My name is Marie Kaniells. Everything in my life was perfect, until Louis stepped into my life. The people in my life who I thought loved and cared for me was all a lie. Now I am learning that someone wants to kill me because I am the so called the last of my kind. I had to leave everything behind and learn how to fight for my survival. This is how it all started:

"Marie what do you want to do today? "Asked one of my best friends Katalina as our other friend Elijah came and sat next to me. These two were probably the only two people I even slightly trusted in this place. I rarely ever trust anyone, no matter how long I've known them.

"Actually I just remembered I have art class. Sorry." I said giving a sad look.

I quickly noticed the happiness disappear from Elijah's face, he's been alone a lot since Katalina got a boyfriend and I have art classes.

"But after we could all go to the club. "I said seeing Elijah cheer up at the thought of partying.

"When does the class end?" Katalina asked me.

"Like two hours after lunch, but I'm going to need an extra couple to get showered and get ready. Plus we all know you're going to need a hour with your little Italian lover Emil, so let's meet at six and get dinner then go to the club at eight since it's going to take an hour or should I say half an hour to get there with your car" I said knowing It wasn't going to take long with her car.

"Alright so you're coming over? "She asked me.

"Hell yes. Your car is sexy." I said, her parents gave her a Maserati as a gift for getting into a college all the way in Italy. We go to The University of Milan. Katalina's a law major with the occasional music class to keep up her voice, don't know how she's a law major when she's so nice, but she has a great voice. Elijah's a medical major, that boy loves to save people. I'm a double major in art and music, I want to inspire the world with my art and bewitch them with my sound.

"Good so you can help me get ready. "She said knowing I wouldn't refuse.

"I know because if we going to a club we need to look like the sexiness we are. "Elijah joked

"I know just look at us. I have brown eyes that turn to liquid amber with long curly brown hair, long legs and caramel skin. Katalina's tall with chocolate brown eyes, mocha skin, medium brown curly hair and killer smile. Your tall with gorgeous black hair, abs and a great smile. Who wouldn't want us? "I asked knowing we'd get some looks because of our exotic looks. Katalina,because of her intelligent English looks, which make you feel the need to listen her. Elijah with his all American boy looks always looks ready for a party. Plus me with my all natural beauty, I make you want to get on your knees and worship me. We were definitely going to get some looks.

"I don't know but let's see who does? "Katalina said winking at me and getting that look that just tells me she's planning something.

"What are you planning? "I asked narrowing my eyes at her.

"Nothing that will harm you. "She said smiling at me.

"Okay" I said making a mental note to watch her.

"Stop being so suspicious, I'm really not doing anything. "She said giving me a straight face.

"Fine. "I said but I was still going to keep an eye out.

After I agreed to help her out we split and went to our classes. Later on I was at home choosing something to wear when I saw the perfect outfit. It was a black mini dress with a sweet heart bodice and a silver belt and I put on a pair of heels. After I showered and got dressed I went to Katalina's to see her having a moment with Emil.

"Excuse me but you need to leave the room for an hour so we can get her ready."

I said politely.

"She's waiting for me downstairs. "Katalina said and gave him a quick kiss.

"Alright my Katalina "He said and walked out the room.

"Come on let's choose an outfit so we can make him drop dead from one look "I said and we walked to her closet.

We soon found a beautiful outfit. It was a blue mini dress with fingerless gloves, blue boots, a mini jacket and a blue flower head band.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot. Here. "She said and got a set of Amethyst jewelry for me to wear plus a purple flower head band

"Tonight we're going as sister's, I have a feeling someone's going to piss you off and I don't want anyone to die tonight. "She said and put on the onyx necklace and bracelet Emil got her along with the earrings I got her.

"Now all we need is makeup. "She said and pulled me to her vanity with her makeup kit. She lightly did our makeup and we went downstairs to see an unknown boy there.

"Emil who is that? "Katalina asked confused.

"He's the friend I told you about on Valentine's Day, Katalina this is Louis Ainsworth. Louis this is my girlfriend Katalina Delacour and her best friend Marie Kaniells."He said staring at his girlfriend with a hunger that showed that he liked what he saw.

Louis turned around and looked at me he had gorgeous blue- grayish eyes, a muscular body, nice brown hair and a very unnoticeable look of surprise was on his face as he stared. I soon turned away from him no longer interested in the unknown boy.

"Come on we're meeting Elijah at the restaurant Pappa Carbone. "I said and walked out the door.

Katalina and I went to her Maserati while Emil headed to his Alpha Romeo. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Louis go to his motorcycle at the end of the street. We left Katalina's house and we drove to the restaurant. When we arrived I noticed Louis wasn't with us. We walked into the restaurant and I immediately noticed Elijah sitting at a table. He sat in a button down shirt with a few buttons undone and a pair of black jeans, his hair was natural and when I sat next to him he gave me a flirty smile.

"Hello beautiful." He said his voice deeper than usual and he put his arm around me.

"HI. "I said shyly and smiled at the compliment.

"Hey Elijah. How do I look? Marie helped me pick it out. "Katalina said stressing my name and taking a seat next to Emil.

"You look beautiful but I would expect no less if Marie picked it. She has a wonderful sense of style. "He said looking at me strangely.

