I was walked down what I assumed to be some kind of corridor, as we hadn't turned for the last half an hour, or so. The blindfold across my eyes was done up tight enough that it wouldn't fall off, but loose enough that I could easily move it, if I wanted to. Which I didn't. If they were to kill me, the setting would make no difference.

The grip on my arms was surprisingly gentle, as if they wanted me unharmed. Too late, I thought grimly. I had monsters in my life more horrific than they could vastly imagine. I was completely alone. I had no family. Y-trevop had made sure of that, I thought angrily. I felt my hands warm up and panicked. I started struggling, fighting to get away before I lost control.

The arms were too strong, though. I couldn't move a millimetre. I moved to remove the blindfold, but calloused hands stopped me. I struggled against them, but they were too stubborn. Then I realised something. They hadn't done anything to stop me from speaking.

With this in mind, I tried to control my emotions, with no success.

"Please let me go." I begged, hoping they would listen. They didn't. Their arms tightened.

"We can't. I'm sorry." The voice was soft and apologetic, but firm. I knew without a doubt that what he said was true, even if I didn't like it. My other captor kept silent, save for his rugged breathing.

I tried taking deep breaths. In, , out. I repeated the sequence until I felt my anger drain away. My hands cooled, so they were a healthy temperature. My captors and I continued down the corridor, the only sounds being our footsteps and breathing.

Suddenly, I felt the men slowing down. Finally we came to a standstill. Somehow, this made me more apprehensive than before. I assumed we were at a door of some description. My thoughts were confirmed when I heard a doorknob turn, then a door swing open.

The conversation in the room instantly stopped. I blushed; the topic wasn't hard to guess. We walked forward, my steps more hesitant than the others. I could feel the tension in the room; it was suffocating.

"This is her?" The voice was female, yet deep. The disgust in her voice was evident. I felt my face flame up again. Low chuckles echoed through the room.

There must have been a nod, as I didn't hear a reply. There were sighs of relief. The atmosphere was noticeably calmer. Then something crossed my mind.

"So...am I just going to stand here blind or what?" I asked no one in particular. There was more chuckling and then I felt hands at the knot. They swiftly undid it so it fell away. My arms were also released. The light that followed blinded me.

"Ahh...The light, it burns." I said dramatically, shielding my eyes. The room was filled with laughter. It was a mix of soprano, tenor and bass. I moved my hand from my face, and was instantly shocked at my company.

There were five of them. The first I saw was a boy; he must have been fifteen or sixteen. He had startling blue eyes and wavy red hair. He had a cheeky grin on his flawless face, revealing cute dimples. He was wearing a white cotton jumper with white cargo shorts. I liked him instantly. He gave out this aura of calm and safety. Then I noticed the black material in his hands. I smiled at him, knowing he had been my apologetic walker. He smiled shyly back.

The girl sitting next to him was the polar opposite. She had her bangs cut to the side, showing one grass green eye. It was looking at me with something akin to resentment. Her hair was ebony with purple highlights. Her mouth was twisted in a sardonic smile. Like the boy, she was wearing only one colour. Her shirt was black with a name of some band I'd never heard of. I assumed it was from the Old Days, as there weren't many bands still around (They had been either driven away or killed). It had been paired with a belted short skirt and tights. She was barefoot. The ensemble didn't surprise me. She didn't exactly look the type to wear bright clothing. I had a feeling she had been the speaker from my 'blind time.' With that in mind, I moved my gaze to the right.

The figure next to her was laying on the lounge, his eyes closed. He looked perfectly at ease, his mouth relaxed. He had long blond hair, pulled back into a ponytail. The scary looking girl nudged him with her gloved elbow. His eyes flashed open instantly. I immediately shifted my eyes so I was looking at a gold statue I thought was a Sphinx ( I had read about them, in a book from the Old Days). My eyes flashed back, hoping his were off me. They weren't. His eyes were an astonishing violet. I gasped. I hadn't seen eyes like that since my parents. Apart from my own, of course.
His face was transformed as he looked at me at the sound of my gasp. He looked murderous, like some sort of rabid beast. His eyes tightened as I shot my eyes away from them. They went to his mouth instead, where his lips were pursed. I could tell he wanted to say something.

