the man.

"What's wrong?" he repeated with a frown, "You've been avoiding me all week! The only time I even see you is when we're eating, and that's if you're home before sunset." Judas merely stared at the man as he listed off the reasons for his discontent, "You wont even sleep in the same room as me... Did I do something...? Have you found someone else to be with...? Are you lea-"

"Roan, shut up for a minute," Judas said suddenly, cutting the elder wolf off for the first time since they met, "I'm not leaving you, I'm not seeing someone else, and I wasn't avoiding you because of something you did." He stated calmly.

"Then why?" Roan asked softly, in a tone Judas had never heard before.

"I was making you this." He answered as he held the small package out to him, which the bluenette took with little hesitation. "It was a pain, literally, to make. I hope you like it."

With this new information, a wide grin broke out on the elder wolf's face. Judas felt his heart warm slightly at the sight of the other tearing into the packaging as if he were going to take it away any minute. A deep flush formed on his cheeks as the poorly made pendent was slipped from the packaging. The edges looked as if they had been chopped nearly to bits, leaving them slightly jagged. The picture itself seemed to be an original design, but that too seemed to barely form the image. It was obvious, however, that the boy put a lot of effort into making the thing.

Roan discreetly glanced at the pup's hands, taking notice of the bandages, before his gaze fell back onto the pendent. Judas shifted nervously as he watched the man continue to stare at the creation as if it were made of gold.

"Thank you, Judas... it's beautiful." Roan murmured softly before he instantly moved to tie it around his neck.

"I... I'm glad you like it." The younger wolf muttered as he moved closer to the other.

Before Judas could do anything, however, the parcel that once lie under the tree was shoved into his hands. He stared at it for a long moment before he suddenly tore it open, unable to heed the voice in the back of his head that tells him to watch himself and his childish antics, as Roan chuckled lightly at his little wolf's excitement.

Inside the package was a luxurious rabbit-fur cloak that seemed much too thick to just be a single layer. Judas was shocked into reverence as he gently trailed his fingers over the silky soft fur. It looked like it took a lot off effort to make.

"...Thank you, Roan. It's amazing." Without another word, the young wolf nearly tackled the other in an enthusiastic embrace. Roan froze only for a moment before he enveloped the blond in his arms, nuzzling his shoulder lightly.

"Merry Christmas, pup." The older wolf murmured softly.

Judas could only smile contently at the other, "Merry Christmas."