"HI. "Emil said uninterested in anything that was not his girlfriend.

"Excuse me but what would you like to eat?" Asked a young waiter that stood beside the table, his eyes looked to Katalina's chest before going to my lips.

"I would like spaghetti. "Said Katalina and I at the same time then smiled at each other.

"I would like the Lasagna. " Elijah said after looking in the menu.

"That took forever. I would like the fettuccine Alfredo." Emil said dryly as he glared at the waiter for looking at his girlfriend's chest.

"Stop being mean. "Katalina said hitting him.

"I'm not being mean, I'm being honest. Like when I say you are gorgeous." He said taking her hands and kissing her fingertips.

"Ahem. You two are not alone so please save it for the club where no one will notice you flirt. "I said interrupting their moment.

"Sorry. "Katalina said blushing and took back her hands leaving Emil to pout.

"Its okay. "I said and saw the waiter coming with our orders along with something we hadn't asked for.

"Excuse me but we didn't order this. "I said as he placed Raspberry Tiramisu in front of Katalina and me.

"This is on the house for the two loveliest ladies here." the waiter said ignoring the looks from the guys.

After he left we began to eat.

"This is delicious. Here you should try it."Said Elijah and he fed me a spoonful while Katalina gave Emil a taste of her desert.

"This tastes delicious especially when you feed it to me."He said smiling at her lovingly.

"Aww your going to make me vomit." I said after swallowing the Lasagna Elijah fed me.

"Sorry."Katalina said again remembering that they weren't alone.

"Emil you already have her so stop trying to claim her in front of everyone.

You can stop being all over her now. "Elijah said annoyed

"Don't be jealous that I can do this with the girl I like and you can't. "Emil said harshly.

"You like someone?" I asked, I always thought he didn't like anyone and only pretended with me.

"See. "Emil said smirking.

"Yeah but she doesn't like me."He said ignoring Emil.

"I'm sure that's not true. Have you confessed? "I asked him.

"No but I make it very obvious and she doesn't notice me."He said staring at me.

"Maybe if you confess. "I said trying to help.

"Maybe, we'll see." He said and we went back to our meals.

When we finished, the boys paid for the meals, I threw a fit so when I wasn't looking Elijah paid for me. After they paid we left to the cars we arrived in and headed to the club. When we pulled up I noticed Louis's motorcycle. After getting out we headed towards the club and immediately got in since it was early.

"Come dance with me."Elijah said pulling me to the dance floor.

We danced for a while and the club began to fill up. Soon we were separated by the mob of dancers. I got bumped into and asked to dance so many times on my way to the bar I almost went off on Louis after he caught me when I almost fell.

"Thank you "I said looking down after noticing his intense stare.

"You're welcome. Would you like to dance? "He asked looking to the side.

"Sure. "And just as I said that a slow song began to play.

He took me by the waist and we began to dance. What I didn't notice was that Elijah had been looking for me and saw me in the arms of a stranger, Louis. When the song ended we parted, me blushing and him indifferent.

"Thank you for the dance. "He said and touched my cheek before he turned away and I lost him in the crowd. After I got over my surprise I walked to the bar and sat next to Elijah.

"Hey."I said cheerfully but cooled down after I noticed he was upset.

"Hey."He said looking away from me. His sign that he wanted to be alone, he knew I wasn't going to listen though.

"What's wrong?"I asked him getting closer.

"Nothing."He said avoiding the question.

"You know I'm not leaving you alone till I find out. "I said poking him and pouting cutely.

"Fine. I'm upset because I spent the last few minutes looking for you to find I got replaced by a stranger. "He said looking down.

"Aww hun you don't have to be jealous there are plenty of girls who would love to dance with you, plus I only danced with him because he caught me when I was about to fall. "I said trying to cheer him up.

"But I wanted to dance with you. "He whined playfully.

"So come on." I said and pulled him to the dance floor. It was fun cause we danced the whole time, until someone tried to take me away but Katalina scared him away with her 'older sister' act, but the thing I hadn't noticed was that Louis was watching us the whole time from the shadows.

"That was fun." I said as Katalina drove me home with Emil trailing us so nothing happened.

"I know me and Emil spent the whole time dancing and chilling. "She said smiling to herself.

"You're really in love aren't you? "I asked her wondering what it would feel like.

"Yeah. He makes me so happy and since I've met him it felt like I've been floating on clouds. Life feels like a dream now, There are no real disappointments. If I am I can still always smile."She said with a dreamy look in her eyes and I can fairly say I was happy for my friend. Emil may be a little harsh but he never hurt her or made her cry, so I smiled.

"I'm happy for you."I said to her.

"Thank you, I know he's not that nice to Elijah or interested in you two much but he cares about me and he'd never hurt me on purpose. "She said referring to earlier.

"I know, that's the only reason I gave him a chance. "I said thinking of how he disrespected Elijah.

"Thank you, Marie, for thinking about me when no one did." She said referring to when we first came here and she literally became home sick, I took care of her in between classes.

"Friends to the end. "I said as we pulled up to my house and held out my hand.

"To the very end." She said and we locked hands before we let go and I left the car then went inside before she left.

That night I went to sleep and had a strange dream. I was running to someone or something but I didn't know what or who it was but they kept calling my name and that was all I heard until my alarm rung.

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