Chapter Two - Angel On Earth

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May 13, 2013, 8:09 AM – Location: My hotel room

Bright rays of sunlight woke me as they forced through my dark curtains.
I sat up and rubbed my eyes, brain still in a sleepy jumble.

"…Oh yeah… I'm supposed to stalk that girl."

Mentally dying, I clambered out of bed and opened the curtains.

Another day in Tokyo. Stalking. Uh… What else?

I decided to take a shower, and when I'd finished, got a light breakfast.

Dah…. Where should I start?

I realized I left my wallet in my room and I had gone back to get it when I bumped into the girl from last night.


I helped her up and smiled apologetically.
She just grinned and nodded.

"It's fine. I didn't die."
"Ah… I guess… But sorry anyway!"

Feeling my face turn red, I bowed quickly and hurried to my room.
I heard her laugh and mentally died (again) for being such an idiot.
It was still Sunday, and my boss said start on Tuesday, so I thought I'd go to the bookstore.
And surprise, surprise; guess who was at the bookstore?
Miss Angel from the hotel.
The little girl was also with her, but thankfully quiet.
I tried to make myself scarce; still embarrassed from earlier.
But she saw me, and trotted happily over and started a conversation.

"So! It's you from the hotel! What's your name?"

I pretended not to hear at first, continuing to look through the many volumes of Bleach, Death Note, Naruto Shippuden, and Psyren.
So she poked me several times until I looked up, thoroughly reddened.

"Uhm… Hi…? I'm Kuro…"

She grinned and sat down beside me, reaching toward the book I was holding.

"I'm Taka Kurotoki. Twenty-one years old; working at the library. But now, I have to take care of this annoying little cousin of mine."

Taka sighed and prattled on about her job; I just listened in fear of making her upset.
Soon she turned back to me with a grin.

"So, where do you work?"
"I-I… I work at one of the banks!"

The question came so suddenly that I couldn't think up a good lie.
But she didn't seem to notice anything; she just smiled and nodded.

"That's nice. Oh, Hanabi's running around again."

She sighed and stood up.
I stood up too, and just before she could run off, I put a hand tentatively on her shoulder.

"I could help you with finding her. As apology for knocking you down earlier…?"
"We-ll… Okay, that'd be fine. Thank you."

And we both went our ways, looking for the annoying purple-loving girl.
We both saw her arguing with another girl her age, and made a beeline for her.
The girl she was talking to left, and Hanabi grumbled to herself, not noticing either of us.

"Hanabi! Come here, you little kitsune!"

Taka made a grab for her, but Hanabi jumped out of the way into a bookshelf, resulting in a loud crash and many of the books falling.
Said kitsune-girl ran for it, bumping into one of the employees.

"It was them! They did it! I tried to stop them but they were too busy-"

She made a lovey face and fluttered her eyelashes.

"Too busy staring into each other's eyes~. But anyway, it was their fault!"

And she threw up her hands, leaving the angry employee, and Taka and I.

"I'm… Sorry about this! My niece is a kitsune; I'll fix her later. But I'll pick this up."

She began to pick up the books, and I helped, glancing back and forth from her and the employee.
The way she'd talked had made the employee leave them alone.
And I decided…. She must be an angel from Heaven.
Too bad I had to stalk her.