Luckily, someone cleared their throat. I jumped; the sound had come from behind me. I spun around. The teen in front of me was handsome. Sporting dirty blond hair with light brown highlights, Elvis style. On anyone else it would look ridiculous. On him it just added to his attractiveness. My eyes met his. I jumped back. His irises were a dark magenta. My hands instantly flamed up, startling my companions. To be honest, it had startled me as well. The boy, whose eyes were wide with shock, stared at me. It was like he wanted me to do something. Then suddenly, I felt the urge to just, stop. To stop thinking, to stop doing. I felt calm; like nothing could bother me. But at the back of my mind, something still wasn't right. Then I heard a voice.

"Calm down. Now. Please."The voice was musical, like hearing angels sing. I did, I didn't want to upset the voice. I just calmed down, until I felt drowsy, like I would fall asleep at any moment. Then another voice ruined my serene state. It felt like a chainsaw against my forehead.

" it. NOW!" The voice commanded. Then suddenly, my euphoria was dulled. I became aware of the boy who had been on the lounge looking intensely into my eyes. The thought computed, and I jumped back in shock. The euphoria was now completely gone. All my troubles came back, as did my total awareness.

Now my head was clear, I became aware of the murderous looking- boy looking sheepishly at a woman. She must have been in her early twenties. She had long royal blue hair, with purple ends. Her almond eyes were staring back at the boy. From where I was, I couldn't see the exact colour. They looked kind of turquoise-y. What drew my attention to her face weren't her eyes, though. It was the ragged scar running from her hair line to the corner of her mouth. It ran through her eye, reminding me darkly of a jester, of the Old Days. It was a dark pink, so I could tell it had happened in the last few weeks. I couldn't stop staring at it, though my manners said I should shift my attention.

Then I realised she was staring back. She had moved forward, out of the shadows, and I now saw her eyes were turquoise. She swiftly lowered her eyes, so she was staring at my hands. I followed her gaze, and saw my perfectly normal hands, not fired up or anything. I thought that was pretty weird, considering they had been not five minutes ago. Before I had heard the voice. I gasped. The voice.

"What did you do to me?" I demanded, feeling the familiar twitches of anger. My hands stayed cool though, thank God. The last thing I wanted to do was blow up the room. Which I noticed, was decorated with white walls, with pictures and statues resting on bookcases. I also noticed the lounge the boy had been lying on was a calming blue colour. There were also light green armchairs scattered around the room.

I shook my head, shaking my assessment out of mind. Focus. I told myself, I wanted the answer.

The occupants of the room looked at each other. I felt my hands threaten to heat up. Then, as I glimpsed around the room, I noticed the boy with the white clothing looking at me with something like pity. He opened his mouth to speak, but didn't get the chance.

"We needed you to calm down, so we can explain why you're here. Unfortunately, Max, here got a little enthusiastic about his gi-"The purple haired woman (who had moved so she was next to the red haired boy) was cut off by a musical voice.

"It isn't a gift, Jane." The blond-haired boy, Max, said. He sounded frustrated, like they had had this conversation a billion times. Then I realised something; his mouth hadn't moved.

"How the hell?" The words were out of my mouth before I had fully thought them through. The boy called Max didn't answer me though. The gothic- looking girl did.

"He's mute. He speaks through minds. And he's got compulsion." She said in a chirpy voice I thought was too much so. The blond- haired boy, Max, smiled at me.

"Okay, how 'bout we introduce ourselves?", the white clothed boy grins."I'm James, at your service." He raised his hand in a mock salute.

"Raven. Psychic." The black haired girl states. That's awesome! I thought happily.

"I'm Jane, but I think you already knew that. I'm telekinetic." I lamp suddenly raises itself off a table.

"Austin. I can bend Space and Time." The violet-eyed teen deadpans, grinning. I knew that anything that had happened before this moment was forgotten. "Your turn."

"Hang on, you kidnap me and blindfold me, but you don't even know who I am?" I felt my hands tingle.

