All is quiet.

All is black.

Whispers coming from all around.

No feeling.

No emotion.

A mass of color.

Suddenly light.


But most of all


The image slowly comes into clear view.

Suddenly the movie begins to play.

The memories spark an old friend.

The feelings of a heart imploding,

A connection being severed

The words piercing skin like speeding bullets

The movie reel cuts short.

All goes black again. Body stinging from the first one.

This time red eyes appear first. Boring into you like a hawk does his prey.

Fear overwhelming every other sense.

Then comes the face. Breath catching, no air, no scream.

The mouth of Hell opens and a high, blood curdling screech

Pierces the silence.

Staring into the mouth, all goes black again.

The dreaded silence continues on.

A blossom of warmth spreads like the first light of dawn.

A familiar face materializes in the blackness.

Deep longing forms; an urge to reach out

Just to stroke the smooth, brown hair once more.

But even before the thought could occur

Everything bursts into a blinding white light, erasing all thoughts.

Eyes snap open, dart around

Searching for the beautiful face, the blinding love

To find only an empty room, an empty bed

Hear only the gentle swish of the ceiling fan,

Fighting off summer's intense heat

Feel only the weight of the past

That was snatched in a flash.