Come with me

~ "Come with me! "Whispered so softly threw the winds of time.
And threw closed eyes I saw the light,
A dark angel in its full might,
Leaving crimson regret behind….
Oh how long has it been since I saw flash and bone.
Oh how long has it been since I saw blood flow oh so slow?

"Come with me… "Whispered so softly,
"Come with me into the night."Whispered against my lips so gently.

A weak moment in my time,
A weak moment in my eyes.
And relief flowing threw my being as I watch you feeding.

"Come with me…." Whispered so softly,
"Come whit me into the night!" Whispered against my lips so gently
"Come with me!" Whispered into the lonely night….

So take my hand and close your eyes just fallow me blindly threw the night

"Come with me…." Whispered so softly
"Come with me….." ~