i think it was your chipped glasses
lying next to your bleeding body
that broke my heart.
i never thought to check for a pulse,
to hold you as your heart beat its last.
your blood spread across my shirt,
i remember that too vividly
the paramedics trying in vain
to ask if i was hurt, but all i could do
was clutch your glasses
to make sure you had them when you awoke
and to try to stop the relentless tears.
they said i was in shock
their muffled voices talking
as if i wasn't two feet away -
as if i had also been found
in the road in a pool of my own blood. they told me
that you went instantly, that you didn't feel pain,
but I think they're just trying to soften every blow
trying to make up for the fact that your blood
stained my shirt and we didn't get to laugh about it later.
didn't get to tell our friends
how we fell so hopelessly for each other
that even death couldn't tear us apart.