The room was again filled with laughter.

"Nice try, Austin." James said through his laughter. "To answer you're question, Emily, we know that you are the one destined to destroy Y-trevop. And we know what happens when you get too angry."

"You can control the Elements. In particular fire, yes?"Raven asks, with a knowing look in her eye.

"Hang on. You want me to take on the most feared Tantum of the age, single-handedly?" I asked, feeling the familiar feeling of apprehension. I couldn't do that. No way. Then I remembered the last time I had seen my sister. She had been surrounded by rubble, coughing up her lungs. I knew she had wanted me to fight. For my parents. For her. For myself.

Numerous nods fill the room. I was about to argue, but as I looked around the room, at all their faces, I realised I wanted to fight for these people. For my people. And I knew how. So why not?

I nodded."Of course." I was instantly bombarded with hugs. Even one from Raven. As we embraced, she whispered in my ear.

"Thank You."

The next day, I woke up 'bright-eyed and bushy-tailed', as the humans of the Old Days would say. As I walked around the mansion, I realised the room we had been sitting in last night was the smallest, though my burnt house had been about the same size. I met Raven on the way to the kitchen. As we walked in, she grinned at me, all animosity gone from her eyes. I grinned back. I was feeling much calmer. I was ready to take on Y-trevop.

The kitchen was rectangular and ginormous like the rest of the house. It consisted of several oak cupboards moulded to one corner, a large white refrigerator with double doors and a long mahogany table with numerous chairs. The table was covered with food. I could see a glimpse of an orange tablecloth, but it was buried in the massive amount of food. There were stacks of pancakes, toast and plates of scrambled eggs and bacon. In between the plates there were numerous pitchers of juices and milk. I also saw a deep bowl of fruit salad, and next to it, a smaller bowl of yogurt. But most important of all there was coffee. I grabbed a plate of the scrambled eggs and bacon, a piece of buttered toast and a mug of coffee. I sat next to James, who smiled at me. I smiled whole- heartedly back. We ate in comfortable silence.

When I had finished my first mug of coffee and everyone was fed, I asked the most urgent of my questions. I couldn't wait any longer.

"What's the plan?"

My companions exchanged knowing smiles, before Austin told me. When he had finished, I was blown away by the awesomeness of it. I grinned, my first completely genuine one in months.

"You are sure about this?" I asked Raven hesitantly. We were in the middle of nowhere. All I could see for kilometres was barren land. The most interesting thing we had seen was a desert rat. It had run past us about half an hour ago. It was so thin I was able to see its bones from a good five metres away. Though that could've just been my super-awesome eyesight.

"Yes, Emily. I swear to God, if you ask me one more time I'll-"She didn't need to finish her sentence. I could picture what she would do perfectly.

Suddenly, a whirlwind of red dust came towards us. Jane had warned me about this. I caught onto the cycle of wind and sent in on its way back towards the source. But I did it five times as intense. The light clouds above us filled with water, and burst open. Soon enough, there were lightning strikes and the booming of thunder. I took it up another notch. The trees that were popping out of the ground crawled around us in a makeshift barrier. I felt pride swelling in my heart as the trees locked limbs, arm in arm, then froze.

"Impressive." I jumped about a foot off the ground, my heart racing. I slapped Austin playfully across the shoulder.

"Don't do that!" I laughed along with him, though.

Raven broke up our laughing fit."We have to stay on schedule, you guys." She smiled.

"Okay, okay." Austin whined, expressing my sentiment exactly. He grabbed our arms, and just like that, we were out of there.

We arrived at the Mansion just in time. I could feel the tension. I wanted to say something to reassure them, but nothing came to mind.

I could have kissed Austin when he said," Come on, we've got a Y-trevop to kill." Everyone was instantly filled with energy. We all grabbed on to Austin, but before we kicked off, I thought of something.

"Wait! What about the Mansion?" I asked Jane.

She let out a dry sob before she said," Just leave it, Emily, whatever happens, happens." I nodded.

But before Austin kicked off, my hand flicked towards the trees surrounding it.

