*I Know You*

Tonight was a normal night. I watched a movie, and went to bed.

"Goodnight Alyssa," said my best friend Janey. "I love you!"

"Love you too. Don't stay up too late, we have that thing in the morning," I shouted walking up the stairs.

"I won't. meet you there soon." I then went to bed.

I had a dream. I dreamed a dream that was such a dream that I couldn't tell of the authenticity.

It started on the exterior of the park, which was exactly where we're going tomorrow. I was there getting fresh air. I was crying. Why was I crying? I was sitting underneath a willow tree. My eyes were so wet. I got up and tried to find my way home. The road just kept on going. That's when I fell over. I then felt a hand help me up.

"Thanks," I said. It was a cute guy. His hair was dark and long. He was just taller than me.

"No problem. Why did you fall?"

"I…don't know." His features were kind of fuzzy. From what I could tell, he had gorgeously colored eyes.

We then climbed some stairs that lead to the clouds. Out of nowhere, I was wearing a blue gown. He wearing a tuxedo. He was like a prince charming. He looked even hotter now.

"May I have this dance?" he asked. He held out his hand.

"I would love to." I grabbed the opportunity and he twirled me in. We were then dancing. My arms were around his neck, and his arms were around my hips. In the background was music played by harps and violins. He looked familiar. I couldn't tell who it was though.

"I love you Alyssa," he said. He then kissed me. "You don't know you're beautiful. I love the way you try to hide, the way you laugh, the way you are, just everything. It's everything about you that makes me think that it's just got to be you. And I have loved you since the-" he got cut off by a rumble. It was a thunder, like from the March storm.

"Please don't go!" I screeched. He started to fade. Slowly, he walked away, still fading. "Wait! When will I see you again?" I couldn't hear my voice anymore.

"I love you, Alyssa." He disappeared. I was then alone. But then Janey came, and a figure that looked like the mysterious guy's.

"Alyssa," said Janey touching my shoulder. I didn't listen. I just watched the area in which he used to stand.

"Wake up," she said. I stood still. "wake up." I was still flabbergasted for some reason. "Wake up!"

I then felt reality kick in and realized that Janey was screaming in my ear to wake up.

"I'm up bitch! Get off of me." Janey then stumbled off of my bed.

"Come on! We're having a fun day today. We're meeting up with the guys. So get dressed your best!" as Janey had said, I picked a perfect outfit for a day in the park with our boyfriends.

We then jumped into Janey's car and drove off.

When we arrived, I found Tyler, my boyfriend, chatting with another girl.

"Hey," I said cheerfully. He looked at me dully.

"Hi, uh, can I speak with you?" He took my hand and brought it away from the group.

"Listen," he began.

"First, I just want to tell you how awesome you are for doing all of-"

"I want to break up." I stood there. Not breathing, not moving.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"Yeah." He looked over to the girl he was talking with. She smiled smugly at him.

"Are you serious? You're breaking up with me for a girl you just met?" I felt the vein in my head pop.

"Actually…." I slapped him across the face. He situated there. There was a clear red hand on his face. For a second I thought that he was going to slap me back.

"You bastard! You said you loved me!"

"Words are words, Alyssa. It's time you grew up," he talked down to me.

"No!" I yelled back. "You just wanted a whore, not something real. And you didn't want to deal with something real, or breaking up so u got yourself something else to feel no pain. Well guess what? You got it."

"You know, you're just a whiney bitch!"

"Speak for yourself. You are the boringest person I have ever met!"

"That's not a word!" Is he serious?

"I don't really give a fuck! And stay on topic. You never listen to me!"

"You didn't tribute anything! I got bored. What was I supposed to do?"

"Oh I don't know," I began sarcastically. "How about break up with me three months ago instead of leading me on and making this relationship serious and doing wonderful things that would make me fall for you even more?"

"Why didn't you tell me that three months ago?" He looked at me like I was stupid.

"You know what? Go fuck yourself. Even better, go fuck her." I ran away tears streaming down my face.

"Alyssa!" I heard Janey shout after me, trying to catch up. Eventually she did. "Alyssa. What's-"

"I just want to be alone." I slid down the trunk of a tree. It was a willow tree. I plopped down at the bottom of it.

