I watch red and gold flares slowly taper off into the oblivion that is space, and though my eyes wretch from the heat and the brightness of it all I just can't find it in myself to look away. If I don't watch him, who will? The Sun. Helios. Sol. Bringer of light and life, provider of warmth and comfort. He protects us, but who protects him?

I do.

I say again... If I don't watch him, then who will? Who else in this wasteland may I trust to guard this sole bastion of life and hope? Who else will sacrifice their sight to warn all others of our father's impending demise?

Even now, I see his light begin to flicker and fade. Slowly now, mind you, but it fades quicker every day.

I watch the sun because no-one else will.

And I will likely watch him die.

Because no-one else will.