We arrived at the would-be barren land about a minute before they did.

My first impression of them was that they needed serious wardrobe help. They were wearing what looked to be long red robes with black flowers scattered over them. I heard Jane and Raven smirk, and knew they thought so too. Even the boys were hiding their smiles. There was about ten of them. I thought we were outnumbered pretty badly, but the boys only cracked their knuckles and smirked. This gave me confidence.

A figure detached itself away from the group, as it got closer, my heart sunk. The robes weren't red, they were black. I realised what that meant as Jane gasped. I looked over at James, Austin and Max, to find their smirks had vanished, replaced with looks of disgust. Raven elbowed me, as I realised something else.

The figure was close enough that if I had made one step and reached my arm out, I would have touched him. He was about my height, but I couldn't make out his frame of facial features as the robe was too loose.

"So, this is our competition, a bunch of tasteless children and an old lady?" The voice was deep, but it wasn't male, not by a long shot. Though it stirred a memory in me, I couldn't think of where I had heard it before. Then her words computed. Children? Old lady? I heard Raven growl and the boys snarl. Jane just locked her jaw.

"Aww... Are the widdle kiddies too scwared to spqueek up, do dey dink dwe're sca-ey?" This time I heard mocking laughter come from her followers. I felt anger course through my veins, before a Flame Ball was flying into her face. She ducked, it going past her head into the bushes I had made earlier.

She laughed."Come on now, Ems, you don't want your only relative flamed, do you?" The group turned to look at me. I shrugged, but as I did, a memory slammed into my brain like a Flame Ball.

"Come on, Pol". I encouraged."Just a little higher." I reached out my hand. She took it gratefully. Together; we cheered her success, until our Mother came in to tell us that dinner was ready.

"One day, I'll do that by myself."Polly said to me, later.

"Of course you will."

I was jerked out of the memory by Raven, who had slapped me."Thanks." I whispered to her. But I didn't wait for her reply. I walked up to the woman and whipped off her hood. I jumped back as I realised I wasn't wrong. It was my sister. The last time I had seen her, she had had long black hair, like my own. Now, it was only about a centimetre off her head. Her eyes had been a lovely, calming deep blue, always swimming with happiness. Now, they were still the same blue, but so different. All I could see in them was resentment and anger. Her skin was pale, so much that I could tell that if I had seen just her face in the snow, I wouldn't been able to tell where it started.

"Why?" I asked her, though I knew there was slim chance of her actually answering me. But to my surprise, she did.

"It was always you, wasn't it? The one Mum and Dad loved. It was never me. When I got a Merit Award, Mum barely smiled. When you answered a question right in class, she nearly threw a party. When I broke my arm, Dad said.'Get over it. Man up.' When you got a cut from cutting up vegetables with the blade towards you, Dad started crying, offering to take you instantly to Hospital. Don't you see, Em, it was always you. No matter what I did. Even when I faked my own death, you were the only one who was genuinely upset about it. Then even you gave up on me. No one ever really cared."

By the end of her speech I was in tears. I didn't say anything, though, because I knew it was true. Every single word. Then she smiled grimly.

"Now I get my revenge. After all these years." Then she pointed her index finger right at my heart. I didn't know what she was about to do, and I wasn't going to. If I could help it. Which I could. Tears streaming down my face, eyes closed, I raised my hand so it was mirroring hers. Then I flicked it. I knew I had succeeded when I heard numerous screams.

I felt, rather than saw the guys behind me. I grabbed Austin's hand and before we kicked off, I flicked my hand one more time. The earth layered over the bodies. Then fire followed, until all that remained was some grass and a weirdly shaped rock. It was fist size, with shiny thin lines running around it. It reminded me a bit of a heart, actually.

When we touched down at the Mansion, which was spotless, the guys gave me concerned looks, but I returned it with a grin.

My body felt lighter, like a massive boulder I didn't know I was carrying had been lifted. I knew, without a doubt, that I could finally live the life I wanted to, without any interruptions. I looked down at the weird rock, still clenched in my hand, and pelted it away as hard as I could.