"I don't think that you're okay unaccompanied. Let me just sit with you."

"Go away Janey. I'll talk to you later, but now I need to be with myself." She got up and left me alone to collect my thoughts. I sat there crying my eyes out. I really didn't care if people were watching or judging me. They didn't know my pain.

It felt like a bullet had hit me, and my heart sank further down into the ocean than any sunken ship. Although it just happened moments ago, maybe even 45 minutes ago, it still replayed like a movie in my mind over and over again as if it were still going on. I can't believe that I let it go on for this long. Tyler is just another jackass. I can't believe that I thought that he was different.

I had to get out of here. My eyes were still teary and wet. They were making my vision blurry. Wait, what? Didn't this happen before? I tried to stand up but my legs were weak. I couldn't do anything, but I had to get home to Janey. I couldn't feel the ground as I walked. The path wouldn't stop. Where is the road? I then fell flat on my face. Okay, I know that I've done this before. I didn't want to get up. My face was getting muddy with my tears still producing. I just wanted to rot there, and never be found.

As I had just lost hope, I heard a voice. It was a male voice. Deep, sensible, smooth.

"Can I help you?" it asked. He stuck out his hand.

"Uh, yeah, thanks," I replied. He was strong. As he pulled me up, I landed in his arms. He looked familiar.

"What were you doing on the dirty ground anyways?"

"Uh." I couldn't tell him what really happened. I just met him. I think. "I don't know. I think I fell."

"Well it looks like you fell pretty hard." He chuckled a little bit. He paused.

"Have I ever met you before?" I blurted out. He just seemed so recognizable. He had long dark hair and was tall. Very tall. He had greens eyes that were just incredible.

"I don't…think so. I just found a stranger on the floor and figured that they needed help." His voice was of an angel's. Where have I seen him? I know that face. "Why?"

"Oh, just something silly. Thank you by the way." I started to walk away. My face was still sticky of snuffles. I had almost forgotten about Tyler and his slut.

"Tell me," he called. I stopped and turned around. "I enjoy silly things." I stared at him. He seemed like a friendly face. I strolled on back.

"Well. It's just that." How am I going to say this? I certainly don't want to sound creepy. "I know you."

He had a puzzled face. "I'm sorry. What?"

"I know you. I danced with you." He became more aware.

"Once upon a dream?"

"Yes! Exactly. If only dreams were real. You know? Anyways, I better be going now-"

"What happened in this dream?" He looked at me dead in the eyes. He actually wanted to know.

"Well, if I remember correctly, I fell, and then you helped me up. Then we went up into the clouds, wearing formal wear and you asked me to dance. And then…"


"Oh, just something…awkward and strange."

"Have you met me? Come on." His eyes glistened.

"Uhhh, you then said that I was pretty, and that you've liked me for a while. Andthenyoukissedme," I mumbled underneath my breath.


"I told you. Just crazy dream juice working-"

"I kissed you? And said that I really liked you?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry for making this really awkward for you-"

"Was it something like this?" He then pulled me in and kissed me insanely good. Wow, dreams do come true, sometimes. I heard a rumble in the sky. Oh no. It started to drizzle.

"Wow," I said dazed.

"Listen Alyssa," he said.

"How do you know my name?"

"I've like you since I have met you. I'm in one grade up at your high school. I'm usual never noticed, even though I'm quote on quote 'popular'. You don't know you're beautiful. I love the way you try to hide, the way you laugh, the way you are, just everything. It's everything about you that makes me think that it's just got to be you." Now it was really raining.

"Hey Drew!" his friends called. They signaled him.

"No," I said with despair.

"Listen, I have to go, but-"

"No," I repeated.

"Here's my number. Call me." He kissed me one more time and left with a great smile.

"Don't go."

"I love you Alyssa!" he called out. Now he was grinning large. I then felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Alyssa," Janey said. "What was that? Who is he?" I watched as Drew walked away.

"Oh," I started. "I know him. I danced with him once upon a dream…."

Author's Note:

This was just a fun one shot that I thought of one day. Hope you enjoyed:) Please review!